Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World

030 – Reaction

Chapter 30 – Reaction

When I talked about entering the labyrinth, Roxanne’s atmosphere changed.

It seems it was due to self-confidence.

It’s somehow scary.

As a result of being stared at directly, I stop touching her ears.

Because we are going as a party, I’m grateful that she is confident in combat.

“May I put the clothes in the closet? They may crease.”

Because her ears were let go, Roxanne stands up.

Hmmm. Oops, she escaped.

“Yes. Do so.”

“Thank you.”

Roxanne opens the case she brought from the trading company.

It contains the maid clothes.

Did she bring that?

The maid clothes were bought along with Roxanne.

Because I paid 2800 Nars which was just a fraction, the regular price should be 4000 Nars.

That by itself is a great price.

It was a good purchase.

If I had bought Roxanne independently, the [30% Discount] would not have worked.

I don’t know whether the slave trader has [Calc] skill or not. Anyways when buying individual items by itself, the [30% Discount] probably does not work.

Did the sale price turn into 422,000 because the slave trader was selling Roxanne alone for 600,000 Nars and had added 4,000 Nars for the clothes?

The moral of the story is that one shouldn’t be too greedy. [1]

Roxanne straightens out the creases and puts the maid clothes in the closet.

Her appearance from behind is also charming.

From behind, it looks like her trembling has stopped.

Yes. She was a good purchase.

In proportion to her chest, Roxanne has a slim figure.

Our height is about the same, but she’s a size slimmer.

She really gives the impression of a woman.

“Eh? You were barefooted?”

While undressing Roxanne with my eyes once again, I realize that she was barefoot. [2]

“Yes, I am.”

Roxanne replies as if it was a matter of fact.

Did she come barefoot from the trading company?

Maybe being barefoot is not particularly uncommon.

“Can I ask for your cloak?”

“Yes, certainly.”

I stand up and give Roxanne my cloak from the table.

While she is putting the cloak in the closet, I pet her head.

It’s not necessarily because her trembling has stopped.

It is to confirm. [3]

I just want to confirm how much she feels like letting me do.

I feel like she could have already easily escaped.

My suspicions that getting a slave as beautiful as Roxanne could be a swindle haven’t completely been wiped out.

Roxanne obediently lets me stroke her head.

Looking at this behavior, should I conclude that she was already prepared to be sold as a slave?

I don’t understand her mind. Even if she doesn’t like it, it is not revealed on her face.

I unintentionally embrace her.

No, that’s not it. It’s a misunderstanding.

It’s not like my capacity to endure was only this much.

There is no intention to suddenly push her down.

“Regrettably however, I don’t plan to let you get away.”

“Aa, Yes ……”

Roxanne gives a quiet answer and relaxes her body.

There is no more concern for fraud.

Perhaps, even if I push her down at this moment, she would be ok with it.

Because I embrace her from the back, my arms are on her chest.

They……are bigger than I thought. [4]

But at the moment, I must endure it. Besides, there are other things that we have to do first.

I almost didn’t feel any guilt from buying a slave.

I don’t understand. I might have felt something when buying a slave.

Well, there’s no need to push myself to feel guilty.

“These leather shoes, ah, not that. These sandals, you can have.”

I stretch out my arms and release Roxanne.

My endurance won’t last any longer.

“Is that all right?”

“Because we are entering the labyrinth, take the equipment item.”

Roxanne doesn’t particularly dislike it as I crouch down and touch her foot.

Roxanne’s feet are not much different from a human’s.

They are not hairy even though she is from the Wolf Beast tribe.

However it is slightly small.

The length from her heel to toes was 2 or 3 sizes shorter.

“Thank you.”

“Only if they could be put on properly, but…”

“Yes. Ah, well. They are something like a magic accessory. They stretch and contract to fit the person who equips them. Therefore, it’s alright”

Roxanne explains from over my head.

I don’t know what she thought about me touching her body, but she didn’t show a behavior like that of dislike or of wanting to run away.

It’s a good feeling of touching her all over.

Her feet are small and lovely.

The top of her feet was silky smooth.

“I see.”

“This is the difference between normal clothes and equipment.”

Equipment seems like something very convenient.

If isn’t, then everything would need to be custom-made instead of one size fits all.

“Isn’t that common sense?”

“Yes. I think most people know it.”

“……Errr. Because I lack common sense, please take care of me in the future.”


That seems to be common sense in this world.

Well, it seems that way. After all, there are normal villagers wearing equipment.

The explanation is immediately useful.

And, I am thankful to Roxanne for giving me support when needed.

“There are one-handed swords and 2-handed swords. Which do you prefer?”

I stand up and ask Roxanne.

“A one-handed sword please.”


I hand over a scimitar to Roxanne from the desk.

Giving her the sword might not be a good idea or maybe that might not be the case.

From the attitude I’ve seen till now, I judge that it’ll be fine to give it.

In a situation where Roxanne is a slave in appearance only and the slave trader had ulterior motives, I’d be giving weapons to an enemy.

For example, having the freedom to kill me.

I should think carefully about whether or not to.

If I think about it even if Roxanne does not have a sword to use, it would be hard for me to defend myself.

Because we will sleep in the same bed.

Because we are going to the labyrinth, I will have to give her the sword eventually.

Now is the best timing to give her the sword.

Giving it early is a sign to show that I trust Roxanne that much.

If I’m going to be killed, it’ll be after losing my virginity. I think I should at least wait till tomorrow to give her the sword, or that’s what I feel like doing.

As a person.

“I haven’t maintained it, but its condition does not seem to have worsened”

Roxanne is wholeheartedly checking the scimitar despite whether or not knowing my intentions.

She has a serious face.

“Err? Does it need maintenance?”


Um, well that’s the case if she says so.

“Other equipments too?”

“Of course.”

“Is that so?”

When I think about it, it is so.

I haven’t done anything like maintenance.

“Master, from now on I will do the maintenance because one’s life depends on the equipment. Please value them more.

“…O-Of course”

Roxanne leans forward and lectures me.

I move back by reflex.

“I will leave it to you.”

Roxanne finishes putting the rest of the luggage that was left on the desk into the closet.

“Well, then come here, try putting on the sandals.”

Having the leather boots in hand, I tell Roxanne to sit on the bed.

I untie the string and remove the sandals to put on the leather boots.

It feels just like it looks. The leather boots is an equipment that is a rank higher than sandals.

Sandals leave a foot half bare so boots should have much greater defense power.

There were no monsters that aimed for the feet and I didn’t want to feel stuffy while I wore the sandals, but it’s safer if Roxanne doesn’t have any better equipment than her master.


“Err. Here.”

I invite Roxanne who tries to sit on the floor again to sit on bed next to me and give her the sandals.

Roxanne sits next to me and puts on the sandals.

Sandals that should fit my feet somehow fit Roxanne’s small feet exactly.

Magic is amazing.

“Today in the city, while the sun is still up, I want to buy any necessary things. Is there any other equipment that you need?”

“If possible, a wooden shield please.”

“Wooden shield. Anything else?”

“In regards to protection, give me the remains from master’s basic equipment upgrades. For me, handed down things are sufficient.”

We talk while I am touching Roxanne’s ears next to me.

There is no more fear or tension from her like when we entered the room.

The results of skinship.

Skinship is great.

“Understood. What about necessary things other than equipment?”

“Oil for maintenance is needed. Do you have any oil?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Then I would like a small olive oil bottle”

Olive oil?


“Later I’ll use a rag cloth. Is there any worn out underwear?”

“There isn’t. Just that.”

“It is still new.”

Roxanne put away the laundry. Oops, my pumpkin pants that I bought 5 days ago have been seen.

Son-in-law can’t hold on any longer.

Incidentally, I am wearing trunks at the moment.

“I don’t mind using a towel. Any other necessary things besides that?”

“I would like a water canteen.”

“Water canteen? One moment.”

From the rucksack, I take out a small wooden bucket substituting for a cup.

I take out the medium sized wooden bucket that Roxanne put in the closet.

I take both and run to the toilet.

I return to the room with the small wooden bucket filled with water and give it to Roxanne.

“Thank you.”

“Drink it.”

“Yes, I will.”

Roxanne tastes it.

The water was made with [Water Wall].

It does not have a smell and it tastes like normal water.

There might be something wrong with it, but there shouldn’t be anything dangerous compared to the water from a river or well water.

I’ve been drinking for several days and my stomach has not had any problems.

By the way, [Water Ball] had too much force for the bucket to receive.

“Is the water fine?”

“Well, sorry. I did not want water. I wanted a canteen to use in the labyrinth”

“Yeah, I understand. It’s ok. You will understand sooner or later.”

“Is that so?”

Roxanne who does not know about my magic is persuaded.

Of course, we should have a flask rather than not have one.

However water is rather heavy. When you think about that cost, the convenience of water canteen is rather small.

I sit down on the bed.

For some reason while I was not here, Roxanne had moved down to the floor.

No wonder.

She is being cautious of me pushing her down when sitting on the bed.

“Over here.”


I beckon her to my side.

“It’s ok. It’s not like we’ll do something lewd.”

“W-Well, but it is master’s bed.”

“Roxanne will also sleep here.”

I embrace her and whisper in a low voice.

Like a terrible evil magistrate.

“……Well, if it’s me receiving pity, I’ll get in the bed, but I don’t mind sleeping on the floor.”

Roxanne looks down and mutters such a compromise.

There’s no way I’d think of putting her to sleep on the floor.

What kind of evil magistrate am I?

“Do it right now!” said something screaming inside of me, but I restrain it.

Particularly, now there is no need. It should be fine to enjoy later slowly.

“That is common sense?”

“In the trading company, I heard there were masters like that too.”

“I’m fine with it. It’s cold and troublesome, so we’ll sleep together in the bed.”

“Ye-Yes. Thank you very much.”

While embracing her, I stroke her hair.

She did not avoid or dislike it.

Because she accepted up to this point, now I really think it’s a good thing she is mine.

“After buying another water bucket, is there anything else?”

“I have to hold luggage. That rucksack or something like that.”

“Rucksack? Got it.”

“That’s all for me.”

I am touching her hair while talking.

I touch her ears.

These lop ears are becoming a habit.

“In this city, you can only buy once every 5 days. So it’s possible that we will not be able to buy anything at worst for 5 days. So think about it properly.”

“Yes, it is fine.”

“Shield, olive oil, towel, bucket, rucksack, armor, socks. What else to buy such as these things?”

I am counting while confirming. 7 items.


“For me, is there soap around here?”

It’s fine. Soap translates fine into the Brahim language.

“Soap? Because soap is very expensive, things like the Koichi fruit bran are normally used, I think.”

“Too expensive? Shampoo … … no, it’s nothing. Koichi fruit it is.”


Shampoo is not translated.

Well in a world where soap is said to be expensive, there wouldn’t be things like shampoo, rinse, hair treatment or a conditioner.

“Is there something like a tooth brush?”

“Tufted toothpick right. I think a Shukure branch is sold somewhere in the city.”

Tufted toothpick?

“Shield, Olive oil, towel, bucket, rucksack, armor, socks, Koichi fruit, Shukure branch, so 9 items? Need to memorize, so I don’t forget”


“Then, let’s go shopping.”

I stand up with the rucksack.

I want to keep touching Roxanne forever, but I shouldn’t.

Or rather, I should finish the errands quickly.

I take out the copper sword from item box and carry the rucksack on my back.

There is money in the rucksack.


Roxanne stands up at once.

I entrust the key and leave the Inn.

First at the place like a general store I purchase a small wooden bucket, rucksack, small bottle of olive oil, Koichi fruit bran and Shukure branch.

Total sum of 103 Nars.

The Koichi fruit bran is inside something like a scent bag, probably to use it as it is.

2 Shukure branches are 1 Nar. So cheap.

I mean, really, it was just a cut branch of something.

It costs nothing.

I pack the stuff I bought in the rucksack and let Roxanne carry it.

At the next place resembling a cloths shop , I picked up 2 towels.

Roxanne already has hers to use, but purchasing extras are not a problem, right?

“There are at least two pairs of socks. Pick the ones you like.”

“Is it ok for me to choose?”

“Go ahead.”

“But I don’t know your size.”

She didn’t understand.

“No. Roxanne, these socks are for you.”

“For me? Is that ok?”

“It’s fine.”

I nod. Roxanne with an earnest face starts choosing socks.

Because they are sandals, it’s fine to wear them barefoot, but since we’re going into the labyrinth, it’s better if she wears something additional.

Couldn’t any socks be fine? Or I shouldn’t say it.

The socks I chose for myself are a bit too big.

“Are these fine?”


“Thank you.”

Roxanne gives me the socks she chose.

I show them to the store clerk along with the towels and pay for them.

I put in the goods the rucksack on Roxanne’s back.

Finally we go to armor dealer shop.

In the armor shop, Roxanne’s facial expression has become even fiercer compared to a little while ago.

So serious for 1 shield. Her expression has become otherworldly.

Well, that’s because she will entrust her life to it.

Wooden shield: shield

Skill: empty

However, if possible, I would like to choose one with an empty skill slot.

How do I recommend it to her?

I would like to ask Roxanne about empty slots, but it’s better not to do it in public.

I place three shields I have found with empty slots.

“These 3 are good items”

“Can you tell them apart?”


To Roxanne’s words, I reply with a nod with an appearance of confidence.

All equipment are all one-size-fits-all. That’s why they are all the same I think.

Roxanne starts comparing the 3 that I gave to her.

Although a beauty, she gives off an intimidating feeling.

W-with wrinkles between the eyebrows.

I moved away as Roxanne is scary.

I went to the armor display.

“How much is leather armor?”

“It is 800 Nars.”

I think it’s somewhat expensive.

It cost that much?

I think it would have been a good thing if I had not sold the equipment from the thieves who attacked the village. It can’t be helped now.

At that time, I didn’t have [Item Box].

“This leather jacket?”

“It is 1,000 Nars.”

Buying back what I sold once feels like a loss.

I take and carry the leather jacket and leather gloves with empty slots. I walk over to the headpiece area.

Because I got body, hands and leg equipment, only the headgear remains.

Leather Cap: Head equipment

Skill: empty

Another leather series. Maybe this leather cap is handy.

Appearance-wise, it has a feeling of something a bicycle racer would use as a helmet.

It feels like it won’t completely fit on my head.

“Master, this wooden shield.”

Roxanne, after choosing the wooden shield, brings it.

“Would it be better together with a leather cap?”

I place the leather cap on Roxanne’s head and ask her.

Somehow it mysteriously fits. Magic is amazing.

“Of course.”

The cap hides her dog ears completely.

Certainly, it would be necessary without saying it.

It would be terrible if something happened to those cute lop ears.

“Then, these. 5 in all”

I take another leather hat with skill slot and show it to the armor merchant.

“Thank you very much. As a special service, it’ll be only 938 Nars.”

I pay for them and put them in the item box.

Roxanne looks at me suspiciously for some reason.

I turn to the side so that the armor merchant could not hear and mumble some incomprehensible muttering plus [Item Box]. Instead it seems like Roxanne who was right beside me heard it.

Chanting a spell is troublesome and embarrassing, so I avoid doing it. Should I do it properly?

“This is everything. Shall we return?”


Roxanne did not say anything in front of the armor merchant.

Even if she thought it was odd, it seems she considered not to ask about it in public.

On the way back, I can see in her eyes that Roxanne wants to say something.

It might be troublesome.

In front of the hotel on way back, there was a clothes shop.

The clothes shop displays expensive cloaks.

Even if they were expensive, because they were necessary, they are not unaffordable.

“If it rains, it will be troublesome, so you should have a cloak. You can buy one that you like.”

I unintentionally change the subject.

She will eventually find out. It shouldn’t be a problem if Roxanne knows.

“Is it all right?”


“Thank you.”

Roxanne joyfully bows her head.


[1] [TL Note: the moral is about the trader being greedy by trying to push for more and getting bitten by the 30% discount skill]

[2] [ED note: I wonder why he hasn’t unlocked the skill [Old Man Pervert]]

[3] [ED note: Insecure and perverted. What’s next?]

[4] [ED note: O.O he finally made a move though it was unintentionally….]

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