Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World

021 – Green Light

Green Light

All things considered, I can use 3 types of spells from four elements, a total of 12.

There may be others, but I don’t know.

Fire-hit, Fire-shoot, Fire-tornado, I have tried various things that came to mind, but it didn’t work.

I can use ball for single target attacks, a wall for protection and area of effect storm attack – those three types.

For each magic types the words used are: fire magic – fire*, water magic – water*, wind magic – breeze*, earth magic – sand.

(TLN*: He describes here the pronunciation of words while casting. So it’s not “Hi no tama” for fireball but actually “Faiyaboru”).

Water magic and wind magic also don’t seem to be used for healing and movement respectively.

I have tried spells like “Water Heal” or “Wind Wing” and although it didn’t work I can’t deny the possibility.

For now what I can use should do.

Next I’ll test if I can defeat a monster with only magic.

Needle Wood Lv2

I present it with a fire-storm.

Only one appeared, but in preparation for group fights testing the fire-storm should be good.

I can feel the MP loss. Compared to single target “ball attack” the “storm attack” consumes more MP.

Sparks dance and attack the Needle Wood. The plantlike monster starts burning.

I couldn’t defeat it in one blow, so I fired a second.

The second one still didn’t finish it.

The monster approaches.

I got attacked before I could fire for the third time. The swung branch hit me.

The approaching burning red shape signals danger.

Suppressing the feeling of wanting to flee, I fire a third fire-storm.

I don’t feel like winning, but I tell myself that it will all be good if I respond calmly.

In case of emergency I can use Durandal for a one-hit kill.

I dodged the branch by a hair’s breath.

The third storm stills seems to not be enough.

I begin to cast a forth fire-storm.

It’s not like it won’t ever fall.

While evading the swinging branch negative thoughts start sprouting in my mind.

In the midst of flames the monster swings a branch.

I can’t keep evading forever.

At this rate I’ll die.

I have to somehow run.

Just when I turned around and begun running away the Needle Wood fell down.


Even though it fell from burning the dropped item seems OK.

I pick up the tree branch and put it in the backpack.

To defeat Needle Wood Lv2 four hits from fire-storm seem necessary.

I feel pretty down but I managed to cast four times.

I don’t know whether to stay or leave.

Its good and all that I fired four times, but continuous casting twice is dangerous.

Maybe fire-storm costs twice as much when there are two enemies.

I wonder.

This is not good.

My thoughts became negative.

Its can’t tell whether it is truly like that or its the negative thoughts.

I killed two monsters with Durandal and calmed down.

So far there was no instance of two monsters coming one after another.

Neither in the many small rooms on the first level, nor in the cave.

There was considerable time between monster appearances.

I can’t ignore this, but i shouldn’t become obsessed over the possibility of consecutive monster appearances.

There is also the fact that fire-storm consumes more MP than fireball.

AOE magic costing more MP than single target magic would suggest that when there are more enemies the chance of it costing more MP is very low.

Even if the number increases, it should become a little easier.

While judging calmly, being able to defeat with four fire-storms I’ll somehow manage.

Needle Wood and Green Caterpillar are not so different. It won’t be ten times in ten.(TLN: Bad TL)

This way the first objective of finding a way to deal with multiple monsters is complete.

Next I should think how to fight with magic as the core.

If I’m going to fight with magic, I’ll put Durandal away.

If I put Durandal away I’ll have 6 bonus points to assign to skills.

The points for being able to use Durandal are six weapon points for a total of 63 points.

By not using Durandal, both “Required Experience Reduction (1/10)” and “Gained Experience (x10)” costing 16 points, 32 points are used, but I can use both.(TLN: Possible bad translation – sorry I suck with translating calculations/counting.)

Right now I have “Required Experience Reduction (1/5)” and “Gained Experience (x5)”, so picking “Gained Experience (x8)” is efficient.

Not having Durandal is scary to say the least.

It has the attack power to kill monsters with one hit, HP absorption and MP absorption.

By having HP absorption it is not so much of a problem when getting hit and MP absorption allows to continuously use skills.

As long as I fight using Durandal, I most likely won’t die on this floor.

Removing Durandal I feel fear.

It is really discouraging.

Should I pick safety or experience x8.

Picking safety would dictate that I use Durandal like up until now.

Of course would be useful in a pinch.

But describing the actual situation is a bit troublesome.

I can think of a few possibilities.

A very strong boss suddenly appears.

Or possibly I feel needless anxiety.(TLN: I think he is talking about the negativity from mana deprivation)

Labyrinth is a battlefield, and just being on the battlefield a 100% safety is impossible.

Its not needless anxiety, but anything can happen on the battlefield after all.

But from another point of view, as long as one steps into the battlefield that is a labyrinth, one has to take the risk.

There won’t be any gain without betting.

If I think about it, it’s probably better to take the 8x experience bonus.

Getting to a higher level will decrease the risk in the long run.

I’ve confirmed that I can defeat a demon with just magic.

Logically this means that I don’t need Durandal.

If I can defeat a demon with just magic then Durandal is overkill.

That decides it.

I removed my points from Weapons 6.

While I use magic I’ll have to keep pulling out Durandal.

My MP recovery relies on Durandal’s MP absorption after all.

It will be good if I can buy some MP recovery medicine.

If I get into trouble I can still use Durandal as well.

My bonus points have increased by another point, and I’m able to get the 10x decrease in required experience plus the 10x boost to obtained experience.

I removed the point from MP release as well and put it in increased MP recovery. The stats show the MP recovery has doubled.

That will help out a bit.

I take the wand & scimitar from the item box.

I haven’t tried it yet since I was using Durandal, but the wand may be useful when using magic.

It might have a bonus like increased magical attack power.

What other reason would there be a wand class of weapons for?

Since there are wands, they should have benefits aside from physical attack power.

Maybe it has bonuses to decrease casting time? That wouldn’t be helpful since I have incantation omission.

I hang the scimitar at my waist, just in case something happens and I need it.

Needle Wood Lv2

I attack the Needle Wood with fireball.

It might be my imagination, but the fireballs look a bit bigger so the wand is probably having some effect.

The fireball heads down the cave.

As it approaches the demon, he moves towards the wall and avoids it.


So they can even avoid it.

I already knew I couldn’t defeat it in one shot, so maybe it was a mistake to attack the moment I saw it.

It doesn’t select it’s own targets the way fire storm does, so I need to aim it well.

I try to fire a second fireball straight away, but it doesn’t go well.

Even though I have incantation omission, it seems I can’t fire them in rapid succession.

Finally it works as the Needle Wood approaches.

There seems to be a small cooldown time between using attack magic.

There’s a small delay after it appears to, since it appears above my head.

The demon has closed in on me by the time I shot off the second fireball, and it swings it’s branch at me.

I block it with the wand, and fall back a bit.

I attack again as I avoid it’s swings.

It’s on fire as it swings it’s branches at me, and the sound of burning is quite horrible.

I block another attack from the left, and then I attack again.

There’s a crackling sound as the demon burns, and then it collapses.

So I need four fireballs?

There isn’t much difference between the power of fireball and fire storm.

Even if I don’t use the wand it will probably be the same number of attacks.

I’m not sure if I got depressed a little?

The amount of MP that the fireball uses must be quite small compared to the fire storm.

Green Caterpillar Lv2

I watched the Green Caterpillar for a moment before using the fireball.

It tried to dodge, but the fireball ended up hitting it without problem.

Guessing from it’s appearance, it is slow when trying to move sideways.

I attack again as it moves towards me.

As it approaches an orange magic circle appears underneath it.

The moment it fires it’s string I use firewall.

The wall of fire blocks the space between me and the demon.

It’s hit by the string from the caterpillar, and a light sound is hear as it burns it away.

I move around to the side and try to use a fireball, but it doesn’t appear so I smack the demon in the head with the wand.

The caterpillar attacks me.

It charges me with it’s body, and I narrowly avoid it.

It seems I can’t use the fireball yet.

I smack it with the wand again, but I can’t avoid it’s next attack and take it head on.

Finally the fireball works.

The demon tries to attack me while it’s burning, but I block it with the wand.

I fire the fourth fireball, and in the blast of flames the demon falls.

It seems the the green caterpillar needs four fireballs to be defeated as well, and I also hit it twice with the wand.

It feels like quite an intense battle if I don’t defeat it in a single blow with Durandal.

Should I use Durandal after all?

No, today I should give priority to improving myself.

I still need to get enough money to buy Roxanne.

For that goal I need to improve myself to get to a lower floor of the dungeon a bit quicker.

If a battle with magic takes about a minute, and I fight 60 times a day, then my progress through the labyrinth will be an hour slower than normal.

One and a half hours slower if I fight 90 times.

Since I can kill everything in a single blow with Durandal it shouldn’t be a problem for me to go to the next floor.

I might make a mistake if I go down too early though.

It’s probably fine with Durandal.

Do not go… Do not go…

I’m feeling a little afraid.

I have a look at my character stats.

I’m still injured from the body attack.

I believe I can kill everything with four fireballs, but I’m not confident about four fire storms.

The lack of confidence probably comes the negative emotions caused by my lack of MP though.

I’ve got another bonus point.

That’s amazing growth.

The two 10x experience stats are working great.

I select Durandal again, and look at MP recovery, it’s next level is 3x MP recovery speed.

If the stat is similar to bonus Exp then it should increase a lot.

Will the MP recovery stat improve enough that it can become a substitute for Durandal?

If I cancel a forced job I can select 3x now.

Do I need to do that?

It’s safer if I just use Durandal.

I’ll keep working with 2x MP recovery speed for a bit longer.

I go hunting demons to recover some MP.

There’s two of them.

Why do groups only appear at times like this?

I cancel the extra job and remove Durandal again.

Thinking about it, I’ve got the option to pay the explorer at the entrance to take me down to a lower level.

Lower levels shouldn’t be any more of a problem.

It might be possible to recover the hour I lost down there.

Though, I still want to fight with magic a bit more.

Green Caterpillar Lv2

I shoot a fireball at the Green Caterpillar.

The fire wall from earlier was a bit of a hint about magic timing.

The fireball is quite strong, but I can’t fire the second shot yet.

You can probably only use one spell at a time, so while you can still see your last spell you can’t use the next one yet.

I fire the second one, and let it hit before firing the third one.

An orange magic formation appears under the demon.

I wait with my timing, and then use the fire wall.

There’s a small sound as it eats the thread.

I try to test if I can use a different magic at the same time.

While the fire wall is still burning it seems I can’t use anything.

Not just the fireball, but the waterball, breezeball and sandball also didn’t work.

While the demon is burning, I confront it with the wand.

I dodge it’s body attack while I smack it with the wand.

The wall of fire disappears and I fire of the third fireball, and after that the fourth.

The Green Caterpillar is defeated.

The cave in the labyrinth is about three meters wide.

The fire wall is about one & a half meters wide.

Unless I can increase the width of it, I won’t be able to block off the cave.

If I’m attacked from both sides at once I won’t be able to use it to protect my back.

Also, there’s about a ten second duration on the fire wall.

Wall magic seems to be quite difficult to use effectively.

Needle Wood Lv2

The demon waddles in the cave ahead.

I let it approach a little, and then launch a fire ball.

I fire the second shot the moment the first is gone.

It gets into range of me before I fire the third shot.

As I dodge the branch, I use the third fireball.

So I’ll be attacked before I can shoot four times, Isn’t there a way to shoot faster?

I block it’s branch and shoot the fourth fireball.

The fire blazes up and the demon collapses.

I’m feeling a bit depressed, but another one should be fine?

Green Caterpillar Lv2

I launch a fireball at the Green Caterpillar.

The second one is launched as the first goes out. One continuously after the other.

The Green Caterpillar has slow movements so I should be able to attack again from a distance.

The Green Caterpillar is closing the distance, but I use the third shot and it collapses.

Does each one have different stats? Or did this one fall after three fireballs because I went up a level?

I’m glad the I might have improved, but I’m getting depressed and can’t really think about it.

2x MP recovery speed isn’t a substitute for Durandal.

I open my character stats, and select Durandal.

Also, I have another bonus point.

I take a moment to think while looking at my stats.

Maybe there is another risk to using magic.

What if I’m seen using it by people?

Second job and job settings are bonus skills.

Most people in this world probably can’t have the explorer job and wizard job at the same time.

Can a wizard learn space magic?

I use warp and dungeon walk, and I make use of magic.

If someone watches me they might notice I’m not chanting incantations.

The apprentice knight that I saw on the first floor has seen my intelligence card as well, so I should be cautious.

Should I use Durandal instead of magic to fight?

I should be safe if I use Durandal.

No, I’m still feeling bad.

Only using Durandal comes to my mind.

I hunt a demon and recover some MP.

How many people have I met on the second floor?

It feels like there isn’t anyone here.

Is it because the Labyrinth has just been discovered? Is it because the demons here aren’t worthwhile? Maybe the second floor just isn’t liked?

Maybe Green Caterpillars are just thought to be troublesome?

Well, the chances of running into anyone here seem low.

If they just see me conjuring then they’ll think I’m a wizard.

The apprentice knight seemed quite exhausted on the first floor so he probably won’t come to the second floor either.

I need to take some risks.

Low risk, low return. High risk, high return. That’s a rule of any world.

I need to keep practicing my magic.

The dungeon walk & item box I can use after confirming there is nobody nearby.

I remove Durandal, and stop my fourth job. I select 3x MP recovery.

My current jobs are Explorer, Hero & Wizard.

Kaga Michio. 17 years old. Explorer Lv12, Hero Lv8, Wizard Lv5.

Equipment: Sandals, Wand, leather armor.

My levels have gone up quite a bit.

I got the Wizard job this morning and it’s already Lv5

Current bonus point use:

63 points for 20x less experience required. [TN: at bottom]

31 points for 10x experience gained.

7 points for 3x MP recovery speed.

3 points for incantation omission.

3 points for Judgement, job settings & character reset.

110 points in total.

TN: There were a few part where he mentioned “2 10 experience something”, so I thought both the experience things were at 10x from that. From this last bit I assume some of it was the 20x stat so I’ll try & fix it later.

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