Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World

031 – Enjoyment

Chapter 31 – Enjoyment

Long time ago, my mother took me to a boutique in Hiroo, Akasaka.

I don’t remember much about places from the past, but it was a luxurious shop in the 2nd or 3rd floor of a building.

I remember you could see the cars going past the expressway from that shop.

In a very clear day, you’d see the sparkling reflection of the sunlight on the cars.

Why was I watching the cars? That’s because I had nothing to do.

A boy following his mother for shopping would hardly find anything fun to do.

Probably, I didn’t complain or make a fuss then.

My mother only took me once to that boutique.

She learned her lesson from that single time.

That I didn’t enjoy going shopping.

I don’t know what she expected from having me accompany her that day.

It couldn’t be that she expected to have fun shopping after bringing a child.

I no longer hold any duty towards my dead mother.

What should I have done back then?

Should I have enjoyed going shopping with her?

Ever since that time, I learned women like shopping.

And there was no chance to experience it first-hand until today.

Roxanne who was told to buy a cloak she liked joyfully browses the goods.

Every cloak in the store is being checked out.

I should say, literally, every single one is being checked!

Starting from the left, one by one the cloaks on the stand were taken out and checked for fine details.

They were spread for review. She held them against her arms while thinking if it looks good or not; the collars, the hems, and every small detail was checked.

There were no exceptions.

Even that reddish brown one that at a glance was no good was spread out and examined.

Ah, she folds it.

As expected, it was no good after all.

That one, obviously the color was odd.

“Don’t check them one by one!”

It was one of many things I wanted to say, but of course I refrain from doing so.

The merchant attending the store didn’t say anything either.

He didn’t want to say anything awkward.

In Roxanne’s case, even if he asked “What are you looking for?”, she would have answered with “Show me everything”.

Oh, seems he’s saying something.

“I can recommend this one here.”


The ship sank.

Seems, she wasn’t interested in the cloak the merchant showed.

Just now the merchant recommends one that is slightly pricy and remains unsold.

Well done, Roxanne.

For buying a cloak, let’s do it properly.

The merchant, dejected, moved to attend to another customer.

I told her to buy one she likes, but I’d have been happy if she picked and bought one already.

I just stare as Roxanne checks out every cloak.

I don’t remember nor am I aware of any blunders committed towards my mother, but I won’t repeat the same mistakes.

I watch over without uttering any complain.

She’s beautiful and cute. Just by watching her, time flies.

And the result? She asks me “How’s this one?” with the last cloak.

Umm. That question is taboo for someone like me without any fashion sense.

I desperately think of something suitable and let out an evasive “That one is good too”.

I think it’s because I was pleased with the one she showed me, there’s no way to deny it.

That much I know.

Or rather, that much I didn’t know.

After reviewing every single cloak in the shop, Roxanne narrows it down to two choices.

A cloak she held on her left arm since halfway into the selection and the last one chosen.

Both are a similar crimson color.

“Which one do you think is better?”

After thoroughly comparing both, Roxanne turns around.

The cloaks are hanging from both arms.

Probably, if she’s asking me, Roxanne already has in mind an answer with a ratio of 6 to 4.

If I choose, we’ll be done.

If I choose poorly, all efforts will come to nothing.

I understand that proposing the cheap one or such is stepping on a land mine

But, I think the cheap one is good.

The one hanging from her left arm, she’s been holding it all this time.

She’s keeping it because she likes it.

If that is a hint, then it is the correct answer.

Back then, because I was looking at the expressway, I didn’t get the hint.

That’s not the case today.

“This one has a comfortably chic and nice, graceful, calming shade”

With confidence, I recommend the one on her left arm.

The reason is appropriate.

What followed was clear.

Or rather, should I say relaxing shade?

I don’t really know what I’m saying.

I say the words without being sweet, mean, or delicacy.

“Is that so? This one, the stitching looks good, but I think the color is a bit too heavy”

“U-Uh huh”

Oh no.

Seems, the color on the other one is better.

“But really, now that you mention it, it’s got a good calming color. I understand. Is this one ok?”

“I see. Do you need anything else?”

Somehow she was in agreement.

I receive the cloak from Roxanne.

“No. Well, buying anything more is too much”

“Since we’re here, why not buy something else?


“You don’t need to be reserved. After all, today is a day to celebrate.”

I whisper close to her face.

To celebrate the day I bought Roxanne.

More precisely, if I don’t buy two items, the [30% discount] won’t work!

“Errr… well then, is it ok if I buy underwear too?”

“It’s ok.”

“I see. Thank you.”

With a nod, Roxanne starts choosing some garments.

They’re the pumpkin pants I bought before.

They seem to have no distinction for men and women.

They don’t have any sex appeal.

Although, it obviously does not have any sex appeal to a modern person.

Unlike the cloak, Roxanne chooses it without unfolding it.

There might be some embarrassment since it’s underwear.

“Is only one ok?”

I ask Roxanne who chose relatively quickly without checking.

The case she brought from the Slave Trading company only had a maid uniform in it.

She really doesn’t have any personal belongings.

“Eh. Ah, err, but”

“Go buy another piece. How much is it for the three?”

I said that in his absence, so I call for the salesperson.

“Th…thank you”

“Thank you. Three pieces, right, seems you really liked that cloak. That will be 2856 Nars.”

We bought three items, including another set of pumpkin pants of the same color that Roxanne took.

After paying, Roxanne held to the cloak and put the underwear in the rucksack on her back.

“Shall we return to the inn?”


And the day was coming to an end.

We didn’t buy much, but it took a very long time.

I should be prepared for the time it takes to do any shopping.

“Heya, welcome back.”

We return to the Vale Pavilion Inn and pick up the key.

“First we’ll return to our room and drop our luggage. After that, dinner. After finishing the meal, I want to request two hot waters and a lantern.”

“Two hot waters and one lantern, isn’t it? It’ll be 35 Nars, ok?”

After paying the fee, we go up the stairs to the 5th floor to our room.

Roxanne carefully put the cloak in the closet once we enter the room.

“Thank you very much.”

“It’s ok, it’s ok.”

For me, I’m glad I didn’t run away while in the middle of shopping.

I approach Roxanne while she was putting down the rucksack and pet her head.

Yeah. She doesn’t seem to dislike it.

Until now, she hasn’t been frightened either.

“While there’s some sunlight, I’ll do some maintenance. Please bring out the equipment.”

Roxanne told me while I was petting her.

“We spent all day shopping. It’s all right.”

“That’s not good.”

Roxanne suddenly glares at me.

Such powerful eyes.

“Tha…that’s right. That’s to be expected”

Maintenance is so troublesome.

Roxanne takes out a little bottle of olive oil.


Roxanne turns around to face me, looking down with hesitation.

Suddenly again, the atmosphere returns to its original state.


“S‌ince you bought me some underwear, the ones I’m wearing, I want to use them as cloth scraps for maintenance.”

“Yes. That should be ok.”

“…Master, please go eat dinner first”

“Dinner first, but should I go or not?”

It’ll turn dark once we finish dinner.

Maintenance should come first before the meal.

The oil in the lantern will only last one hour.

If possible, I’d rather enjoy some tender love under the lamp light.


“It’s okay. Let’s go down together to eat.”

“Is it all right? I think the dining room in the inn is expensive. I can go alone to eat somewhere cheap.”

Is she being reserved, or is it unpleasant for us to eat together?

“The dinner fee is already paid for. Are you displeased for us to eat together?”

“Displeased? Not at all!”

“Then, in that case…”

I put down the copper sword on the desk.

“…T-then, well, if you’ll excuse me”

Roxanne suddenly starts to take off her trousers.

I was thinking about what she was doing. That’s right.

Since Roxanne will do maintenance, she’ll use her underwear for repairs. If that’s the case, she’ll have to take her clothes off.

“Ah, sorry. Don’t mind me.”

I lightly waved my hand.

Actually I do mind! Mind my feelings.

I’ll be able to watch a beautiful sight.

Because of the oversize tunic, I wasn’t able to see much.

I was able to peek at her cute bottom, but the part I wanted to see the most…

It’s not like I’m watching it from a front row seat.

Ah, A tail. The tail.

Once Roxanne turns away, I could see her tail clearly.

Fluffy fur, the same chestnut color as her hair.

As expected, she has a tail.

I’ll get to touch it later.

Roxanne quickly finishes changing her clothes.

It really took just an instant.

I want to see it for longer, but there’s no helping it. I can’t complain.

Once Roxanne sits on the chair, her expression turns serious.

With an almost scary face, she starts servicing the equipment.

With a little oil dabbed onto a cloth, she polishes.

“If you maintain them like this, you’ll keep them just like new.”

“If you don’t maintain them, will their performance drop?”

“If the user doesn’t feel comfortable with it, they can’t perform at their best.”

I see. It’s a problem of feeling.

It should be okay if I don’t service Durandal today.

After the maintenance, we go down to the dinner room. We have our meal together.

Besides Roxanne sitting on the floor instead of both of us facing each other at a table for two, we finish the dinner without incident.

Just as we finished eating, the sun goes down.

Once we return to our room, the innkeeper brings the hot water, fire and lantern.

After the man put everything down, he leaves.

“Would you wash my back?”

Since the two of us were left alone, I start to get into action.

Calmly, yet boldly.

If I show embarrassment, Roxanne might get nervous too.

First, I undress.

I also throw off my trunks.

All humans were born into the world naked.

I place the lantern on the desk, and pull the tub to the center of the room.

“Yes, master.”

With a towel, Roxanne wipes my naked back from behind me.

So far, I’ve been successful.

Before, I’d washed myself with a towel soaked with hot water.

“Can you use this?”

I take out the small bag of Koichi fruit I bought and show it to Roxanne.

Because I turn around, my dangly thing said hi to Roxanne. [1]

No, there should be no problem. Probably.

“I don’t think I’ve washed anyone’s body.”

Even though Roxanne must have seen it, there wasn’t a big reaction from her.

It kinda felt lonely down there.

My son is also energetic.

When I went to the restroom before, it accidentally discharged.[2]

“Hmm, is that so?”

“We’re almost done washing your body.”

“About entering a… bathtub.”

Okay, it got translated.

“Only if it’s nobility or royalty”

It seems to be difficult.

As for me, I can use fire and water magic. I might be able to make a bath soon enough.

“How do you use this?”

“If you don’t put it near water…”

I show her the Shukure branches next.[3]

There should be water to rinse your mouth.

That can be done tomorrow.

After drying, I put on my pumpkin pants.

“Then, Roxanne, you’re next.”

As calmly as possible, I casually tell her.

As if it is normal. It is just taking turns.



Roxanne answers in a whisper.

The tunic hangs from her hand.

As expected, I didn’t get to see. Facing the tub, I wring the towel.

“E-errr… I’m from the Wolf Beast tribe and I might be a bit hairy. I’m sorry.”

“Oh, really?”

Saying those words, Roxanne turns around.

Right as Roxanne is taking off her tunic.

In the dim light of the lantern, Roxanne’s fantastic body is revealed.

In the space between her clothes and arms, there are those violent breasts.

Th-those are destructive.

They’re real projectile weapons. It’s foul play.

Spilling out from Roxanne’s front were those ultimate weapons.

So big.

And they look so soft.

Here are the ultimate weapons that can make whoever looks at them happy.

“Actually, my back…”

Roxanne, hiding her chest from my sight, twists her back towards me.

There’s no need to hide anything. That’s a shame.

When I see Roxanne’s back, her whole back is covered in hair…

What? It isn’t hair, is it fur?

While holding the towel, I come closer. She had fur growing from her back.

Though the fur reaches to her lower back, it comes out from her torso.

It didn’t extend from her hair.

Unlike the look of a woman with long hair hanging down her back, from her neck down to her lower back, it’s all covered in fur.

All the way down to her lower back. It was very short.

If I had to say, it resembles that kind of hairstyle.

Roxanne takes off her trousers and underwear.

Where the fur ends, her tail stretches out.

Even though her tail is covered in fur, her ass doesn’t have any.

Her butt is smooth and looks delicious.

I caress the fur on Roxanne’s back with my right hand which wasn’t holding the towel.

The fur is graceful and soft. It reacts gently to my touch.

“It’s soft and fluffy, I love it.”

“T-thank you.”

I wash the fur on her back with the towel.

Following her body lines; from top to bottom.

“Yea, no problems.”

“E-errr. For master to wash me…”

“It’s okay. It’s faster this way.”

Peering through her back, I can see a pair of huge mountains on her chest.

The holy summit, two sacred mountains.

For Roxanne who is wiping herself with the towel, it’s impossible to cover herself all the time.

I want to worship.

No, they’ll be worshipped.

Hail, Roxanne.

Viva, Roxanne.

It’s not enough just to pay respect.

I must revere them.

As if embracing her from behind, I position my hands.

While ascertaining her prominence, I purify those sacred bulges.




Roxanne, who looks like she wanted to say something, keeps quiet.

The Divine Mount Fujis bounce back in reaction.

It is wonderful.

Certainly they have a massive and heavy sensation. I carefully polish them.

There is no part overlooked. I gently wipe to purify the hills completely.

Slowly, carefully and diligently.

So soft.

Even over the towel, I can feel their weight and they are satisfyingly bouncy.

So large.

So much volume they can’t fit in my palms.

“The best!”


Obviously, I take plenty of time to wipe Roxanne. That’s not a problem at all.

In any case, it’s too magnificent.

So much so that anyone entering wouldn’t want to come out.

I spend enough time wiping to clean her and finally release Roxanne.

“Uh, Can I wipe your tail too?”

“Yes. Ah, no, I can do it myself.”

“It’s okay, let me.”

Instinctively I switch to the next thing to hide the fact that I took quite a lot of time.

I wipe Roxanne’s tail.

Her tail is a big bundle of fur.

As if it didn’t have a core and was just a lump of fur. It was like the tip of a brush. [4]

I can’t get enough of the fluffy feeling of her dog ears. Also, all of the bushy fur of her tail is just as good.

It gently gets coiled around my arm, yet I feel this silky smooth texture.

“T…thank you”

“Your tail, can you move it?”

“It’s difficult, if I don’t do it this way”

While saying that, Roxanne shakes her hips.

Her tail swings side to side.

No. She isn’t moving her tail. It’s clear that she’s moving her hips.

Roxanne sways her hips enthusiastically.

From my point of view, it is sexy.

Even without my point of view, is it still sexy?

I got to see something good.

“Hmmm. I see.”

“Also, when I’m happy, I unconsciously wag my tail.”

“Is that so? Then, I will be sure to make Roxanne’s tail move as much as possible.”

I whisper into Roxanne’s ears.

Even though I say ears, they aren’t like normal ears on each side of the head.

“Y-yes… Errr, please treat me well.”

Ah. She wagged her tail a bit.

After that, I wipe her lovely bum and her graceful feet.

These perks!

“Well then. Let’s do some experiment.”


“Yeah, crouch on the bed and put your head out this way”

I instruct Roxanne.

I test if I can wash her head like that.

I wanted to try it previously.

Since there’s no mirror, I couldn’t be sure, but I can guess my hair is all oily and sticky now.

After all, I haven’t washed my hair in more than ten days.

There’s a limit to only using a wet towel.

It might be the common thing in this world, but it is still unpleasant anyways.

I lift the tub and put it on the chair.

The tub is a bit higher compared to the bed. It’ll be difficult holding your head up.

“Is this all right?”

“Hold your head over the tub.”


Roxanne holds her head over the tub.

I scoop hot water and pour it on Roxanne’s head.

I massage and wash her hair with my bare fingers.

I repeat it many times pouring hot water.

I pour more hot water on her ears, and carefully wash them.

“Now then, lift your head.”

After washing it all generally, I put a dry towel on her head.

I dry her head with some pressure on the towel.

With somewhat rough strokes, I wipe all the water.

“Thank you.”

“Right. With the two of us, we can wash our hair”

“Shall I wash master’s hair?”

“Yes, please.”

I place the towel on Roxanne’s shoulder and we change places.

“Should I change the tub?”

“No, that’s okay. The other one, I’ll use to wash our socks and clothes”

I put my head in the tub and had it washed.

My hair is massaged and washed by Roxanne’s slender fingers.

It feels good.

Even though I was soaked with hot water, I feel refreshed.

I am being dried with the towel.

Once I open my eyes, I am welcomed by the paradise.

Roxanne, who was only wearing a pair of pumpkin pants, shows her front to me while drying my hair.

Both arms are stretched out over my head.

By doing so her breasts were, were, were totally defenseless.

“Then I’ll do the laundry.”

I don’t know if Roxanne realized my gaze, but she immediately moves away.

Too bad.


Roxanne squats beside the tub half naked and is washing our socks.

While doing so, her breast shaking matched her movements.


“You won’t use Koichi fruit?”

“That’s used for cloaks and favorite outer garments. If used with those that need to be washed daily, they’ll wear out in no time.

“Is that so?”

I am told while lowering the tub from the chair.

I went to the trouble of buying it, but it’s pretty useless.

“This is somehow amazing!”

After the socks, my trunks are washed next and Roxanne is fixated with the elastic band.

She is pulling it with her hands and looks like she is having fun.

“You don’t have those here?”

“Never seen this kind of thing.”


It seems elastic bands are unusual.

Is tying the clothes with strings like the pumpkin pants the common thing?

Roxanne put the laundry in the closet to air out.

Is all the work finally done?

“Well, I’ll put my clothes on.”

Roxanne takes out her maid uniform.

“Ah, you don’t need to wear that.”

“Eh, but…”

“Did they tell you something at the slave market?”

“That you’d be delighted if I wore these.”

Did the slave trader teach something to Roxanne?

Surely I’d be delighted. I’d be delighted but…

“It’s okay if you don’t wear those.”


Roxanne gives a little nod and puts back the maid uniform into the closet.

And, silently comes closer to the bed.

Once she comes close, I grab her hand and pull her into the bed.

I embrace Roxanne who falls into the bed.

She remains still like that.

While holding her with both hands, those huge bulges are squeezed between our chests.

When I bring her face closer, Roxanne closes her eyes as if she was ready.

I kiss her lips.

Touching those soft lips.

For a while, I keep my mouth pressed against hers.

I want to be more forceful, but I control myself.

I hear it’s not good if put your tongue from the very beginning.

“From now on, we’ll greet each other by kissing just before bed and when waking up in the morning.”


“Then once more.”

I let loose and indulge myself.

This time, I try to be more forceful.

I slip my tongue in.

Roxanne seems to accept it honestly.

Our tongues entwine.

While savoring Roxanne’s tongue, I take off my pumpkin pants.

And after, with my hand, I take Roxanne’s pants. [5]


[1][ED note: no shame at all]

[2][ED note: …..what do you mean accidently….]

[3][TL note: From ch. 30, they don’t have a word for “Toothbrush” thus they use “tufted toothpicks” and they use these Shukure branches as toothbrushes.]

[4][ED note: he’s probably talking about muscles when mentioning the core.]

[5][ED note: Bring out the wine~~]

[6][ED note: Just to give you guys some info about editing. IT TAKES A WHILE. It’s over 200 different edited parts on a story that I didn’t write. Also, there is the need to make sure the story flows while keeping the author’s meanings.]

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