Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World

045 – Soap

Slave Harem 45 – Soap

The soap is still fairly soft after nearly one day’s time.

Is it properly hardening like this?

For the middle school experiment, if I’m not mistaken, the teacher had hardened them in the refrigerator and immediately they were all used up playing. I don’t know how much drying is needed.

After dinner, the thing more than being called soap, it looks like butter, is applied to the towel and I try washing Roxanne.

I have naked Roxanne stand in the bathroom.

Roxanne has a good figure.

In its own way tall yet slim and long slender limbs.

Her chest as if it isn’t enough is violently equipped and full bodied.

From her hips, her thigh’s line also slopes gently. She has a narrow waist and a tail.

“Ermm. Master first.”

“No. It’s an experiment, so.”

Roxanne who said that thoughtlessly is swiftly silent.

Was she thinking for what purpose did I make the soap?

To wash Roxanne.

Even though that’s the sole purpose that I made it for.

I want to wash Roxanne immediately. I want to cover her in foam.

Anything more than that must be firmly rejected.

In a firm manner, I reject Roxanne’s offer.

“O-of course.”

Seems Roxanne understands.

However if I think about it, I’m testing on a living person!

Because I don’t know if I really was able to make soap.

Like not suiting the skin because it’s too alkaline might be possible.

It’ll be a problem if she turns like the Hare of Inaba. [1]

I rub it on the towel soaked in hot water and it forms bubbles.

First I try putting it on my hand.

The amount of foam is satisfactory.

It’s good enough. But it’s not to the level of the body shampoo at home; more or less, there’s no helping it.

My hand didn’t sting or feel itchy.

Wouldn’t that mean that I was able to make an adequate soap?

I try to spread it on my arm too.

Seems there’s no problem.

“Then, extend out your arms.”


I take hold of Roxanne’s extended left hand.

I cover her supple hand in bubbles.

I insert my fingers in-between her fingers.

Little by little, moving up and down in a piston like motion.[2]

Somewhat it feels good.

It’s a pleasant feeling, doing it gently.

“Just in case, since this is the first time and an experiment, if there’s any discomfort, tell me.”


After washing her hand, I spread it on her arms.

After enjoying the tenderness of her upper arms, I move to the armpits. [3]

Inserting my palms, I rub them many times over.

The towel is only used to take the produced foam from all of Roxanne’s washing which is done with my own bare hands.

Following the armpits, I move hurriedly to the long awaited base of the mounts.

*As swift as the wind.[4]

Those violent mountains were standing calmly.

*As quiet as the forest.[4]

Moving towards the snow capped peaks, I cover them in white.

*As daring as fire.[4]

Whenever I wash them, I cause them to vibrate. The soap bubbles look like they shake and jiggle, is it my imagination?

T-this is amazing.

It wasn’t my imagination.

While washing, shaking it a little, and the summits do immensely…

*As immovable as the mountain.[4]

Slowly, plentifully, thoroughly and carefully I finish washing her.

Her stomach and neck are covered in foam too. Then I move to her back.

“Since today is the first time, I’ll wash your back, hair and tail, but tomorrow won’t.”

“Is that so?”

“I heard soap is not good for the hair.”

“Is that so???”


I think I heard that somewhere in the past.

That’s why something like Shampoo was specially made; that shouldn’t necessarily be wrong.

Undoubtedly it’s better not to wash it daily.

I fully cover the fur on her back in bubbles.

Swaying and fluffy, I knead with both my hands.

Continuing from the back, I wash her tail.

While rubbing the tail’s fur between both hands, I carefully wash it.

Being silky smooth and soft, it feels good.

Her lower half is washed without reservations. With my own hands.

After covering everywhere in foam, I go towards her head.

I take some foam from the hand towel and churns lively like if it was boiling.

Not only do I wash her hair but also her dog ears.

Normally I can touch them as much as I want; I must gratefully wash them.

Both sides of her dog ears, the base section, the indented parts, etc. I rub them all with my fingers so there’s no place unwashed.

I let go of her ears and the foam drips from her hair onto her face.

Roxanne closes her eyes.

Confirming that she keeps her eyes closed while washing her hair, I am enjoying her full body.

Subsequently at last, I wash her face and cheeks too.

I completely cover her in bubbles.

Like wearing clothes made of white foam, it’s strangely charming.

Is it because here and there, there’s bare skin visible?

The foam is giving a sexy impression of torn clothes.

Or, is it after all just because of the foam?

Holding her with my hands, I can touch her bare skin.


Oh no.

Without thinking, I embrace her.

It’s what they call an irresistible force.

“Doing like this, one can efficiently wash with very little soap. In my home town, it is a traditional way of washing between a man and woman intimately.”

I enumerate a bunch of lies.

Because of this occasion, I rub with all my heart; I get my fill of Roxanne covered in bubbles.

The combined feeling of moist skin and slippery soap is extremely pleasant.

“Is that so?”

“That’s right.”

I forcefully affirm it.

My heart aches a bit at Roxanne being so obedient, but there’s no helping it.

As for everything, the first time is critical.

But actually, finished washing in general, after demanding to do that, I might be considered a pervert.[5]

If from the beginning, imprinting that this is normal, next time too, there shouldn’t be any resistance.

“W-well then, I will now wash Master’s body.”

Roxanne shyly moves her hands around my back.

As expected, precedence is necessary.

I entrust everything to Roxanne to wash.

Beyond that foam, the bouncy mountains are rampaging.

Even under normal circumstances, those violent bulges that are foul play are used too.


“Thanks. It feels good to be washed by Roxanne!”

“Ermm. If you’re okay with it.”

I’m washed everywhere by Roxanne.

No. Things like the hair, the hair.

“Then I’ll start rinsing.”

After being washed, hot water is drawn with the bucket and slowly poured from the top of the head.

The foam is washed away from the whole body.

We alternately draw hot water and wash it off.

“It feels good being so smooth.”

After washing off the soap, Roxanne strokes her own arm.

She delightfully smiles from ear to ear. It seems satisfying.

“No problems!?”

“Yes, I’m alright. Somehow I feel like I’ve been reborn.”

“You’re pretty to begin with. I think you haven’t changed much.”

“T-thank you.”


Right now, should I have said something like “You’re pretty to begin with, but now you have become beautiful”?

As expected to praise her to such extent.

In reality, is it ok to say “You’re beautiful to begin with; even now your beauty hasn’t changed much.”?

The next morning, with a body feeling refreshed from being washed with soap, we enter Quratar’s Labyrinth.

The refreshed feeling is from being washed with soap; there’s no other ulterior motive.

Although I can’t completely deny it.

At times like this, feeling so good, one can think something nice might happen.

While thinking that, I eat the full ramming attack from the Slow Rabbit.


Because of this good mood, I shouldn’t have been any less careful than normal days.

Because I properly applied [Plating], to some extent, there is very little impact.

I strike it with the wand in a fit of anger. I start casting a fourth [Fire Storm].

After shooting the fifth shot, I’m alright.

The fire embers dance; the monster is beaten.

The Slow Rabbit that dealt the ramming attack disappears into smoke.

It serves you right!

Staring at the visage flying.

Thereupon, the smoke dissipates and a small thing that’s neither rabbit fur nor rabbit meat is left behind.

Eh? This is the first I’ve seen!

“Master, you have done it. It’s a Monster Card.”

Roxanne jumps at it before I could even use [Analyze] to know what it is.

Oh! So this is a Monster Card?

[Monster Card Rabbit]

No doubt even with [Analyze].

It’s a card the same size as an Intelligence Card.

It’s similar to the Intelligence Card of the thieves; there’s nothing written on it.

“This is the so called?”

“Yes. This is my first time seeing it too.”

“Even though it’s your first time seeing one, you immediately understood it’s a Monster Card.”

“Because I’ve heard about them.”

Just hearing about it, you knew?

But it’s some sort of card no matter how you look it.

“Is that so too?”

“Because of Master steadily clearing the monsters, I thought we would eventually get to see one, but seeing one so soon, I’m impressed.”

For someone entering a labyrinth, this could be considered one of the objectives.

Up till now, even though we have hunted a fair amount of monsters, not one had dropped before; it’s a pretty rare drop.

It probably can be sold for a lot.

However, I don’t plan to sell this Monster Card yet.

It should be able to be installed in an equipment’s empty slot.

But for that purpose, we somehow need a Master Smith.

To fuse the monster card to an equipment, the skill of a Master Smith is needed and only dwarves can become them.

The opportunity comes up soon after.

At the time we finish exploring Quratar’s labyrinth, the magic crystal has become yellow.

A yellow magic crystal.

Seems you can sell it for 100,000 Nars.

This should be able to turn into minimum funding.

If one is expensive as Roxanne.

“Later today, I plan to go to Vale Town”

At breakfast, I convey my plans.

First I must go to the Slave Trader’s place to ask some things.

“Is there any business you have to attend?”

“Well, there’s some with the trading company”

For Roxanne, the Slave Trading Company shouldn’t be a good place.

“In the trading company?”

“First, I want to go make my will. Roxanne has done very well. I’m planning on releasing Roxanne if I die.”

When a Master dies, what happens to the slave can be put in the testament.

In case there’s no special testament, it seems they follow him to the grave.

I can’t let Roxanne go through that.

It’s useful against slaves baring their fangs against their masters, but it shouldn’t be needed for Roxanne.

“Thank you very much. However, is it alright to talk about such a thing?”

“Well. I wonder if Roxanne needs to be present when making a will. You’ll end up knowing, so there’s no problem. If Roxanne isn’t needed to be present when making a will, because it can be altered secretly, even if I told you, your attitude wouldn’t change. That’s why I think there’s no problem even if I talk about it.”

I don’t know if Roxanne needs to be present when making the will; it’s better if I bring her today.

“I see, that’s so. Of course, my attitude wouldn’t change.”

“I understand. That’s as a general consideration.”

Actually, I haven’t hypothesized that Roxanne would back stab me.

Or should I say satisfied with being stabbed?

“For a testament, I think a slave doesn’t need to be present.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. And also…”

Roxanne lowers her voice.


“If you can trust me, please do not leave a will.”

Abruptly, Roxanne says something.

What do you mean?

I mostly didn’t understand the meaning.

That I don’t leave a will.

“Eh? Why?”

“I will protect Master. I will not let Master be defeated before me.”

Roxanne decisively declares it.

I stop biting the grilled rabbit meat schema and stare at Roxanne.

She isn’t showing a face like she was telling a joke.

It appears that she’s serious.

“W-well. But of course I’m relying on Roxanne.”

“If I survive without being able to protect my Master, it’s a disgrace to a warrior.”

“I understand, but the testament is another matter.”

“If you can let this slave protect you till its last breath, that’s a sign of trust in that said reliance.”

Is that kind of thing?

But the reason I feel is a bit strange.

“Well, I think I’m happy about it, but there could be a heart attack too.”

“Haart Attack?”

“It is a heart illness. I can’t deny that one can die suddenly.”

Seems like she doesn’t know what a heart attack is.

“It is alright. There is no need for Master to become worried.”

“Ermm… seriously?”


Seems like it’s really written. [6]

Looking at Roxanne’s face, one can’t think it’s a joke.

Is this what it feels like when a Knight pledges to his Lord?

In terms of the state of cultural development, that’s probably the closest thing.

“If Roxanne wants to do that, do so, but…”

“Thank you.”

“But why?”

“I think Master is a magnificent person. Young and strong and with abilities. With all due respect, you will accomplish splendid things. Nevertheless you treat me affectionately. This kindness, I must pay it back.”

Is this like a Feudal Lord and his loyal Samurai in Japan’s Edo Period after all?

As for Roxanne, probably she’s yearning for something like that.

In that case, isn’t that a bad thing if I accept it?

“I understand. However, I must say something. I don’t think I’ll accomplish anything.”

“I do not think so.”

“Rather, I’m here because I won’t achieve anything.”

I, who is not a human of this world, if I move recklessly, I could possibly create chaos.

I must avoid that.

I must be cautious from overestimating my abilities and being caught in the moment commit an imprudent action.

Like the fire that is isolated will not spread and disappear, I ought to disappear like the fire that doesn’t spread.

“I do not understand it well.”

“It’s ok if you don’t understand. Just keep thinking that way.”


I forcefully make Roxanne agree while she is tilting her head confused.

“But I’ll still go to the trading company in Vale. It’s time we think about increasing the party members. I wanted to ask if there is any good warrior. There’s no need to force Roxanne to come if I don’t need to leave a will. In the 8th floor, 4 monsters are the biggest group that appears. As expected, it should be difficult with two members. Since I need to constantly take in and out my sword, I won’t be able to constantly cope with it. If there’s someone else beside Roxanne at the front, it’ll be safer.”

The atmosphere turns sensitive, but I talk about the original purpose.

I felt awkward after what Roxanne said about a will not being needed, but…

Because of feeling guilty, it looks like suddenly I become talkative.

No. it’s not that the next party member has necessarily been decided to be a female.

If the vanguard is a dwarf that could become a Master Smith, there’s the possibility that it could be a bearded old man.

Being flanked by two beauties with Roxanne or so. However, that’s of course what I yearn.

When waking up in the morning with beautiful girls on each arm.

In the bath being washed from the front and back with Roxanne.

Damn. That’s nice.

However, it’s not like I have prepared plenty of funds.

A slave with Roxanne’s level of requirements would be expensive.

Beautiful with good personality and regarding the labyrinth being very useful.

I shouldn’t compromise with the party members, but there’s no helping it if the next one is an old man.

“That is excellent. Certainly, if we both go up, it should be about time it got more difficult for us.”

Roxanne appears to be positive too.

It’s ok to try to think about it.

We don’t know what could happen inside a labyrinth.

We could fall in a situation where we need to sacrifice someone to prevent the party from being wiped out.

At that time, having an old man would be useful.

If there is an old man, it’s virtually been decided whom to sacrifice.

Without a moment’s delay, I can make a decision.

Roxanne and I may be able to escape in those moments.

Thanks, old man. I’m indebted to you, old man.

I won’t forget the old man’s noble spirit.

I’ll keep living thanks to the old man’s sacrifice.

No more old man!

“You think likewise?”

“Yes. About that, is it alright if I accompany you there?

“Just in case, I’ll try to ask Roxanne for your opinion. Because I don’t know or understand a lot of things, it should be helpful if you have any advice.”

I want to see what Roxanne’s reaction is if I decide to choose a female.

If she looks to be against it, there’s no way it can be forced.

“Understood. Well then, let’s go together.”


But if I think that an old man will be in the same party with Roxanne, for some reason, I could get excessively annoyed.

If he does something like staring at her chest, he’ll be punished with instant death.

The old man is forbidden from looking at Roxanne; he’s forbidden from talking to her; he’s even forbidden from breathing the same air as Roxanne.

Such rules must be necessary. [7]

There’s the possibility that Roxanne’s glamorous figure in a negligee will be seen if we all live together.

As expected, an old man is no good. No more old man!

I must limit party members to girls.


[1] TL Note: Hare of Inaba or White Rabbit of Inaba

[2] TL Note: You pervs, it sounds like it but he isn’t doing that… yet.

Panda: Where is our hunting squad? The teasing is getting ridiculous…..

[3] TL Note: I didn’t know Michio had such fetishes.

Panda: Not surprised. Hentai alarm went off several chapters ago…… a lot of chapters.

[4] TL Note: These 4 marked phrases are known in Japan as Fūrinkazan ( 風林火山) which said ‘as swift as the wind, as quiet as the forest, as daring as fire, and as immovable as the mountain’, which themselves are based on 4 out of 6 phrases in Sun Tzu’s The Art of War Chapter 7, passage 17 to 19. Fūrinkazan (風林火山) is famous for being used on the battle flags of Takeda Shingen, a Feudal Lord in the Sengoku period.

[5] Panda: So he knows, so he knows.

[6] TL Note: implied written (on her face)

[7] Panda: Possessive much?

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