Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World

033 – Job


I recite many incantations, but I wasn’t able to acquire the healer job.

If I think about it, it is obvious.

If it is so simple to acquire, there wouldn’t be any need for training in the first place.

Even if they’re called incantations, they sound just like abracadabra. [1]

However, in this world, skills and magic can make things happen.

If they are a simple abracadabra, it would be impossible. [1]

There might be a spell required in order to gain the job.

Isn’t there any other way?

“Come to think of it, in order to become a monk, people train to defeat demons barehanded. If that’s the case, I think I could be able to do such a thing too.”

Roxanne gives me a hint while I was troubled.

I think Roxanne should have told me sooner, but I didn’t say anything.

Is there something I can do too?

“Defeat demons barehanded”… what?!

Roxanne is frankly a very scary girl, isn’t she?

However, defeating a demon barehanded is a possibility.

A swordsman job is probably acquired by fighting with a sword.

If it’s possible to acquire the swordsman job by fighting with a sword, then there would be a job that can be acquired by fighting unarmed.

So, a monk fights barehanded?

Or if monk is not possible, maybe there’s a job similar to a bare-fisted fighter.

There’s some value in experimenting.

There are many questions

For a fight, is hitting once enough? Or is defeating it necessary?

As for defeating, do you have to do it from the start? Or is delivering the last blow enough?

If it’s from the start, do you need to fight alone? Or is it okay engaging with a party?

For now, there’s no other choice but to try.

I open the door to the room.

The wooden cup that Roxanne returned I put in the rucksack which I put on my back.

I finish by hanging the copper sword from my waist.

Ah. We haven’t formed a party.

I cast [Party Formation].

“Forming a party, how do I do it?”

“Let’s see. If I’m not mistaken, I think it’s an Explorer’s skill.”

“Well, that is so, but…”

I was really talking to myself, but Roxanne replies.

In my mind, I add Roxanne to the party.


Roxanne says in a low voice.

Oh. Seems it’s done.

Even I know that I had added Roxanne to the party.

Am I added to this party by default?

I tried to add myself to the party, but nothing happens.

Well, after all, it’s a party I formed.

I’m uneasy, but for the time being, it should be alright.

It’s right to think that because I am a party member, I knew Roxanne was in the party.

“What are the effects of a party?”

“If travel magic is applied to the party, everyone will move together. Even if one loses sight of a party member, one will still know the general direction of them. Also, I’ve been told the experience is shared.”

“It is shared?!”

Is the experience acquired equally distributed?

“When a noble’s child is born, the baby is put in a six member party and the five retainers enter a labyrinth. Due to the five people’s acquired experience, the baby also grows.”

Cheating as expected of dirty nobles.

“Eh? If so, even if you become an adult, one doesn’t necessarily have ever entered a labyrinth then?”

“There are people that make proper use of these vassal groups. However, about people never entering, really…”

Well, is that so. If one doesn’t enter labyrinths, then for what purpose do they level up for?

“About a group of vassals entering, is it possible for one to live from that?”

“Err. Ah… That…”

“Ah… No. I’m not thinking of making Roxanne enter the labyrinth alone.”

As I said that, I realize the reason.

Is there a means to live in comfort with the earnings from making slaves enter the labyrinth?

Well, but that seems pretty troublesome.

You’d be irresponsibly avoiding all work.

“It could be used when one raises their Explorer level, but such talk is pretty rare. Sometimes people at a site where something valuable is discovered in the labyrinth will be disposed of. That’s why, when sending someone to the labyrinth…”

Looks unreasonable.

“I see. Then, shall we go?”


We go out the room.

Lock it and go down the stairs.

Like always, I entrust the key to the innkeeper.

As usual. Like always.

“Take care.”

We go out.

Like usual, it was pitch black.

“Then, follow me for a bit”

Just to be sure, I take Roxanne’s hand.

I faced the Inn’s wall and cast [Warp].

Like that, we enter.

“Ah? S-say.”

I pulled Roxanne’s hand and came out the labyrinth’s first floor.

Roxanne appears right away.

“It seems to be alright.”

“Eh? Eh? Eh? This is the labyrinth?”

Roxanne seems to be a bit confused.

But, from looking at the surroundings and understanding it was inside a labyrinth, soon her facial expression sharpens.

It is a serious look.

She showed the same look when talking about the labyrinth at the inn. Her facial expression is a bit scary.

“It is the first floor of the labyrinth just outside Vale town”

“But, you can’t use [Dungeon Walk] unless you’re inside a labyrinth… And what’s more, if it’s [Field Walk], you could use it from that place, but couldn’t enter directly into the labyrinth.”

I see.

[Field Walk] can’t transfer you into a labyrinth.

Well, that might be so.

If that wasn’t, there wouldn’t be any reason for an Explorer and Adventurer to share the same party. Rather than bother coming out of the adventurer’s guild wall, transferring directly into the labyrinth is faster.

“As expected, that is the case.”

“In the first place, because Master is an Explorer, you couldn’t be able to use [Field Walk].”

Since Roxanne read my intelligence card, she knows I’m an Explorer.

“This is a travel magic called [Warp].”

“I haven’t heard of it.”

Seems she doesn’t know about [Bonus Magic].

“It seems there are very few people beside me that can use it. That’s why keep it a secret.”



I forcibly make Roxanne to agree.

“Master is amazing.”

It is forced, but she seems to understand.

Roxanne looks at me with a bit of a respectful look.

“Not really.”

It’s not bad being stared at by a beautiful girl.

I take out the leather cap from the [Item Box] and place it on Roxanne’s head who is looking at me with sparkly eyes.

The leather cap conceals her dog ears. It’s a bit of a waste but safety first.

I put on the other one.

“Err. Also the way you use [Item Box] seems a bit different. Is that also a different magic?”

“No, this is just a normal [Item Box].”

“Is that so?”

I take out the leather mittens and pass them to Roxanne.

While having her decide when to wear it, I had her carry the wooden shield too.

I wear the leather gloves, take out the wand and we are finished preparing.

I felt like Roxanne had an odd expression when she saw the wand.

However she didn’t say anything.

As expected, she’s being reserved in regards of her master.

“Is a wand a weapon a Wizard uses?”

“Yes, that’s what I’ve heard.”

“Do you know if it increases magic attack power or not?”

“I don’t know. I’m sorry. I don’t know the details. I didn’t know anyone who could use magic.”

Seems you can’t become a Wizard if you aren’t rich.

“I see. Do you know about Intelligence?”

“Is it about being smart?”

“No. Well, something like that, but…”

How should I say it?

“Like talking about brains?”

“Is Intelligence what increases Magic Attack?”

“Does being smart raise your Magic Attack?”

She replied back with a question.

Is there no knowledge about Status and Parameters?

“Like when you level up, things like Intelligence rises.”

“Speaking of levels, are you talking about Explorer levels?”

“Well, that’s ok too.”

“Even if you level up Explorer, I don’t think you’ll particularly get smarter.”

How should I say it, seems like the conversation isn’t leading anywhere.

I give up about Intelligence. Should I ask other thing?

“Hmmm. And Roxanne, have you entered any labyrinth?”

“Yes. Around three sites.”

“The labyrinths, does every one have the same look?”

I’ll gather information about the labyrinths.

I’ll have her teach me everything she knows about labyrinths. It’d be good if she is able to answer as much.

Is it better if I ask specific questions?

“That’s right. Master is an Explorer. After all, I think you should know, but…”

“… No. It’s because I haven’t entered many.”

“Is that so?”

Still, is it okay for her to teach me everything?

“Say. Demons don’t come out in this room, isn’t it?”

“Demons don’t come out in the rooms where you can use [Dungeon Walk]. I don’t know about Master’s magic.”

“In that case, it is okay. Because this is the first room after entering the first floor.”

I point Roxanne towards the black wall behind us.

The wall that leads to the entrance and other levels.

“Yes. That looks like it.”

“Then, we’ll leave this room, but I’d like you to help me with some experiments first. I think Roxanne will get to fight later. Don’t get too nervous.”

“Understood. It’s alright with me.”

Somehow, it seems really alright.

Or perhaps, should I say, she seems more composed than me.

The experiments I told Roxanne are just simple tests.

What happens if I raise the parameters with the bonus points from the [Character Reset]?

Since until now, I’ve been giving priority to exploration to gather funds, so I haven’t tried it yet.

First, I assign 99 points to raising Intelligence.

I cast [Character Reset] and fiddle with it.

Incidentally, I look at the [Bonus Skills].

Among the [Bonus Skills] are [Level Limit Unlock], [Damage Limit Unlock] and [Party Entries Unlock]. These three Unlocks were right next to each other. [2]

[Level Limit Unlock] and [Damage Limit Unlock]. Somehow I can understand.

Since I don’t think I’ll be restricted for a lowly Explorer Lv27, I just leave it alone.

However, I wonder what is [Party Entries Unlock]?

When I was solo, it was out of the question, but now I’m in a party with Roxanne.

It’s possible that we’d be obstructed by some restriction.

In the [Character Reset], I check the [Party Entries Unlock] option.

The [Character Setting] screen got refreshed.

It seems a few new entries were installed.

In [Bonus Magic], [Partylization] was added. [3]

What’s that? Is it for the party?

Is it for inserting someone in the party?

Is that Party formation?

For now I’ll check the option.

[Bonus Skills] was changed too.

[Job Setting] now changed into [Party Job Setting].

It isn’t checked. Seems it isn’t useful yet.

I check it and gain [Party Job Setting].

As expected, it costs 2 bonus points.

I finish the [Character Reset] and cast [Partylization]

Besides not knowing how to use it, there’s no other way than to test it.

It’s unreliable, but it shouldn’t be a dangerous magic.

After casting, I knew what it was requesting.

That thing is probably an item.

Isn’t it a magic that gives the item’s effect to the whole party?

“Roxanne, did you feel anything strange?”

“What is it?”

It seems there wasn’t any change in Roxanne’s case.

It looks like only the user is affected.

Well, is it natural?

Next, I look at Roxanne and cast [Party Job Setting].

The jobs came to my mind.

Beast Soldier Lv6, Villager Lv8, Farmer Lv1, Warrior Lv1, Swordsman Lv1, Explorer Lv1.

These should be the jobs Roxanne has.

Seems I can seriously change them.

It’s great that she doesn’t have the Thief series job.

It means that she has never stolen anything since she was born.

Beast Soldier Lv6

Effects: [Agility Medium Increase], [Stamina Small Increase], [Skill Small Increase]

Skill: [Beast Attack]

Looks like Beast Soldier’s effects are good.

It’s ok to leave it like that.

Being able to change party member’s jobs, depending on how you use it is a fairly powerful skill.

Unfortunately, [Character Reset] didn’t become a [Party Character Reset].

“Then, let’s go.”

“Err. I think it’s a good idea to lease a Magic Crystal”

Roxanne and I stay in the small room when we were about to leave.

“Eh? What?”

“A Magic Crystal.”

“Magic Crystal?”

Roxanne nodded.

“Erm. Demons hold magic power. When you defeat a demon, that magic power, little by little, is collected in a Magic Crystal. The collected magic power after being sold can be used as an energy source for the Guild Temple and other things.” [4]

“About leasing them.”

“If you aren’t carrying a Magic Crystal, you won’t collect the magic power from defeated demons.”

Seems it is something I haven’t done.

Up till now, I haven’t carried one.

“In short, if you are carrying a Magic Crystal, you’ll collect magic power while defeating demons.”


“By any chance, can a Magic Crystal be sold for a lot of money?”

“That is so, from the items you can get in a labyrinth, I think it is the most expensive.”

W-what did you say?

“…It that so?”

“Ah, no. It can be sold for a lot, but magic power is something you can only collect little by little. A Magic Crystal is not something you sell many times in a lifetime. Even if you haven’t carried one until now, it isn’t a big loss. It’s alright.”

She takes into consideration that I look depressed.

“How do you get a Magic Crystal?”

“You can find one in a labyrinth or if you go to the Explorer’s Guild, you can buy one that’s been emptied of magic power.”

“Then we’ll go buy one later. I haven’t seen something like that in the labyrinth so far.”

I think I haven’t seen a Magic Crystal here yet.

Or, even if I saw one since I didn’t know, did I ignore them?

“This labyrinth, isn’t it relatively new since it’s been found?”

“I’ve heard that. Seems it’s just over 10 days old.”

“In that case probably there’s no Magic Crystal. Because it takes time for the magic power to gather and crystallize.”

So I didn’t simply let one pass?

“About earning money from the labyrinth, is there any other way besides item drops from demons and Magic Crystals?”

“There are Treasure Chests.”

Ah. As expected, there were Treasure Chests?

“I don’t think I’ve seen one.”

“I think there are very few in a new labyrinth. Even if there is, they’re higher up.”


“Yes. It’s the place one aims towards while advancing the exploration. I think if taken from the position of one that just got in.”

It wasn’t down, but up?

I had the image that the labyrinth spread underground, but…

There are many inconsistencies with that.

“Never mind. Well then, where should we go?”

The right one is to go to the second floor, but I wasn’t really aiming to explore.

Then, let’s go look in the middle.

When I was leaving, Roxanne stopped me.

“Master, the demons are closer on the left side.”

“Eh? You can tell?”

“Yes. I can smell them.”

What’s that?

“Is it because you’re from the wolf beast tribe?”

“Even among the wolf beast tribe, my nose is very effective. I pride myself on detecting demons.”


“Thank you.”

We advance left, choosing among the passages leading left, right and center.

A Needle Wood appears not one minute after walking.

Amazing, Roxanne.

Good looks, good in bed, good in the labyrinth.

She fills three important requisites.

“Really amazing.”

“Here it comes.”

“No, wait a second.”

I stop Roxanne who was heading towards the Needle Wood.

I cast [Fire Ball].


Roxanne raises a confused voice.

A fireball appears over my head.


[1][TL Note: prayers, good luck charms, abracadabra, presto, such phrases that in the real world do nothing]

[2][TL Note: Original Japanese had them as 解除 = cancellation, release. Chose to use Unlock/Unlocking which seems to be a more common term nowadays in videogames.]

[3][TL Note: the Japanese パーティライゼイション seems to be combination of パーティー = party and パーソナライゼーション = personalization or maybe not, since it seems to confer a party wide effect to items]

[4][TL Note: We still don’t know if it’s Guild Temple or Shrine or some other thing, until it’s revealed or one is visited in later chapters.]

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