Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World

043 – Rare Ingredients

Rare ingredients

Weapons merchant Lv1


Small physical strength rise.

Small intelligence rise.

Small mind rise.


Weapon appraisal.

Item box calculation.

Armor merchant Lv1


Small physical strength rise.

Small intelligence rise.

Small spirit rise.


Armor appraisal.

Item box calculation.

Cook Lv1


Small dexterity rise. (TN : in cooking skill 器用小上昇)

Small physical strength rise.

Small agility rise.


Drop rate for rare ingredients increase.

Item box operation (TN : Not sure about this one because it’s like he is always saying this : ボックス操作)

The number of jobs increased.

A weapon merchant, an armor merchant, and a cook.

To be frank, all these skills and effects are questionable.

Because I have “Judgement”, both weapon merchant and armor merchant have no effective use.

At the very least, the effect, small intelligence rise, is good

I would be overjoyed if some nasty looting job existed (TN : Not sure but i think it’s the meaning of this : 派生ジョブ があったりしたら 厄介なことこの上ない。)

The increase of rare ingredients drop rate should be useful.

However, I would hate if I killed a bunch of Kobold and only got Kobold salt. (TN : I would hate it too ahah.)

Would it be alright if it’s not a rare drop?

Even if it’s a cook job, it seems to have no useful skill to make a dish.

The last skill may be used for the labyrinth exploration?

It would be good if we can keep the ingredients in the item box.

With three jobs, I can stack up to thirty pieces of thirty different items for each job.

You may think that’s it’s because I’m an Explorer Lv30

But the size of the item box suddenly became 60 x 30 when I attached another job which surprised me at first.

Because my job is Lv1, the size would be fixed regardless of the level.

Kaga Michio Male 17 years old

Explorer Lv30.

Hero Lv27.

Wizard Lv29.

Monk Lv26.

Cook Lv1.


Leather gloves.

Leather shoes.

Leather hat.


Roxanne Girl 16 years old

Beast warrior Lv14

Equipment :


Leather gloves

Leather jacket

Leather hat


Wooden Shield.

I do a trial with the cooking job.

However, even after I beat the enemies from the six floors, they didn’t drop any rare ingredients.

I don’t know whether the olive oil you can buy at the guild is regarded as ingredients, but it wouldn’t be rare at least.

The mino didn’t drop any of it either

It’s a useless cow.

I decide to push forward the search as much as I can.

Because I understood that it was troublesome to set up hot water, I decided to do it only when we took a bath or if something special come up.

Now it’s a suitable time to advance to the next floor.

Thanks to me being enthusiastic the exploration of the labyrinth advanced smoothly, and the sixth floor was passed in no time.

By chance there was a room with the boss nearby.

It’s troublesome, so I thought I might only fill and heat the bath at special times, but since it’s hard to do it’s best to plan for it.

Things don’t always go the way we want.

Every floor of the Labyrinth has the same setup. There’s always monsters to fight, and then a boss to defeat.

We cleared it with no problems.

Escape goat Lv7

Escape goat Lv7

The demons of the seventh floor seem to be an escape goat.

“I have heard that Escape Goat runs away. Maybe it’s better not to use magic and to knock it down with your sword, Master”

Even if Roxanne warned me, I activated my magic.

It’s too late anyways.

Does the goat escape according to his name?

However, the escape goat comes without running away.

Roxanne stepped forward, facing the goat.

I prepared Durandal in the meantime.

The escape goat does not look that ferocious, but it looks stern.

The goat didn’t look pretty at all.

The head’s horn is bigger than a cheep sheep.

It has an ominous looking upward curve.

I sneaked around to the left and let the goat meet with Durandal

I cut it right in the middle of the body but it wasn’t enough to defeat him.

When it comes down to lvl7 it seem that Durandal and a shot from magic isn’t enough to defeat them.

The Escape Goat holds it’s head low.

As soon as it watches me moving the goat is rushing me head on.

I turned around suddenly and avoided the dash of the goat.

I did it just in time.

The goat went between Roxanne and me.

However, the demon did not stop.

As soon as he went to the other side he began to run.

Ooopps !

The escape Goat escaped.

I swing Durandal in a hurry but it couldn’t reach any more.

There is no possibility to chase him in time, so i have to rely on magic.

I invoked [fire storm]

Sparks fly as my second spell is activated.

As long as I can see the demon, I can attack him.

The demon is covered in fire and falls down.

What a relief…

It seems that the amount of damage from Durandal and Magic was enough.

Roxanne is still fighting, the second one did not run away yet.

I driven in Durandal from the side.

The demon falls, It becomes smoke and it disappears.

I killed him with a single blow.

I seem to be able to knock down the escape Goat lv7 with two magic and a blow from Durandal.

The fact that it’s running away is really troublesome.

The next one Roxanne found was a cheep sheep Lv7.

Because it’s only one of them, i engage with a [fire ball].

I did two then three shots, while watching Roxanne keeping the front busy while avoiding the offensive coming from the sheep.

I go around the side and i shot the fourth and fifth balls.

“I’m afraid it’s at least five shot from magic for a Lv7.”

“I guess that’s how it is for the seventh floor.”

It’s easy to say.

It’s necessary to face the demon for a long time to knock it down.

When a fight lasts long, the number of chances the enemy has to hit also increases.

Even with Roxanne to support me, it isn’t easy.

We should take the conquering of the seventh floor slowly seeing this course of events.

I tried to intercept the escape Goat who appeared in front of us with magic

When i did the third shot, it turned around and started to run.

Perhaps it doesn’t run away at random, but will escape when receiving a certain amount of damage.

The conditions are : two magics are okay and the third will make him run.

Because of the physical strength it seems to have, i would need 5 emissions of magic to take it down.

After i hit it with 2 shots, i tried to shoot it again three times when it reached sword range.

It avoided the fifth fire ball.

The monster is escaping toward the back.

It is a nuisance to see him running away at the third shot.

Although, it is alright if yo uses storm type of magic.

“It is a troublesome demon”

“It doesn’t want to fight much”

“That’s right, it’s a bit annoying, but if other demons show up let’s prioritize them”

After shooting two magics, it is possible to take it out with Durandal.

I don’t want to avoid it specially and it becomes a good balance with MP and efficiency.

An extra burden is added for Roxanne in the vanguard but there is no helping it.

Even if you say it’s troublesome the only thing the escape goat is doing is running away.

It seems the seventh floor will be a bit of a struggle.

Demons from the seventh floor of Quratar’s labyrinth even moved here.

The demon from Quratar’s labyrinth is a Slow Rabbit Lv7.

It made me nostalgic, I fought a Slow Rabbit back in the forest near the first village.

It seems to mean that there was a labyrinth in that forest and one of the monsters from the first floor is a slow rabbit?

Because there was no entrance, it’s a child labyrinth which didn’t have 50 floors yet.

The attacks from the slow rabbit are slow, and it’s only a body crash type of attack, it’s easy to fight it barehanded.

Is it the same for the one’s from the seventh floor of Quratar’s Labyrinth?

The demon jumped when i approached it.

I’m happy to encounter one of them after all this time.

It seems that any demons in the labyrinth are active and attack whenever they see a person.

I destroyed him with 5 shots of magic.

So the slow rabbit Lv.7 needs the same amount of shots as other demons on the floor.

The slow rabbit can drop a rare ingredient, it’s rabbit meat.

The time when the cook’s ability is demonstrated had finally come.

I thought I had it but then it’s a rabbit fur that came out.

“It’s a fur from a rabbit? Do you think think a merchant is willing to buy it in the merchant place?”

“In case of rabbit’s fur, I think they buy it in a high quality clothing shop in the imperial capital.”

Roxanne picks up the rabbit’s fur and hands it to me.

“Is that so?”

“Yeah, they would, in a shop similar to the one you were at the other day Master.”

“I wonder why they would buy rabbit fur.”

The items that the demons from the early floors leave are common and a lot of people can get them for themselves, it is not that it is unusable, but there is a lot of stock if you go to the guild.

However, i heard that it was rare and there is a request especially going out.

I wonder, why would they buy rabbit’s fur?

“It’s because the coats which are made from rabbit fur are really strong against cold and it’s good as a winter proof clothing and in particular, it seems to be really popular among the noble women that never go out without rabbit fur.”

“I see.”

“The atelier and the shop that makes the high quality clothing always compete to create coats with the latest style. Because a lot of wages rely on processing the slow rabbit’s fur and i heard that it has a large amount of profit.”

The women’s fashion competition seems to be severe, even in this world. TN: Everywhere the girls are just some shopping maniacs (sorry i had to say it)

Fur might even be a staple part of their fashion.

“Does Roxanne want a coat made from rabbit’s fur too?”

“I’m from the beast race, so I’m already strong against the cold, also a slave shouldn’t wear something like that”

“You are strong against the cold?”


In other words, the light clothes are all right.

Being lightly dressed looks really good on Roxanne

The clothes with a lot of exposures of skin, i think that clothes which show the curve from the chest are suited the highest.

Later, after eating rabbit meat for breakfast, i proceeded to the imperial capital, i went for the high quality shop.

The leftover rabbit meat was sold to Quratar’s butcher.

We killed around 40 Slow Rabbit’s and ended up with 4 Rabbit’s meat.

The cooking job increases the drop rate of rare ingredients, but it doesn’t seem to be much.

“Irasshaimase” (TN : Welcome)

When Roxanne and I entered the boutique in the imperial capital, the shop assistant lowered his head.

He is completely facing the ground in a really polite way.

As excepted of a high quality shop.

“I came here to sell you some rabbit’s fur”

“Would you follow me over here, please?”

I am led to a place to meet with the cashier, i enter the shop and head to the back.

“Hello, how may i help you?”

“The customer is here to sell rabbit’s fur”

The talk from the assistant woman with the cashier succeeded.

“Can you show us the rabbit’s fur?”


I took out the rabbit’s fur and placed it over the tray, after taking everything out it covered the whole tray.

“It’s 34 pieces in total, is it fine?”

The cashier inspects every item one by one, then nods once and bring them inside the back and came out with another tray.

On the tray is 8 silver coins and a large amount of copper coins

A piece of fur is 20 nars, for 34 piece with 30 % up it reach 884 nars

There should be eighty-four copper coins.

I receive the payment without counting it because it’s troublesome and I wouldn’t be cheated in a luxury store.

“Alright, I received the payment”

“Thank you, we are looking forward to your next visit.”

The male at the cash register did the most respectful salutation.

It’s a good attitude considering I’m not a customer.

The guest is put at honor in such a shop and they probably doesn’t welcome many explorer’s or adventurer’s, considering that in a high quality shop in the imperial capital the main visitors are noble women.

As I have a little improper feeling, I try to go out of the shop.

A line of clothes aside from me entered in my line of sight.

Clean beautiful clothes with glossy luster, probably the clothes for women.

It seems to have a thin shoulder strap.

it’s a camisole.

When i took it in my hand to have a look here was a nice skirt with a good length, it’s a camisole dress (TN :×300&s=2&r=1 )

Is the cloth in satin? It’s really thin. Though it is not transparent, it’s subtle in certain places.

“This is really popular among aristocratic women and the like. It is used as underwear and nightshirts”

The female assistant who has come out first explained to me.

It seems to not be the kind of product a man would stare at.

I hastily put back the clothes.

“How is it?”

Roxanne asked me.

“Well that’s…”

The clothes are not bad, Roxanne looks good with light clothes, and if she was to wear it on top of the skin.

“It would really suit you, how much is it?”

“It’s really cheap with the price of eight hundred nars”

High quality is expensive, it’s more than the whole clothes we have except for the accessories i wear right now.

I thought it would be even higher because it’s silk, but it’s not that much.

“How about we buy two of them? Which one do you want?”

“I want this one”

I nodded and let Roxanne choose.

She took the one i watched at the beginning.

Because it’s a high quality store the colours are really good.

Blue feels soft.

Red has a little harsh feel.

Green is really a nice colour.

Yellow, pale but beautiful is also a good color.

Black, although it is black it’s also a good.

“I like the color of the first one”

Roxanne pointed at the pink one.

The pink one is lovely, it’s not shocking pink but pale pink.



Roxanne chooses slowly and carefully while talking with the assistant.

“I am impressed, it looks like it would tear apart immediately but it has been produced carefully”

“Yeah, it is, because it’s a good fabric”.

“How do you wash it?”

“You lightly stroke it with your hand in the water.”

After all, it’s two of them, the white one and the pink one.

I bought it with thirty percent discount.

I think that i have successfully fallen into a trap from the shop side.

The polite attitude wasn’t the thing causing the bad feeling here.

In the vicinity of the cash register, cheap small articles that explorers seem to be able to buy were placed there.

I think that this sales strategy has been completed really well.

Even with this, it was probably not a bad purchase.

Later I looked at Roxanne who wore the light pink colored camisole after the bath and strengthened my thought.

It was definitely not a bad purchase.

A wonderful piece.

“Wow i love it! It really suits you”

“Thank you Master”

The light pink color sightly changes the color of Roxanne’s skin.

Roxanne was delicate and elegant, I kindly hugged her.

Surrounding the wet body of Roxanne, i did not just hug her, I also caress the lines of her body.

I’m sinking into two big masses of mountains.

I mean stuck, and lifting them.

They are lifted by the terrible ero activity coming from inside me.

At the summit there is a tiny bump.

It’s the rare ingredient part of the fruit.

When put under the light with thin clothes the swelling of the chest is ferocious.

The power is different.

Because it’s Roxanne’s chest, it’s also wonderful when it’s not dressed, but because it’s a single piece of clothe, the feeling coming from the chest increases.

The clothes are neat and clean but contain something violent.

Shining lustrously combined with the glossy piece of silk.

After all, i think that what i bought was good.

“Ahh this is the best”

“Um, wh….”

The argument was sealed inside her mouth.

Uhhhh ~

It cannot be helped i was at my limit.

I just finished with the bath a while ago but it looks like i just have to go for a second round.

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