Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World

047 – Sherry


“What did you think?”

I, who returned alive after the fearsome classroom was met by Roxanne.

She looks like a goddess.

No. She IS a goddess.

Roxanne is a goddess.

The beautiful, gentle woman. with a soothing voice, who is reliable in a Labyrinth, with pretty dog ears, and big breasts.

“Roxanne, Thank you.”

“Um… yes?”

“It seems that many things are difficult.”

Roxanne doesn’t seem to understand, but that’s fine.

She only needs to know that we won’t be getting a male slave.

After briefly stroking her dog ears I sit on the couch and sip some tea.


“Huh? Did anyone apart from Roxanne drink from this?”


“It’s fine then.”

Drinking after Roxanne isn’t a problem.

The slave trader also returns shortly.

“That might be the extent of the people who are able to handle the Labyrinth at the moment.”

“Really? What kind of prices are they I’m wondering?”

“For people who can handle the Labyrinth, 150,000 nars is the cheapest, but men are mostly 250,000 nars and up.”


So that’s what the market price is like?

Beauty is more valuable than being able to work in the Labyrinth?

Well, the price of a labor slave is probably based on how much it can earn, whereas a woman has other values.

A knocking sound is heard at the door.


“Preparations are complete.”

The door opens, and the woman who seems to be an employee peers in.

After bowing to the slave dealer, she notices Roxanne and gives a slight nod.

Roxanne also nods.

She seems to be an acquaintance.

Since she belonged to this business it’s natural to know some people.

“Bring her.”


After the slave dealers order, the woman brings a girl into the room.

It’s a short girl that only reaches to the chest of the woman.


Her height is under 140cm.

Sherry: 16 year old female, explorer Lv10.

[Analyze] shows she’s 16 years old, the same age as Roxanne.

She’s small because she’s a dwarf?

Even if she’s a dwarf, she doesn’t really look like one.

She has more of a short, still growing sort of feeling.

It’s the sort of appearance that if I’ve seen a dwarf before I would not have noticed.

Her body is fine, and not overweight at all.

She’s small, thin, and lovely.

I don’t really know what dwarf standards are like, and if she’s a regular height.

Still, this isn’t a child’s body, it’s just small.

Her body isn’t an hourglass figure, but I think it’s fine.

Her hair is black and she gives of an obedient impression.

Even with her black hair she has a bright looking face.

A slightly raised nose with big powerful eyes and a small mouth.

She looks slightly Italian.

If I call her a Japanese person who looks Italian would that describe her?


TN: I realize her hair isn’t black in the picture, probably a difference between the WN & the LN.

She is a considerably beautiful girl.

Instead of calling her a beautiful woman, beautiful girl fits better.

If she styled her hair she could pass as a celebrity.

Her hair is thick and gives a slightly strange impression.

It is short, and curls at the shoulders on the right and left side.

“Nice to meet you.”

When bowing, her entire hair has an unnatural shake.

What happened?

“Sherry is the only dwarf here at the moment. Sherry, come here.”


Sherry goes over and sits next to the slave dealer, on the couch in front of me.

She is a dwarf.

She is a beautiful girl, even from up close.

There isn’t the heart racing feeling I had when I saw Roxanne for the first time though.


Maybe I don’t feel the desire since I already have Roxanne?

I already have Roxanne, so I don’t need to get worked up.

It’s because I have Roxanne.

Even if I don’t get this one, I still have Roxanne.

Crap, is that how it is?

This is what the difference in society is like?

The popular guy who doesn’t immediately jump on a woman becomes more popular?

An unpopular guy won’t become more popular if his ulterior motives are exposed.

The present me can calmly look at her.

Sherry, even though she doesn’t have a woman’s charm, is a beautiful girl.

It’s wrong to look for seductuous charm, being cute is fine.

After seeing the horrors on the third floor, her feeling of obedience gives a good impression.

“Are you fine with going into the Labyrinth?”

“Yes. When it’s possible I’ll do it.”

“I see.”

I asked about it.

She’s not worried about fighting in the Labyrinth.

Since she’s already Lv10 it’s probably safe.

Though, Sherry’s arm on the table is quite thin and small.

Why doesn’t the slave trader say anything?

He’s quietly watching things play out.

“Um, that….”

Sherry hesitated to say something.

Sherry looks at the the slave trader.

The slave trader gives a small nod.


“I’m an explorer Lv10.”

“You have no problems entering the Labyrinth as an explorer?”

I already knew that from [Analyze].

“Um, well…”

“There’s a problem?”

“Until a dwarf becomes an explorer Lv10, they have the chance to become a master smith. However, not all dwarves can become one. Generally only those who have a talent in the Labyrinth can become one.”

There seems to be a problem.

“In other words, you weren’t able to become one?”


At my question, Sherry looks down.

If it is a dwarf who has talent then it’s possible to become a master smith at explorer Lv10.

Sherry is explorer Lv10 and not a master smith yet.

So it wasn’t possible for her to become one by explorer Lv10.

To get to that level and not be a master smith means that she doesn’t have talent in the Labyrinth.

Sherry can’t become a master smith.

Having a dwarf as a vanguard isn’t a problem, but I did want a master smith.

However, there might be no chance.

To become a master smith you need talent?

There’s already the limitation of being a dwarf.

Is there no hope?

First, how is it that talent is measured?

There is a condition aside from explorer Lv10 to get the master smith job.

For example, maybe higher than 100 Intellect is required.

No, Sherry seems to be quite smart, I need to consider something a dwarf needs.

Then, maybe it’s 100 strength or more.

Since my bonus points in my character reset skill can be placed into strength, the condition of it being 100 or more is possible.

The conditions could be having 100 strength or more before explorer Lv10.

Roxanne has never mentioned stat points, so the knowledge of stat points doesn’t seem to exist.

So a dwarf who doesn’t reach the required strength by explorer Lv10 will think that it’s just because they don’t have the talent in the Labyrinth.

“Can I ask a question?”

“Yes. Please do.”

Sherry looks up.

Her face is cute.

It would be a shame to decline her just because she doesn’t have the master smith job.

Will her impression of me be hurt if I say something bad?

Her hair looks a little rough.

Perhaps it’s because Roxanne is too beautiful.

How was Roxanne when I first met her?

With Roxanne we wipe our bodies every day before going to sleep, and have used the bath several times, and even with soap yesterday.

Of course there would be a difference.

If Roxanne became more beautiful, Sherry is sure to become more beautiful as well.

Because the base material is quite good.

“If you don’t become a master smith by explorer Lv10, is it impossible? I’m wondering if there are other conditions to becoming one.”

I wouldn’t be sad if I found out there was a condition that isn’t talent.

“Only job changes before explorer Lv10 are accepted in the master smiths guild, though exceptions aren’t entirely unheard of.”

“Is that so?”

Really? Is that how it goes?”

If you are talented you can become a master smith by explorer Lv10, but the possibility of becoming one after that is interesting.

Well, over explorer Lv10 and over 100 strength might be too common.

Then everyone could become a master smith.

The conditions might be more severe.

Even if Sherry doesn’t have the master smith job at the moment, if we meet the requirements the job should be able to be obtained.

Of course, there is always the possibility that the job can’t be obtained as well.

How should I estimate the chances?

It also seems difficult to buy a master smith slave.

Though it seems you can buy a former master smith, you can’t distinguish one with [Analyze] so they could just pretend to be a former master smith.

If you request a master smith, there will be some risks.

Even if she doesn’t obtain master smith after buying her, I do still have room for more party members.

At worst, she’s just someone to stay at home and mind the house while we go to the Labyrinth.

The chance that Sherry can become a master smith might mean it’s worth taking the risk.

If the master smith job requires 100 strength before explorer Lv10, then it isn’t a job we can get later no matter how much strength is increased.

Like this, if you say it’s talent by explorer Lv10, then it isn’t altogether wrong.

Sherry is explorer Lv10 now.

It’s a disadvantage.

“I was one of the strongest people in my village and I can show that in the Labyrinth. Thank you in advance.”

Sherry bows.

Strength of 100 doesn’t seem to be the condition.

Why is she promoting herself to me?

Is it from the slave traders orders?

I’m suspicious of it.

“Is that enough?”

Was the slave trader reading my reaction?

Is there doubt in my expression?



When I nod, the slave trader has Sherry withdrawn.

The slave trader also left the room with them.

“Would it be alright?”

Since the two of them have left, I mutter my doubts.

The other female slaves that I saw when I first met Roxanne behaved poorly.

Even the male slaves I just met behaved like that despite my presence, so I’m not really interested in purchasing them.

If I was a slave I don’t think I’d consider trying to promote myself.

Therefore, these are the slaves natural attitudes.

But why did she appeal to me?

“I think that her condition is good.”

“What condition? Ability to enter the Labyrinth?”

With my ability in the Labyrinth, I didn’t really consider asking about it in detail.

The Labyrinth is the only way I know for her to earn her keep.

Well, she could hunt thieves as well if I ordered it.

I should also consider the increasing risk in the Labyrinth as we advance further.

“Well, she spoke about the Labyrinth to promote herself, I was also like that.”

Is that how it was?

There might have been that aspect.

Being able to recognize skilled people is like killing two birds with one stone.

“So, you think the dwarf is promising?”

After asking, I realized it.

The reason the slave trader left is so that I can consult Roxanne about it.

That’s probably how it is.

Well, I don’t mind that.

“Yes, even if she doesn’t know much yet or have talent, she has the resolution needed for training and effort.”

“Yes, that’s true.”

Roxanne’s training would be scary.

I won’t object to it though.

It would give me some peace of mind.

Well, it might only be me thinking of something severe.

“She might not last long, but if the price is low she isn’t a bad choice.”

“She might not last long?”

“She might already be quite old, so you may want to check her age.”


[Analyze] showed Sherry to be 16 years old.

It is the same age as Roxanne.

What is Roxanne saying?

Do dwarves have a short life span?

“As a dwarf gets older, their ears become thinner, and her ears were considerably thin.”

Roxanne explains this as I look doubtful.

Is it really like that?

The slave trader once told me that different races show their ages differently.

Is the dwarves aging point their ears?

The slave trader also said that there isn’t much difference in life span for different races.

“Ah, I see.”

It might be important to notice if someone is elderly.

I’ve heard something good.

The slave trader returns to the heavy atmosphere.

Didn’t he attempt to eaves drop?

The woman who brought Sherry is also with him.

“May I speak to that woman for a bit? I am indebted to her because she looked after me when I was here.”

Roxanne lets me know, when she sees the woman.

“Sure, that’s fine.”

The slave trader enters the room and Roxanne leaves.

The slave trader sits down in front of me.

“What did you think.”

“Depending on the price, she might be alright.”

“I see. Sherry is 16 years old, and even though she isn’t a master smith, she has agreed to become a sex slave. She’s a virgin so there is no worry about disease as well.”

The slave trader starts speaking frankly, probably because Roxanne left.

Did he intend for Roxanne to leave for this?

It’s not just me thinking about devious things.

“Is that so?”

“I don’t think you know much about other races Michio? Sherry’s ears are naturally thin, and that’s generally a feature of an aging dwarf. That decreases the price a bit and I think makes her quite affordable.”

It seems he probably did hear the conversation between myself and Roxanne.

If not he probably would have tried to sell her off at a high price.

I am glad that she came along.

“Even though people from other races would consider her ears to be an unrelated matter, she’s still cheap?”

“Actually, for other races a dwarves ears are the only thing they can judge their age by.”

“I see.”

Ah, for a woman that everybody thinks is elderly, society won’t value her at a high price.

“Also, because Sherry is only a first year slave, the amount of tax is cheaper too.”

“A first year slave?”

A regular persons taxes are 30,000 nars, and a slaves taxes are 10,000 nars.

If I became a slave I could pay 10,000 nars tax and then buy myself back and evade 20,000 nars of tax.

To prevent that, only a first year slave pays 10,000 nars in tax, and after that they are 30,000 nars.

Though I’m a freeman and my taxes are 100,000 nars so it would still be a saving of 70,000 nars after the first year.

However, I might not be set back to freeman after buying myself back.

That’s likely I think.

What about Roxanne’s tax?

Roxanne was sold because her family was unable to pay their taxes. Did the slave trader have to pay 30,000, or 10,000 because she had just been sold?

That may have altered Roxanne’s price.

“I understand.”

“Yeah, so because of her ears her price isn’t that high, just around 300,000 nars, but her education isn’t finished either so I’ll decrease it by another 30,000 nars. How does 270,000 nars sound?”

The slave trader presents a price.

It’s a massive difference compared to Roxanne’s.

It’s still higher than a male slave though, because it’s a young woman?

Well, it’s probably still cheaper than the regular market price.

Roxanne’s age may have been an unfair advantage.

This time that isn’t happening.

If it’s cheap, I’ll buy it, those were my conditions.


“Well… 260,000, no 250,000… that’s the best I can do.”

As I think about it, he cuts the price.

The slave trader really wants to push to sell?

Is it because I don’t care about the ears?



250,000 nars seems to be the lowest.

It won’t go any lower?

There’s no helping it.

“When I bought Roxanne, she had some cloths included.”

“Those? They were imitation maid cloths, and they really pleased a lot of customers.”

Maid’s wear maid cloths.

They are obviously for women who do housework in upper class houses.

“Is there any?”

“If I add cloths it’s an additional 4,000 nars, and if I add that on and consider this a special service the price comes to 177,800 nars.”

Since I bought something extra, the 30% discount became effective.

This completes the deal.

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