Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World

032 – Morning Business

Morning Business

Roxanne seemed to be getting into the mood and kissed me full on the lips.

She whispered into my ear.

“Close your eyes for a minute.”

I closed them, and heard her rustling through her things for a short while.

“You can open them now.”

I opened my eyes to find Roxanne wearing a black leather outfit, holding a whip, and equipped with a rather large strap-on.

My conscience began to fade from shock as Roxanne leaned in to speak.

“The slave trader sends his regards.”

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When I came to, I was hugging Roxanne like a body pillow.

Roxanne slept to my left and I was clinging to her with both hands and my right leg.

Pretty nice way to wake up.

How to put it, a pleasant awakening or being greeted with a pleasant sight after waking up.

Roxanne’s smooth skin feels great.

It is soft and tender to the touch.

Being held by her also feels great.

A feeling of joy permeated into me from the areas in contact with her.

Although my left hand had found it’s way under Roxanne, she wasn’t that heavy and my arm wasn’t numb either.

Lightly hugging her, I stroked her back.

I enjoyed feeling her soft hair.

Both me and Roxanne have nothing on except pumpkin underwear.

Isn’t there stuff like bra’s? Even if there are, they’re probably pretty expensive.

On my left arm there was a weight with definite elasticity.

Suddenly, my lips were covered.

Roxanne kissed me.

She must have surmised my being awake from the movement of my hands.

Which reminds me, I had told her to do something to that effect.

Was she faithfully carrying out my orders?

Being her master’s order, she may have been carrying it out since it couldn’t be helped.

“Good morning, Master.”

Upon releasing her mouth, after enjoying her soft lips and tongue for a while, Roxanne greeted me.

“Thank you. Morning, Roxanne”

I opened my eyes, but could not see Roxanne’s beautiful face.

It’s still dark.

Relying on my senses only, I took her lips again.

I made do somehow despite the visual impairment.

I inserted my tongue in the gap between Roxanne’s lips.

I moved it around invitingly at ease and entangled Roxanne’s tongue with my own.

Roxanne responded, though not quite as passionate.

Should be fine to assume that she doesn’t dislike it.

Or she might’ve just put it off as inevitable.

At least it isn’t disliked to the extent of runnning away.

Though I want to push her down this instant, I’ll endure with a kiss.

Since I held back to a single round yesterday, I’m pretty vigorous.

But these past 10 days, without fail, I visited the labyrinth.

If I don’t go out today, it’ll be pretty much exposed to the inkeeper as to the fun I was having last night.

Though it was pretty much exposed from the instant I asked for a double room.

While kissing her, I took my palm to her head and started stroking it.

After enjoying the feeling of sliding my hand through her velvety hair, I released her mouth.

“Let’s go to the labyrinth for a bit.”

“Yes, Master.”

I reluctantly let go of Roxanne and raised my upper body.

In any case we’ll be having fun tonight anyways. Tonight, tomorrow and the day after that.

So long as Roxanne dosen’t run away, that is.

While sitting down and putting on my shoes, Roxanne put on my shirt for me.

Woah. This gives a pretty good feeling.

Sorta sets a kingly mood.

“Sorry for the trouble.”

“Please, there’s nothing of that sort.”

Is she not used to it? Her actions seem pretty awkward.

She hit my arm.

Rather than awkward, isn’t it because the room is pitch dark?

“Will you be fine in the dark?”

“My apologies. My night vision isn’t that great.”

“No need to overdo it.”

I was given my trousers. I’ll put them on myself afterwards.

I took out and equipped the leather jacket from the item box.

Leather Jacket : Body Armor

Skill: Empty

“By the way, do you know what an empty slot is?”

It’s been on my mind. Since this is a good opportunity I might as well ask.

Uh, did I just involuntarily mention empty slots?

“What are you referring to, Master?”

“Un. It’s about the empty skill slots of my current equipment.”

“Equipment, is it? Of course there are gaps and spaces.”

That’s a typical definition of a slot.

“Equipment can have skills.”

“There are empty spaces that can have them.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t really get it. If there isn’t a skill, dosen’t it mean there’s nothing there?”

Looks like she doesn’t understand.

The weapons merchant didn’t know about them either.

Typically, empty slots are not known of.

“How is a skill attached to equipment?”

“Well, it is common to buy the skill along with the quipment.”

“Not to buy it and attach it oneself.”

I take the leather armour from the box.

I want to pass the armor to Roxanne, but I don’t know where and what Roxanne is doing as it is dark.

Roxanne might be changing clothes.

“Only a blacksmith master can fuse the monster card.”

Seems the job of a Blacksmith master is necessary.

The herbalist job is required to make an antidote. The same sort of thing.

“The monster card is?”

“It is something like an intelligence card which a monster has. When it is fused with equipment, a skill is created. It will rarely remain after defeating a monster.”

Oh, so that’s how it is.

I can imagine it happening.

“If there is no vacant skill slot, the card is not able to fuse.”

“Whether or not the skill attaches to the equipment depends on the monster card’s status, the skill of the blacksmith master and luck.”

“I see. They also occasionally fail?”

“It is said the probablity of failure is larger.”

I don’t understand. If there are no empty slots on an equipment, does the skill stick?

I who can use appraisal will have a large advtange in that case.

I can perform fusion without failure.

“Do you know how I could become a blacksmit master?”

“I’m very sorry. I do not know. As Blacksmith master is a race-specific job, as I’m not a dwarf, I’m unfamiliar with it.”

Darn! (TL: Gan. Exclamation of dissapointing shock.)

And, there is a dwarf race after all?

Though I have not yet met one.

Or am I able to get the Blacksmith master job through some alternative method?

If it’s a race-specific job, will it be difficult?

When it is a requirement to be a dwarf, it seems difficult to acheive.

“Is that so? Then, there’s no choice but to ask a blacksmith master to fuse the skills to the equipment?”

“A blacksmith master dislikes direct transactions and is not very friendly. Do you have an acquantaince who is a blacksmith master?”

“Is it impossible?”

“The monster card is destroyed when an attempt to use it fails, so most blacksmith masters will not work directly with customers. Even if there is a blacksmith master like that it won’t be certain if you can trust them.

I asked why, and understood.

When a monster card dissappears, they don’t know whether or not it’s a failed fusion or that the blacksmith master is a fraud who cheated them.

When the blacksmith mentor receives a request, he can hide the monster card somewhere and pretend it was a failure.

The client is told it failed, then they fuse the monster card later with another equipment to sell it. A clear profit.

“Is the fusion of a monster card the source of problems?”

“Yes.” (TL: Lit. It is so.)

“Even if the event is witnessed, it’s useless?”

“In the old days, there seems to have been a dwarf who made his assets with the slogan of having the clientss watch before.”

“I see.”

If it is fraud, any method is imaginable.

After all, when a magician cheats at cards, it’s impossible to catch them. I see.

“So there are no cases that fusion with a monster card is requested from a blacksmith master at first. A blacksmith teacher wouldn’t have direct deals, either. You’ll look for a place to sell a monster card, and equipment with a skill will be bought elsewhere.”

Not being able to directly interact will cause doubt and suspicion.

As it is a race-specific job, I won’t be able to take it. As I don’t have the chance for direct deals either, it is troublesome.

Even if I understand that there is an empty slot from appraisal, it is of no use.

Is the appraisal of equipment a useless skill?

Because appraisal has been severely useful in seeing the job of thieves and monsters, It is not something I can complain about.

Is blacksmith master something I could acquire? Evem though it’s race specific?

There’s another possibility that has potential.

Do I add a blacksmith master to the party?

Though, if it’s a regular party member then that won’t prevent being cheated.

“A blacksmith Master….” (Tl: Said as an object of desire.)

I try to ask whether it’s possible to add one as a slave, but then stopped.

It may not be a good idea to ask Roxanne.

For a slave, it may be better to ask the slave merchant.

Do I try to visit after money is accumulated to some degree?

I used my intuition in the dark and moved to the door.

“Is it okay to open the door?”

“Yes. It is alright.”

I wait for an answer, then open the door.

The light from the hall lantern enters the room.

It’s dim, but I can make out the room.

“Roxanne, use this leather armor.”

“Ok, Thank you very much.”

I take out some socks and leather shoes to wear.

There is a tub on the floor.

After the activities last night, and rinsing afterwards, there might be some red mixed into the water.

If I leave it as is, when the people of the inn come to clean today they might find out about the enjoyment last night.

I float the wooden cup on the water, and then picked up the tub in both hands and took it to the rest room to empty.

Afterwards I re-filled both with fresh water.

“Roxanne, do you want some water?”

“Oh, yes, thank you.”

Back in the room, I pass the wooden cup to Roxanne.

The lantern from the passage way lights up Roxanne a bit.

Roxanne was wearing the leather armor.

It’s equipment, so it will change shape to fit the person wearing it.

So…. to fit Roxanne….

It’s appearance has become similar to a corset.

The cup size of the chest is huge.

Of course that’s because of Roxanne.

Is this alright?

It’s not alright.

“Here, try wearing this jacket.”

“I’m sorry, Leather armor on it’s own is difficult for women to wear.”

Roxanne apologized.

It seems I did something strange.

Was she afraid to point it out because I am he master?

“No, I’m the one at fault. There’s a lot of common sense that I don’t know, so please teach me.”

I exchange Roxanne’s equipment.

The jacket is fine and doesn’t really show off her figure too much.

Other people don’t need to see that appearance, and if I get excited in the Labyrinth that might be a problem.

“Oh, I didn’t think there were any water jars, where did the water come from?”

“I’ll explain it properly later.”


I closed the door.

It wouldn’t be good if I’m heard by someone.

“Without using an ointment, is there a skill or magic that can recover health?”

I ask Roxanne.

While in the Labyrinth, I need to think of ways of recovering from attacks.

If it’s just me, it’s alright to recover using Durandal’s HP Absorption.

With Roxanne, I might be able pass her Durandal sometimes to allow her to recover as well.

However, that won’t be good in the long term.

It will cause problems if we only rely on Durandal.

For example, it would be difficult to pass it back and forth during a battle.

We might not have the chance to wait for the next battle before one of us can recover.

It also costs a bit to use ointment.

It would be good to get a recovery job.

“Yes, the jobs of monks and priests can do it.

Thankfully it seems there are recovery jobs.

“Do you know how to become one?”

“Well, I’ve heard they undergo severe training.”



I can’t work it out from just that.

“They train in their guilds in various ways, and I hear a waterfall is used.”

“A waterfall.”

“Also, to travel around all 88 guilds on foot.”

“A pilgrimage.”

Roxanne disregards me muttering “Pilgrimage.”

If there is a waterfall, it might be for mental training.

Priests and Monks are religious jobs, and might require some religious experience.

Maybe meditation, or some mystery experience is needed to get a recovery job.

It might be quite difficult.

If it’s some mystery experience, then it’s impossible.

Is even spiritual concentration possible?

“……………………….” TN: Michio is ranting any religious words he can think of from various religions, Amen, etc. Does not MT well.「かしこみ、かしこみ。南無阿弥陀仏。急々如意令。エロイムエッサイム。アラーアクバル。アーメン」

For the time being, I prayed in various ways.

Even though I tried it, I did not get a new job.

“Strength of mind…” TN: Guessing.「臨・兵・闘……」

I don’t know what else to try.

I need some kind of guide.

I just don’t know.

“……….” TN: More priest lines I think.「 羯諦羯諦 《 ぎゃーていぎゃーてい 》 。 のうまくさんまんだーうんたらかんたら」やっぱり全部は知らない。

I don’t have a clue.


Is this how far I can get with my knowledge?

Come Roxanne, lets be sad about it together.

“Has God forsaken me?” TN:「 神は我を見放した 《 エロイ・エロイ・ラマ・サバクタニ 》 」

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