Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World

041 – Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest

While I was waiting for the tub to be completed, I continued searching through the Labyrinth and finally found the fourth floor boss room.

It’s helpful to have Roxanne while searching, but it’s still not easy.

Even if we know the direction of a demon we sometimes have to backtrack the way we came.

Demons can be hidden by doors which hides their smell too, this also makes us walk back and forth a bit.

Should I prioritize exploring or hunting?

Vale’s Labyrinth is different to Quratar’s where the only time you won’t see other people is the early morning.

Quratar’s Labyrinth has a map so it isn’t necessary to explore it, however there is the chance to find magic crystals and treasure chests so exploring to some degree is necessary.

After finding the fourth boss in Vales Labyrinth, I feel I’ve started to become familiar with how each floor is layed out.

The boss of the fourth floor is a demonic cow similar to the Mino.

Roxanne will attack from the front, and I’ll attack with Durandal from the back.

As I think about it, I find myself worried that there might be a back kick that we don’t know about.

I attack it indiscriminately.

A slash to the right flank, and then a slash to the left flank, I attack it over and over.

We destroyed a frightening enemy, and then moved on the the fifth floor.

The first thing Roxanne found is a Mino Lv5.

I attack it with Durandal once, but it isn’t defeated.

Durandal killed everything in a single blow on the fourth floor.

The only job I have equipped to improve my strength is Hero, I mainly use jobs for extra intellect.

After a second swing, it’s defeated.

I put Durandal away, and Roxanne finds a Cheep Sheep.

This demon appears on the fourth floor of Quratar’s Labyrinth, but in Vale it appears on the fifth floor.

Even if it looks like a sheep, it still looks quite ferocious.

It also has horns.

As I feared, even though I used three fireballs, it was not enough to defeat it.

It can’t be helped I guess.

It moves sideways, and Roxanne moves to counter it. I shoot a fireball at it from an angle and it’s defeated.

When we encounter three of them at once it will be quite dangerous.

With Roxanne’s help we can try to avoid groups of three, but it’s hard to tell the size of the groups from smell so we can’t avoid them completely.

I’ll be embarrassed if we have to run away, so I’m trying to think ahead.

If it’s a group with Kobolds then it shouldn’t be a problem, Kobolds are easy to pick off even if there are three.

The Kobold Lv5 can be defeated in two spells.

Like Roxanne said, she couldn’t notice groups of multiple demons.

We came across a Mino and a Cheep Sheep.

She elegantly dodged them by a hair’s breadth.

“Roxanne’s movements are amazing. Should I try to copy them? Or is it too hard for me to copy?”

“I think Master can do it to some point.”

I’m aware of my own skills.

Roxanne’s opinion might not be right.

We came across a group of three. A Cheep Sheep, a Mino and a Green Caterpillar.

“Roxanne, get ready.”

To start off I use three [Fire Storm].

As soon as I use the third one the Mino is on top of us.

The Cheep Sheep and Green Caterpillar are also near.

Roxanne parries the Mino’s horn with the Scimitar.

Despite the parry she manages to get in a blow as well.

I block the horn of the Cheep Sheep with the wand.

“It’s coming!”

Roxanne yells a warning.

Glancing sideways I can see an orange magic formation underneath the Green Caterpillar.

It’s about to spit thread.

I don’t worry about it.

I use a fourth [Fire Storm] without moving.

If the Green Caterpillar is defeated then the thread will not appear.

My [Fire Storm] starts at the same time as the Green Caterpillar shoots its thread and Roxanne jumps back to avoid it.

It sprays it all around our area and a little of it gets on me.

All three demons are defeated simultaneously.

They all become smoke, and the thread melts away as well.

“Urgh. The Green Caterpillar is troublesome because of this.”

I let out a breath, and lower my wand.

“Yes. It finds a position where it can aim at two people.”

Roxanne is about a meter behind me.

The thread doesn’t seem to have worked on her.

Did she avoid it all?

“Even if he shoots thread, you can avoid it?”

“Well, the demon was defeated before it finished shooting it’s thread. If it went on longer it would have been harder to avoid.”

If I jump back a meter I can try to avoid it too.

“So on the fifth floor if I shoot off four spells it will be the same time as thread being shot.”

“Yes, and if Master can handle one then I think we can fight three easily.”

I was worried when we fought two demons earlier, but we even managed to defeat a group of three.

Looks like we’ll be able to keep fighting on the fifth floor.

Since we can fight on Vale’s fifth floor, we should try the fifth floor of Quratar’s Labyrinth as well.

The following morning we use the map of the fourth floor to go to the boss room.

Beep Sheep Lv4.

This seems to be the boss of Quratar’s fourth floor.

Baa Baa. It’s noisy like a normal sheep.

I’ve become used to seeing their ferocious looking faces.

The front with the horn is left to Roxanne.

I move to the side and attack it with Durandal.

An orange magic formation appears near it’s feet.

I attack the sheep with Durandal, and the spell is interrupted.

“What skill does the Beep Sheep have?”

“I don’t know.”

I ask Roxanne, but she doesn’t seem to know.

I don’t think it will be string like the Green Caterpillar.

Even though I can stop the string with Fire Wall, there isn’t a way to counter a skill I don’t know about.

Durandal has the incantation interruption skill at least.

Near where I attacked with Durandal, the sheep bends it’s front legs.

A kick from the rear leg comes at me.

I jumped back a lot to avoid the kick.

Being hit by that kick could put a hole right through me.

If I watch carefully I can manage to avoid it.

The same way that Roxanne avoided the string, I was now a meter back.

The Beep Sheep doesn’t come after me.

The orange magic formation appears at it’s feet again.


I raise Durandal as I charge in panicking.

I’m an idiot.

The purpose of the Beep Sheep’s attack was to buy time to use it’s skill.

Since I jumped back so far I’ve given it an opportunity.

I’ve been caught off-guard.

Even though I swing Durandal, I’m not in time.

Using [Overwhelming] might not be enough either.

There’s a “Baa Baa” from the sheep like a warning sound.



Gah. TN Babel Fish translated this sound effect ぐおっ as “To prevent your boobs.”

Suddenly I was pushed away by the Beep Sheep.

I stagger two or three steps, but manage to hold on somehow.

What happened?

Roxanne seems to have been attacked.

She’s holding her stomach.

Instantaneous movement?

Or a AoE attack?

“What happened…”

The Beep Sheep uses a head butt, but I manage to block it with Durandal.

It wouldn’t be good to be hit by the horn.

The first attack seems to have hit the Leather armor.

It’s pretty good.

Though there’s the chance it might pierce through it.

“I don’t understand, I suddenly was hit with an attack.”

I dodged the sheep’s attack, and used Durandal to make a chance.

In the moment between attacks from the Beep Sheep, I looked to Roxanne and used [Medical Treatment].

I can use Durandal to heal, but Roxanne doesn’t have that option.

Since her level is low, I try to prioritize healing Roxanne.

“I was attacked suddenly as well.”

“Master didn’t move for a little while.”

“I didn’t move?”

“Right, like sleeping.”


Beep Sheep’s skill might be a technique to put it’s enemies to sleep or make them faint.

After the warning sound I lost consciousness.

When I was attacked I finally woke up.

That’s why it feels like I was suddenly attacked.

“The enemy has a sleep skill.”

“Yes, I think that’s it.”

When it uses that skill, it will be able to attack you.

I can’t let it use that skill a lot.

I try to stick close to the demon to attack it at any time.

How much damage has Roxanne suffered? I don’t know.

Even for my own damage I only have a rough sense of how much it is.

Should I use healing three times?

After fighting back and forth a bit, the sheep changes it’s position.

It points it’s horn towards me.

Does it think I am easier to deal with?

I block it’s horn with my sword, and then land an attack.

It attacks with it’s horn again and I frantically move my arms back to block the attack.

The Beep Sheep spins around, and prepares to launch a kick.

I lean back greatly and manage to avoid it, I don’t want to end up in the same situation as before.

Roxanne is also attacking, but there won’t be large amounts of damage from the Scimitar.

The sheep prepares again, and launches a kick at Roxanne.

She easily avoids it, and manages to slash at the leg while it’s stretched out.

Her movements flow well when attacking the enemy.

The base of her body isn’t moved, and she sways in a relaxed manner.

Since she dodges it closely, she won’t be too far away to attack it.

This is in comparison to me, who jumped back a long way and gave the enemy a chance.

Even though I was cautious and rushed straight back in I still couldn’t attack fast enough.

I deflect the horn, and finally manage to land a blow.

The Beep Sheep’s head moves to the right, and then swings with strong momentum.

I could read it’s attack, and lent back to avoid the swing.

Then I swung Durandal at it’s neck because I saw an opening.

Durandal tears up it’s soft neck.

Finally the demon is defeated.

It becomes smoke and disappears, leaving behind an item.

“It’s finally defeated? Are you okay?”

“Yes, since you used healing several times I am alright. Thank you very much.”

“Even if you think there’s just a little damage remaining, say so. We have to give recovering our strength top priority.

“I understand. I will do so.”

With Durandal out, we move to the fifth floor.

Roxanne guides me further in.

It seems there are less people here than there were on the fourth floor, but there is still a considerable amount.

Collagen Coral Lv5.

The Collagen Coral is the demon from the fifth floor of Quratar’s Labyrinth.

It is a rock type demon.

It has one leg sticking out the bottom, and approaches us while hopping.

I attack it with Durandal.

I didn’t think it would be hard,but it was quite firm.

Is it a rock like it’s appearance?

No, it’s not a rock, it’s coral?

Since it didn’t get defeated in a single blow, I strike again and defeat it.

Coral gelatine.

It vanishes in smoke and an item remains.

The item seems to be collagen. TN: Collagen – The fibrous protein constituent of bone, cartilage, tendon, and other connective tissue that converts into gelatin by boiling.

“You can make Jelly?”


“Oh, don’t worry about it.”

I asked Roxanne about it, but it seems to be different.

“The coral gelatin is an adhesive. The adhesive strength appears when you dissolve it in hot water. You can use it to stick carpet to the wall.”

Well, it seems like a convenient item.

Collagen Coral Lv5 can’t be defeated with three spells.

It doesn’t lay around or roll, and instead hops when it approaches.

Roxanne takes a stance and blocks it.

She dodged a pounce, and I launch a fourth [Fire Ball] where it landed.

“It has a pounce.”

“Yes, and with the bouncing it was difficult to work out the timing.”

We avoided it magnificently in comparison to the animal who kicks out it’s leg. The foot of the Collagen Coral doesn’t bend.

It’s movements are hard to understand though.

“We’ll get used to it.”

“Yes, I think it will be safe when we become accustomed to it.”

I don’t have a safe feeling.

The surface of the Collagen Coral is extremely rough.

If that hits me it’s going to be painful.

Still, it isn’t scarier than the Cheep Sheep which has the horn, so we charged at a group of three.

Even I can manage to dodge the pounce attack if I watch it while using the wand.

It’s best to avoid it instead of trying to block it with the wand, so when they jump up I react quickly.

It’s basically one on one though.

Lets not consider the person from the wolf tribe who is fighting two of them.

I’ll feel like I lost if I worry about it.

We advance further in with Roxanne leading the way and occasionally come to a dead end.

If you don’t check these you won’t find magic crystals or treasure chests.

We open a hidden door and a small room appears.

We enter.

It’s the usual room style, with a slightly raised center.

“Master, it’s a treasure chest.”

“Treasure chest? This?

“Yes, that’s right.”

This is a treasure chest?

Instead of a chest, the floor is just a slightly raised lump.

Roxanne didn’t hesitate, and rushed in to pierce it with the Scimitar.

Won’t there be a trap?

“Is it safe?”

“Even if it’s a mimic, there won’t be anything until it’s defeated.”

Thank you for that strong reply.

I wanted you to do it when we at least took out Durandal.

The floor is torn up with the Scimitar.

It’s possible to roll it up like a newspaper.

Equipment: Leather Bracers.

A Bracer comes out.

It’s regular equipment.

So it’s true that the items a person is wearing come out of the Treasure Chest.

After offering a silent prayer to the former owner, I take the equipment.

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