Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World

039 – Map


It is comfortable to wake up while embracing Roxanne and to savor the pleasant feeling of Roxanne dozing in my arms.


And when I wake up, it’s the best to receive a kiss from Roxanne.

The soft and sweet kiss of Roxanne. To gradually wake up while being able to wriggle my tongue and after having sucked Roxanne’s mouth, I let go of her lips slowly.

“Good morning, Master.’’

“Good morning, Roxanne.’’

I open my eyes, but it’s pitch-black. Including the equipment, all of the clothes have been placed on the mats besides the bed. The wisdom of life. I get dressed in the dark, only relying on the sense of touch.

I cannot neglect to go to the labyrinth and it’s not like I have other things to do. No, I have things to do but I chose not to; that is why.

If it’s only 1 day I think a break is necessary some times. I can spend 24 hours in bed with Roxanne without anyone bothering me. I want a loose life filled with lasciviousness, but I can’t stop now.

At least let’s kiss again. I draw Roxanne close before warping. I snatch and suck Roxanne’s tongue.

Roxanne moans lightly, but she doesn’t refuse. When I bite Roxanne’s tongue lightly with my lips, Roxanne wriggles her tongue around in my mouth.

I talk with Roxanne while eating after coming back from Vail’s labyrinth.

“These boiled vegetables are quite good.’’

“Thank you very much. The ham and eggs are very delicious, too.’’

Breakfast was some bread I bought with some leaf vegetable that Roxanne boiled and some eggs and ham that I cooked. It is a very simple dish; the vegetables were boiled with salt and some vinegar while the eggs and ham were baked. Even though it is simple, it doesn’t taste bad. Or is it that it can’t taste bad since it is simple? Because it is difficult to control the boiling temperature and make a stew, we should cook this type of dishes.

“This bread is better after all.’’

The 2 Nars bread from yesterday’s dinner was dry and didn’t taste good. That is not something a stingy person should say. Today’s bread, which I bought on my way back from the labyrinth, is 8 Nars and Roxanne and I each eat half.

“But, is it all right for me to eat the same thing?’’

“Since we have to enter the labyrinth, we have to invest in our body.’’

“Thank you very much! I’ll do my best.’’

1 egg is 5 Nars, and we ate 1 egg each, the ham was sliced from a 100 Nars smoked ham and is roughly 15 Nars for each person so about 30 Nars for two people altogether. The leaf and the dessert of boiled greens when put together with the stew from yesterday’s diner is a pile of several Nars.

I think it is a meal which is classified as a luxury in this world. Even the ham, because it is only good if it is baked, salt, and spices, are high class articles.

Although the quantity is quite good, I am getting used to 2 meals a day. Breakfast after the sun rises and dinner before the sun sets. Because I have some free time before breakfast, I feel really hungry.

I don’t intend to compromise a meal. The difference in average height between a modern Japanese and a Japanese in the EDO period is about 20 centimeters. Since there is no difference in DNA, you can see the importance of nutrition. And I don’t have to think about gaining weight since I enter the labyrinth, there are no sweets, and I eat 2 meals a day.

“Today I’d like to go to Quratar’s labyrinth.’’

I talk about my plan while eating.

“Of course.’’

“After, I’d like to do something about the tasteless room.’’

After all, there is just some furniture.

“I think we should display a carpet.’’

“Display a carpet?’’


“Not spread it on the floor?’’


According to Roxanne, to spread a carpet on the floor is something only rich people do. It seems like they use a carpet as a tapestry at an ordinary house. Difference in culture? Oh, because there isn’t wallpaper in this world, it would be a good decoration.

“We can get carpets at the imperial capital. Have you been to the imperial capital, Roxanne?’’

“Unfortunately, I haven’t. I would like to clean the house so how about you go in the meantime?’’

“Then I can go to the imperial capital in the morning and go to Quratar’s labyrinth in the afternoon.”


To be able to warp inside Quratar’s labyrinth, I must go inside once. I should warp near the entrance when I return from the imperial capital.

After breakfast, I warp to the adventure’s guild in the imperial capital. I wander around the Imperial capital, looking at what kind of stores there are and where they are. The Imperial capital is large and there are all kinds of shops here and there.

Because in Quratar, almost all the shops are for explorers, there aren’t that many kinds of products. It is centered on shops that buy equipment and drop items. Like I though, it seems like a lot of shops and products gather in the imperial capital.

I found the carpet shop, clothes shop, and the seasoning shop. I didn’t buy anything, just looked. When I buy something, I should come with Roxanne.

And, I don’t know if it is coincidence or not, but I just saw 1 shop which seems to be expensive. In the clothes shops, there is a huge difference between the high quality clothes which are comparable to Ginza boutique of the imperial capital and the ones in Quratar. Obviously, it seems expensive.

The inside is spacious and even though it is the inside, there are steps and some steps rise; there is a mat spread at the entrance. The fabric is put at the back exclusive for Haute couture.

I don’t know if it is because it is the imperial capital or the adventure’s guild is around the corner, but there are only high-class shops. Well thanks to that, I found a shop that sells high-quality carpets.

Because I bought all kinds of things yesterday, there isn’t much money left over. There are 2 coins of gold, but there are less than 100 silver coins.

On the way back from the capital, I go to the knight’s office and pay a silver coin for the entrance fee.

“How about the labyrinth’s conquest map too?”

The capture map of the Quratar’s labyrinth was sold in the knight’s office too. It is the business of many knights. On the stand, there are some brown poor papers lined up. The map seems to be some simple arrows written on the paper.

“Each level’s capture map is 20 Nars a piece, 1 booklet that has all the levels is 1000 Nars, and if you want a nicely done book of parchment, it is 20,000 Nars.”

For now, 20,000 Nars is too much and buying the booklet would be cheaper than buying 1 map at the time because level 91 shouldn’t be captured yet; I don’t know if the booklet has 91 or 90 pages.

However, it is a dirty and weak piece of paper either way you see it. It may crumble to pieces in a very little time. It may be just a waste even if I buy a booklet. Should I buy the booklet or buy 1 at the time?

“This booklet too.”

I decide to get the booklet. When I start buying maps from level 1, it may be suspicious. It will be strange that I keep buying maps, but I don’t go in the labyrinth. Let’s just hope that if we keep it properly it won’t be ruined immediately.

“Let’s see… that would be 11 silver coins in total.”

Says the knight while looking worried. The [30% Discount] doesn’t seem to work though if I do to the knight what I do to the vendors, it’ll be serious.

Added to the admission fee, I pay the 11 silver coins and go to the entrance of the labyrinth. There was an explorer guide at the entrance too.

The explorer who guides you in the labyrinth of Quratar seems to be highly ranked since he is person who conveys the achievements of the first emperor. Although there isn’t a party who can break through level 90, you can go to level 91. This is because it has been passed between explorer guides.

If you pay the explorer, he may take you to the level you want to go, but because it may be necessary in the future, I enter level 1. I enter the labyrinth, following the party before me. The inside is no different from the labyrinth close to the town of Vail; it is the familiar and tasteless cave.

The only difference is that there are a lot of people in Quratar’s labyrinth. There are people everywhere. Can I hunt like this? Even as I keep advancing, there are people.

In a place where there are few people, I cast warp to return home. As long as people doesn’t find out that I don’t have to use the incantation, there isn’t a problem since there is nothing strange if an explorer uses dungeon walk.

“I’m back, Roxanne.”

“Welcome back, Master.”

When I enter home, Roxanne greets me. She stops cleaning and bows.

If she wore her maid cloths with this, it would be perfect. Well since they were expensive clothes, she doesn’t wear them while actually working.

“Did you learn to greet like that in the merchant office at Vail?”

Roxanne’s behavior is excellent. It wouldn’t be possible without being taught by someone. Since the time she spends with the slave merchant may not be a pleasant memory, I don’t want her to recall too much.

But this time I dare to ask because it may be necessary information when I buy the next slave.

“Yes, that is right. Is it strange?”

“No. It is wonderful.”

Like I thought, she learned it from the slave trader. I get near her and pat her dog ears.

“Yes. Thank you very much.”

“I went to Quratar’s labyrinth and it is full of people”

I change the topic immediately.

“Since you can easily get a capture map and there are a lot of people, there is no danger of you finding a room where a lot of demons spawn and because there are a lot of people killing demons, there are many magic crystals and treasure chests. Even if you have to pay, there are more benefits.”

“I understand that since a lot of demons are killed, there are many magic crystals. But why treasure chests?”

The magic crystals are the collection of magic power that comes from demons when killed and if there is a lot of people, then more demons are killed and more magic crystals are made.

“I was told that the contents of a treasure chest are the equipment of a person who got defeated by a demon.”

Mmmm. This is an awkward conversation. That was brutally frank.

If there are many people, then there are many who are killed. Therefore there are a lot of treasure chests and because of that, more people gather for the treasure chests.

“But there are too many people, how do we hunt?”

“Because Quratar’s labyrinth is considerably large, the deeper you go, the less people there are. Besides, the first floor has a lot of beginners because more people are safer.”

“Is that so?”

“If we go higher, we would see less people. Or you can hunt in the middle of the night when there are less people.”

I could hunt in daytime if I go to the other side of the planet. Doesn’t anyone come from such a place? Maybe the distance you can travel with field walk is limited.

“Then we will go to Quratar’s labyrinth tomorrow morning. Do you want to go to Vail’s labyrinth today?”

“As you wish.”

After that, I go to Vail’s labyrinth to replenish the water she used for cleaning. After returning, I use water magic, but it’s not enough. The water is used for almost everything, for dinner, for the toilet, and for bathing before sleeping.

“Sorry. Please help me a little.”

Because I teleported to the fourth floor of Vail’s labyrinth, I used a considerable amount of MP. When advancing according to Roxanne guidance, we find a group of 1 green caterpillar and 2 minos. Because it is troublesome if the green caterpillar fires its thread, I kill it first.

As for the minos, Roxanne keeps them occupied. While I think that, 1 of them aims for me with its horn.

I try to avoid in a hurry, but I couldn’t. My left hand’s forefinger, which was holding Durandal, is caught between the horn and Durandal.


It is so painful that tears come out unconsciously. A vital spot was hit. It makes a JinJin sound.

As retaliation, I put all of my mind to kill the 2 minos. It took eight hits. I get it; it is bad to get careless.

Because I was going to hunt only a little, I didn’t wear the leather gloves. I had handed the leather mittens to Roxanne and I was too lazy to wear 1 myself.

I still have the magic crystal in my item box although this can’t be helped since I used the points from [Crystal Acceleration] and [Increased experience rate] to use Durandal. Because I still don’t understand well enough the [Required experience] value yet, I decided not to play with it.

For example, if we need to kill 20 demons to rise 1 level. When the necessary experience value is at 1/10, then I need 2 demons to rise 1 level. Then what will happen when I kill a demon without putting points in necessary experience value and after that, I kill a demon with the necessary experience value at 1/10? Or the other way too. If I kill a demon with the necessary experience value at 1/10 and after that, I kill a demon without the necessary experience value, will my level rise?

I understand it to some extent, but it is hard to know for certain. I don’t know how the experience value of the demons on the second floor differs from the demons on the first.

I can’t remove Durandal while experimenting so I need to use weapon rank six. This means that I don’t have enough spare bonus points for increased experience and decreased required experience. This means I may end up hunting dozens or hundreds of demons to do an experiment.

But is there any reason to experiment with it?

Is there any meaning in experimenting with it? If I kill 20 demons and my level increases, and then kill another demon with required experience set to 10%, my level probably won’t go up. Isn’t that enough information for now?

It’s probably a waste to fight without decreasing my required experience by as much as possible.

We go back to the house from the labyrinth. I still have on my mind the pain of my finger. Probably because of my lack of experience, I underestimated the labyrinth and there was an opening. It would be a good lesson that the labyrinth is a fearful place.

It looks like my finger would be all right for the time being. Because of the pain, it may have caused internal bleeding, but it would be cured with the HP absorption of Durandal.

“Something wrong?”

Roxanne asks me as I look at my finger.

“It just grazed me a little.”

“Are you ok?”

She seems relatively worried. Although the one who was wrong is me since I didn’t listen to Roxanne’s advice of wearing leather gloves.

“It is not all right. Could you lick it a little?”

I hold out my forefinger before Roxanne’s eyes.

“E…Oh. Ano…”

Roxanne seems to be puzzled, but she doesn’t particularly refuse. She seems to be fine with it. Thinking that, I bring my finger close to her mouth.

Roxanne opens her lips. Her light pale pink lips expand the gap slowly. The crimson content is exposed. A sexy bright red tongue.

Roxanne brings her face close to my finger and closes her lips. My forefinger is fully wrapped in a fluffy feeling. It is moistened, warm and soft. A fleshy tongue wraps my finger and twines gently.

Roxanne closes her eyes and sucks on my finger. Roxanne’s chestnut eyelashes are long and there is too many to count, probably because she is from a wolf tribe. Although it isn’t to the extent to say that I’m bewitched, it is splendid. This is the aim of an adult woman who uses make-up lightly.

I do not move my finger and leave it to Roxanne. Roxanne’s tongue goes back and forth around my finger several times. It is rubbed and gently twines. And my finger is healed in her mouth which is calm and full of affection.

Once again, she opens her light pale pink lips and I can see the inside of her crimson mouth. And with a white thread between my finger and her palates, she is moving her tongue and tasting my finger. Roxanne’s face moves away slowly.

I barely endure the feeling of wanting to chase her mouth. I really want to chase it. Roxanne, I really want to kiss you.

“U-Umu. The pain went away. Thank you.”

Roxanne turns her face away embarrassed.

“Is this some kind of skill?”

“No. It is different.”

“Even though it is amazing, almost like healing magic.”

“I don’t think there is such a thing.”

“No, it is amazing. If there is anything from now on, I’ll be counting with you.”

“…A-Ano… Yes”

I praise her until she finally accepts to do it again. You did a wonderful thing. Although I had a painful experience because of my carelessness, with this I’m even or rather I end up better. The advantage of an injured person.

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