Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World

016 – Demon Room

Demon Room

Another dead end.

I hit many dead ends while exploring the labyrinth.

This Time I arrived at a dead end 2 meters after taking a left on that T-junction.

There seems to be many dead ends in this labyrinth.

I’ve repeatedly hit dead ends since a while ago.

As one would expect from a labyrinth.

Could it be that I’ve been going around in circles.

Or that is what I thought, but this the first time I encountered this dead end.

It’s about two meters, so I can clearly see the dead end.

A large wall stood in the way.

It looks similar to the cave’s walls.


There is a slight sense of incompatibility.

Something is out of place.

I approached the wall to investigate.

I strain my eye in the dim light.

Suddenly, I hear a rattling sound.

The wall collapsed.

Actually, rather than collapsing the wall slid down.

The disappearance of the wall reveals a way.

A small room appeared on the other side of the wall.

A hidden room.

By any chance, could the other dead ends be the same?

I didn’t notice.

Should I go back and check them all?

The last discoverers are still there.

A party of six knights.

4 are sitting down, and 2 are sprawled out on the ground.

One of the sitting knights is the beautiful female knight that gave me the bounty money.

When I entered she glanced at me for a second and then returned her gaze while seeming uninterested.

One of the sitting men approached me.

It is the apprentice knight who was in the knight building.

Are they all the knights from the town?

[It is safe here.]

[I see]

What is safe?

[Are you alone?]

[That’s right]

I’ll probably understand if I take a look.

I would rather talk to the beautiful knight rather than this apprentice knight.

Talking to a beautiful woman is preferable even if they are strangers.

[You won’t be able to earn much money in such a labyrinth, it’s hard isn’t it]

[Is that so?]

[If you go to the right side of the junction, there seems to be an entrance to the second floor.]

I see.

It seems to be a bad topic; therefore I try to change it.

[There is nothing but needle Woods around here.]

[It’s because it’s the 1st floor.]


I think I said something strange.

I should leave before I let slip anything else.

[Yea, I’m sorry to disturb you.]

[No not at all, take care]

I came out of the small room.

The wall opened when I came and closed when I passed.

It feels like an automatic door.

Might it be the case that even if it seems like a dead end it is actually the same as this dead end?

Should I go back and inspect the other dead ends?

While returning on the road, I thinks about the conversation with the apprentice knight.

Since he said it was safe does that mean that the demons do not enter that room?

I plopped myself down.

Also, it seems I am not able to earn any money through this labyrinth.

To get to the second floor I have to go right at that junction?

I checked a dead end.

There seems to be nothing.

As for the second one, the wall slid and a small room emerged.

As expected, it seems that there were other dead ends like that.

I stepped into the room while thinking …. .

There it was.

A green head and brown body.

I slashed it from the shoulder to the leg.

No, it’s not only one.

There is a group.

It’s a bush of needle wood, or perhaps I should say a thicket, no more like a forest.

A blow came from the right, I dodged using my right hand and leg.

I raised my right elbow, and received the blow coming from the left with Durandal. I used the sword to crush the enemy’s head.

I concentrated on using dungeon walk, but the black wall doesn’t appear.

I thought that something like this was probable.

Probably this skill couldn’t be used while engaged in battle.

I should have tried it when there was only 1 enemy, but it’s too late now.

There are 10s of them, more likely dozens, at any rate there is a terrifyingly large number of them.

It’s fortunate that I’m at the door at least this way I’m not surrounded.

Should I escape?

That is probably impossible.

In that case it’s probably better to fight here.

I cut down the needle wood to the right.

While there was a chance, the needle wood on the left attacked.

A pain runs through my left shoulder.

The entrance of the small room was quite wide.

It will be impossible to block it alone indefinitely.

If they manage to get behind I’ll receive attacks from 360 degrees around me.

I need to at least place a wall at my back.

I move to the right while disregarding the demon on the left.

I concentrated on “Overwhelming”.

They stopped moving, I repressed the feelings of excitement. And cut the needle wood to my right with Durandal. Successively, I raise the sword to take down the demon in the middle, but the time delay effect ended.

I still managed to defeat the middle demon.

Moving one more step, I rained blows on top of the demon to the right.

I enter the room, and move along the wall.

When there is a wall to my back I can only receive attacks from 180 degrees.

If I can move to one corner of the room the attack range will shrink to 90 degrees; although it is probably impossible to do so now.

The movement of the needle wood on my left dulled for an instant when I moved.

I used that chance to cut the needle wood in front of me down.

The space created by the death of the needle wood was immediately filled with another demon.

I stepped back and set myself against the wall.

I block a branch attack from the left with a sword.

But, I took a blow from the right side.


I return the attack and cut the needle wood on the right.

Then I’m hit on my unguarded left shoulder


I attacked the demon on the left.

Once again on the right.

It hurts.

I have received an attack.

Since it is not one-on-one, there is no helping it.

I swing Durandal and cut the needle Wood to the right up and down.

I have Durandal.

When the HP absorbed through Durandal is greater than the HP lost in combat it’s not a problem.

At present I have a lot? In any case it’s difficult to grasp with intuition.

Durandal also has MP absorption.

I concentrated on “Overwhelming”.

It worked, I repressed the happiness I felt as I killed the two approaching needle woods. (tln: took my liberty with this line.)

When it lost its effect, I promptly returned to the wall.

I cannot let them circle around me.

I dodge an attack and cut down the demon to my right.

If possible, I’d like to reach the corner of the room since we’ve been drifting to the right.

It looks like a few needle woods are not enough to recharge the MP consumed by “Overwhelming”.

It’s better to use it after MP becomes full to suppress negative feeling as much as possible. Although, the situation might worsen if I don’t use it much.

It might be more sensible to use it as soon as I have enough MP.

Receiving the attack that came from the left with Durandal each needle wood is mown down.

I received a blow to my unguarded right shoulder.

The seesaw like offense and defense starts once again.

I seem to be able to cover the HP lost through Durandal’s HP absorption.

However, I cannot feel relieved.

If I receive several attacks consecutively, I could reach a critical state.

At present, a dangerous balance is kept.

I’m aware of my possible death.

Even though this is a different world, it is still reality.

To be knocked down by a demon here would mean absolute death.


Death is close to me, it is too close to myself.

It is scary, but not frightening.

It does not make me quiver, but I can’t laugh it off either.

Is it because I’m fighting?

I was cool-headed, as I stared at the impression of death.

I cut a needle wood and made it collapse.

I receive a blow from the side.

The seesaw like offense and defense continues.

I avoided the branch and countered with Durandal in return.

I aim for the corner as much as possible while scattering the demons.

Before I was aware there were only two needle woods between me and the right corner.

There is my chance.

I concentrated to use “Overwhelming”.

I first defeated one of the needle woods obstructing the way, subsequently I killed another demon. Although Overwhelming’s effect finished, I raised Durandal and delivered the final blow to the last needle wood blocking the way to the right corner.

I place myself in the corner while avoiding the attack of the demon which finally caught up.

I can only receive attacks from 90 degrees around me.

I took a stance with Durandal, and focused on the demons.

The enemy’s numbers were reduced.

I notice this after I calmly take a look around.

I felt that I was cool-headed and stared at the death, but it does not seem I was calm at all.

Only several more remain.

Was it not necessary to forcibly secure a corner?

I need to be calmer, the state of the enemy’s power should always be grasped.

My hand seems to be moist.

I have to be careful. If Durandal falls out of my hands, it probably ends there.

I separated my right hand and the left hand in turn and wiped the sweat on my pants.

Meanwhile, I am exposed to attacks several times, but that is unavoidable.

I grasp Durandal and run to the right.

The first needle wood on the right received a blow to the trunk.

If there are only this many then moving around more aggressively should be fine.

I raise Durandal while advancing and slash the demon behind me.

I cut off a branch that was attacking me from the right and use opening to slash down at the demon.

I attack the demon to my right, then sidestepped its attack and delivered an attack of my own.

I exchange blows with the demon in front of me.

In the place where I cut of the needle woods branch came another demon so I had to back off and attack.

I cut down the needle wood replacing the one I cut earlier.

Then, used Durandal to deliver a blow to the head of the needle in front of me.

Only one remains.

The demon does not seem intent on escaping.

I brush off the incoming branch attack easily, I react through raising Durandal up, then stepping in with my left foot and finally delivering a blow to its shoulder.

[Fuu …]

I sighed.

Finally, the demon whom I defeated became smoke and disappeared.

I took a moment to collect my breath.

I looked around the small room.

Its size is four or five meters in each direction, it is the same as the previous room.

There are plenty of branches that were dropped by the demons.

There is also something in addition to the branches.

A leaf.

An ordinary tree leaf.

There are three of them.

Is the leaf a rare drop?

There aren’t any other leaves.

There doesn’t seem to be any treasure chests or legendary swords.

I confirmed it again while putting the loot into the rucksack.

Were there only demons in the room?

This is thought provoking.

I would have surely died without Durandal.

This labyrinth is proving to be more terrible than I thought.

Would the six knight party I met earlier be able to deal with this room?

Moreover, there is nothing in the room.

Tree branches and leaves also do not seem to be worth much money.

Is this why that apprentice Knight can’t earn much money?

It seems that I would encounter other demons if I go to the second floor.

I collected all the branches, I look around one last time to confirm that there is nothing left, then I looked at my stats.

Kaga Michio: Male, 17 years old.

Villager Lv6, Hero Lv3, Explorer Lv4.

Equipment: Sandals, Leather armor, Durandal.

The speed of level increase is fast.

Explorer gained 3 levels.

Is it because my level rose that I did not feel bad the last time I used “Overwhelming”?

Because I did not feel like I recovered, Neither HP nor MP seem to have recovered when raising my level.

HP and MP will be restored through Durandal.

Should I explore more of the labyrinth?

No, it has yet to prove fruitful.

Even if I go on, it could prove to be useless.

Fatigue should be remaining.

Even Durandal can’t remove mental fatigue.

I decided to return to the inn.

I used Dungeon walk while concentrating on the entrance room and entered the black wall that appeared.

I returned to the entrance room and exited though the black wall in the back.

I appeared outside the Labyrinth in an instant.

The sun has begun to set.

I thought only an hour has passed, It appears more time has passed than I thought, It seems that exploring the dungeon distorted my sense of time.

It’ll be because I was feeling strained all the while.

I better take note of the time I spend the next time.

As I thought, it’s probably useless.

I readjust the character settings and replace Durandal with the 30% discount.

Two points remain because Villager is now Lv.6.

What should I put them in?

I return to the inn while thinking about it.

I used “Item Box” and took out the scimitar.


There seems to be space for things to be put in even with the scimitar.

Why did that happen?

Well, I’ll get to it after I reach the inn.

I secured the scimitar to my waist and headed towards the town of vale.

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