Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World

028 – Acquisition

Chapter 28 – Acquisition [1]

Four thieves were defeated.

Speaking of level, if you think about how they were the ones that survived after being hunted and driven out of town, it’s to be expected, that they’d have a pretty high bounty.

Because I don’t want to stay in this place too long, I only perform the necessary work.

First I tore off the thieves’ clothes and made them into cloth wrappers.

I cut off and gather the four left wrists.

The [Firewall] I cast when defeating the thief has by chance spread to the bed boards.

The flames have lit up the cave.

When the [Fireball] was released, the thief released a loud voice but no one entered the cave.

There doesn’t seem to be any companions nearby.

Even so, I wouldn’t welcome someone looting the hard earned spoils and I refuse to stay here for 30 minutes until the intelligence cards pop out.

So I have no choice but to take the wrists.

I collect four copper swords.

There doesn’t seem to be anything like leather armour or protectors which are valuable.

Do they have any or did they hide them somewhere?

There may be treasure storage somewhere, but I don’t have time to search now.

It may have been a mistake to silence all four members.

Well it can’t be helped, there didn’t seem to be many options.

I didn’t even know if the thieves could speak Brahim language.

Did they decide to keep their swords close to themselves? As expected of thieves in the middle of a dispute.

Even though it was useless this time.

I collect the necessary things and leave the cave.

First I warp near a river and wash the cloak. Blood comes out quickly.

I’m relying only on starlight and intuition, but I probably wasn’t washing all the blood away.

I wash my hands and face, but I don’t think there is blood on anything other than the cloak.

After putting the cloak to dry on a tree branch, I move to the Labyrinth to waste time.

Because I was feeling excited, I did not explore properly.

As expected, willingly killing someone had a bigger shock on me than I thought.

Even when starting to calm down, I could not composedly explore the Labyrinth.

When a monster appeared from far away, with my current state of mind, I could not fight very well.

I finish early.

When the time was right, I collected the intelligence cards and went to the forest to throw away the useless wrists.

Afterwards I take the cloak and return to the Inn.

I return to my room and wipe my body with lukewarm water.

I lie on the bed while holding the scimitar like a body pillow and close my eyes.

Though I was feeling excited, before long I fell asleep.

After the sun had completely risen, I woke up.

It seems that before going to the thieves hideout my sleeping time was short.

I think I slept well.

I was in high spirits after having exterminated the thieves, but I think my sense of relief was even bigger.

Eliminating the danger from revenge and the goal of getting Roxanne was within sight.

How much I’ll receive from the bounty isn’t set yet, but I have done more or less everything that can be done.

If the money is insufficient, then I can’t do anything about it.

Where do I exchange the intelligence cards?

While thinking about it, I doze off on the bed.

Specifically, should I do it at Vale town’s Knight’s Order or should I take it to another town?

Because I exchanged in Vale town just 10 days ago, if I bring bounties consecutively there’s a possibility someone would have an eye on me.

The Knight’s Order seems to be linked with the thieves from the Slums.

And thieves would not welcome the appearance of a new bounty hunter.

Even if it is the extermination of thieves they themselves are hostile against.

Redeeming the bounty in another town reduces the possibility of being recognised.

However, I don’t know if I will be able to properly claim the bounty this time.

I don’t know what kind of system bounties use.

When thinking normally, aren’t the people of this town and Knight’s Order the ones who offer the bounties for this town’s thieves in the first place?

In other towns there is a possibility that the bounty money is lower or I might not get paid at all.

There is a possibility the reward money does not go down on the same day you make an inquiry.

I’m worried because the promised deadline to obtain Roxanne is today.

Also, they may ask what the situation was like when I defeated the thieves.

Before, when I claimed the bounty, they didn’t ask anything but the village merchant might have explained something.

It could be possible that the merchant that comes here frequently and Vale Town’s Knights Order members were acquainted.

The Merchant had credibility and the possibility of the whole village lying is low. Since the thought of driven out of town thieves attacking nearby villages was high, would a brief description have been accepted?

Or the Knights Order warning the village beforehand, is also not unthinkable.

There’s also the likelihood that someone ran from the village to report the attack to the Knight’s Order.

This time to what degree will they ask about the circumstances?

If I take the intelligence cards to another town and they start asking questions it will be troublesome.

If they end up asking me to show them where I defeated the thieves, wouldn’t they’d get suspicious that it’s in the outskirts of Vale Town?

Why not bring it to the town of Vale Knight’s Order.

When such a possibility is considered, it is appropriate to take the bounty to the Knight’s Order in Vale town.

It is possible to explain that the associates of the thieves who attacked the village, held a grudge and that I turned the tables on them when they tried to avenge them.

There is possibility that this would be looked down on, but on this occasion nothing can be done.

After having breakfast, I leave the Inn and go to the opposite building.

I peek inside but I don’t see the acquainted knight or beautiful female knight.

Well, what should I do?

It’d be preferable if no one I’m acquainted with, who would recognize me were present.

However, talking with a person who knows the circumstances may be easier.

If for example the Knight’s Order and thieves from the Slums are connected and potentially spread the information that I am a thief hunter, it would be better if fewer people knew my face.

Finally the sun rose above the city.

I stroll around the city to kill some time.

I sold the 4 copper swords. [2]

Once Roxanne is with me she might need them, but I will think about it when the time comes.

It seems it’s time for Knight’s Order’s office personnel shift change.

I go when the sun is high, I find the Apprentice Knight near the entrance to the office.

“Ey. Working hard, aren’t you?”

“Yes, thank you.”

I call out the Apprentice Knight.

Calling him apprentice is my own assumption.

Knight Lv5. He was Lv4 the other day, his level has increased.

“Is it a good time to talk?”


“Actually last night, some odd guys picked a quarrel with me. They seemed to be thieves.”

I take out the thieves’ intelligence cards and give them to the Apprentice Knight.


“Well, certainly they came for revenge and I turned the tables on them”

I puff out my chest.

My plan to look like a big-shot.

In other words, the “It was just a coincidence, a coincidence. It’s not like I purposely picked a fight” kind of plan.

Because the Apprentice Knight returned a courtesy smile, it’s a success.

Well, I want to assume it was a success.

I say it was a success.

Perhaps he was just amazed.

“Just in case can you show me your intelligence card?”


I present my left arm in front of the Apprentice Knight.

After the knight confirms my intelligence card, he says he’ll look them up and goes into the office.

Because I was not questioned, the strategy was a success.

Even if it’s to avoid suspicious people, I don’t think this plan’s chance of success would have changed.

Before long, the Apprentice Knight returns with a small bag.

Seems, this time the beautiful female knight wasn’t bothered to come out.

“I was able to confirm it. The four thieves were comrades of the ones who attacked the Somara Village. For that reason they might have been aiming for you.”

“That’s dangerous.”

I am thankful that the explanation came from the other party.

*”There are no more members of the group. I don’t think there is much danger anymore.”

I receive the small award bag and quickly depart.

A detailed questioning about the thieves’ corpses is not needed.

Last time it was the same too, it was the same treatment about the thieves I killed at the village.

The thieves of this world may be treated like that.

It is easier to doing something than worrying about it.

It went better than I thought.

I quickly move into cover and take a peek inside the small bag.

Lots of silver coins and how many gold coins?

After confirming there are 5 or more gold coins I was relieved.

I already have 33 gold coins and more than 400 silver coins.

I have the funds to obtain Roxanne.

I return to the road and go towards the Slave Dealer’s house.

Those 10 days were long.

Just one more step to the finish.

I unintentionally make a grin on my face.

Only one last thing remains.

I can’t be relieved until this is finished.

Can’t cross out the possibility that the Slave Trader might try to swindle me.

“I’m Michio. I desire to be attended by Mr Allen.”

I arrived at the Slave Trader’s house and told the man who came out.

The man left and let me inside once he returned.

“Please wait here”

I was shown into a room next to the entrance.

In the waiting room where a carpet is spread, I take out Durandal.

A precaution just in case.

Because the Slave Trader knows I have 420,000 Nars, Durandal will not look unusual.

Instead, to indirectly hint at future profits for him, it would be meaningful to show off some luxurious equipment.

Though I don’t know if Durandul looks luxurious.

From now on, if he thinks I am a good customer, he will not do strange things.

When I think about it, is leather armour too subtle?

“Michio-sama, sorry for keeping you waiting”


The Slave Trader turned up immediately.

“Are the preparations for the funds done?”

“Well, somehow.”

“Then, please come to this room.”


I was lead to a room I have been in twice before.

“It was just like what I was expecting.”

“I wonder how”

Just like the Slave Dealer said, I was not able to earn it in the Labyrinth.

Rather, could the Slave Dealer’s expectations have been slightly off?

I sit on the sofa, a servant who is not Roxanne comes to serve herbal tea.

“Please drink”

The Slave Trader offered when the servant left.

I place my cup near my mouth and pretend to drink.

If the slave merchant is scheming anything, it would be quick and easy to mix poison into the drink.

I don’t need to drink.

I take out the small bag and verify the contents.

The reward is 100,000 and several thousand Nars? The previous time it was more.

I take out 10 pieces of gold from the small reward bag.

And take out the pouch from the rucksack.

There are 428 silver coins that were separated beforehand.

“My bad that there are a lot of silver coins.”

“Of course I don’t mind”

I turned to the side and chanted in whispers “Item Box Open”, I took out 28 gold coins from the item box.

This is 422,800 Nars.

“Please check it.”

It is difficult to count when there are 400 silver coins.

It’s almost like harassment.

“Thank you. I certainly received it. I will bring her soon, please wait a moment”

When the Slave Dealer was done confirming the number of coins, he put all of them on a plate and left.

He returned soon, while I am waiting without drinking the herbal tea.

Roxanne was the same as then.

She was standing behind the Slave Trader hiding.

She was wearing light green colour tunic and trousers.

The face of a beauty as expected.

I suspected that in the time I haven’t seen her my expectations of her beauty grew to unreasonable levels, but that is not the case.

Actually, compared to the one in my memories, the real thing is more beautiful.

“Thank you.”

Roxanne sees me and bows.

Dog ears swayed.

Those ears are adorable.

Well, it is questionable whether the bow was done to express gratitude or not.

“My best regards”

“Yes. My best regards too”

“Well then, to perform the contract let me take your intelligence card”

The Slave Trader steps into the room to inform.



I extended my left hand.

Roxanne also comes aside and puts out her arm.

When the Slave Trader recites an incantation, the intelligence cards comes out.

After that Slave Trader recites something mumbling.

“Now the contract is finished. Please check the intelligence cards.”

Kaga Michio, Male, 17 years old, Explorer, Freeman

Possesses Slave Roxanne

As suggested when I checked the intelligence card it had changed.

It means the Slave Trader may not have been a swindler after all.

Unless there is magic that can falsify the display that I don’t know of yet.

Job shows [Explorer] now.

It seems like the first job is displayed as expected.

“Errm, yes”

In front of me who is releasing a small breath of relief, Roxanne has stretched out her hand.

Roxanne, Female, 16 years old, Beast Soldier, Slave

Owner Kaga Michio

“Indeed. Certainly it seems that the contract has been completed”

Roxanne’s intelligence card seems similar.

I put my arm in front of Roxanne to show her just in case.

“Errr … … is it alright?”

Roxanne’s beautiful eyes take a peek in my direction.

Seems the intelligence card is not something you show to slaves.

“Well, I don’t think there will be any problem if mine is seen.”


Roxanne read my intelligence card.

“With this Micho-sama has become an owner. The owner has the obligation to provide the slave with residence, meals, and is obliged to pay taxes. When you abandon the obligations or treat the slave remarkably unfairly, the contract is annulled. Making changes to the will is a Slave Dealer’s job. On that occasion please use this place”

While showing Roxanne the card, the Slave Dealer explains it plainly.

It gives the feeling of routine work.

Like some commonplace speech.

Has a feeling of Miranda Warnings from American detective dramas. Like that phrase “You have the right to remain silent.”

I want to ask what is considered being treated remarkably unfair, but don’t want to ask in front of Roxanne.

I want to challenge the limits or so, but it’d be a problem if I thought that way.

Perhaps it is decided in the will, as to what will happen to the slave when the owner dies.

The talk about taxes, I haven’t heard about.

“Regarding taxes?”

“It is poll tax. The slave has no obligation to pay. The owner will pay the amount.”

Well, naturally there will be taxes in this world.

Though I heard it for the first time.

“Do you know about the taxes?”

“Ye-yes. … … More or less”

If I ask Roxanne about it, she’ll answer what she knows.

If Roxanne knows it, I will hear about it afterwards.


I nodded to the Slave Trader.


[1] [TL Note: There actually is no word equivalent in English for this in this context and it means “paying to get someone”] 身請け

[2][TL Note: the key word in this line which I assume means “sold” fails in every translation software I tried so if someone knows if it is wrong or something let me know] 銅の剣も四本うっぱらった。

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