Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World

049 – Search


My newest slave, Sherry, seems to be quite smart.

She might be useful for me since I don’t know anything about this world.

“I’m sorry. My mother always got angry if I didn’t know something.”

Sherry lowers her head.

“It’s not bad.”

“It’s been said that if you try to learn too much you’ll bring ruin upon yourself.”

“Oh, really, hmm.”

I understand an idea like that.

It’s about “knowing your place”.

Slavery is common in this world.

“Master also does experiments to learn things, so I think it’s good.”


Roxanne, you’re not harbouring a grudge?

You’re smiling, but you might be hiding it.

“Well, we don’t over-do it.”


Well, knowing about it isn’t bad, but it could be bad if too much was said.

That it’s possible to use magic, and not use the incantation.

That party members jobs can be changed.

Oh, maybe that should be explained.

“Oh, do you have anything in your item box Sherry?”

“No, nothing.”

After confirming it, I changed Sherry’s job to villager Lv3.

If Sherry’s explorer job becomes Lv11, it might be bad.

“Hmmm, villager Lv3 is a bit low.”


Sherry looks at me with eyes of suspicion.

Did I make things awkward?


When I look at Roxanne she looks like a person who is slightly troubled.

Is that so?

Neither of them are aware of my knowledge of party job levels.

It’s one of those times where I’d say something hard to understand to Roxanne.

Roxanne seems a little cold right now.

“Well, do you know anything about the hero job?”

There’s no helping it, so I ask Sherry a question.

“It’s a legendary job that the first emperor was supposed to have.”

“There’s a legend?”

“Yes. There’s also people who say that such a job doesn’t exist as well, and there’s no guild for it either.”

Hero seems to be quite rare.

“So, you’d need to find someone with that job to prove that it exists?”

“Since it was supposed to be the job of the founding emperor, if someone had that job they might be accused of rebellion.”


Bad. So that’s how it is?

I don’t want to think of that possibility.

I think it’s real that the first emperor had the job.

“I see. So, I’m off to go shopping.”


It’s hard to talk about it more than this, so I decide to run away.

Roxanne has a knowing expression, so she probably realises.

“After shopping, I’ll have dinner with Sherry & Roxanne, and then I’ll prepare the bath. Can you cook anything Sherry?”

“Yes, I can cook a little.”


Because Sherry said she can cook, I look to Roxanne and give a nod.

It carries a variety of meanings.


“Um, that thing, the bath, it’s THAT kind of bath?”

“I’m not sure what you can’t understand, it’s just a bath.”

Are there other kinds of baths? When I think about it, there are.

Sauna, hot spring, public bath.

“I see.”

“Sherry, just wait with Roxanne for a bit and you’ll see.”

I stand up to run away.

I leave the two alone, and leave through the wall.

“I’ve heard that only royalty and nobles take baths, Is he an amazing person?”

As I use [Warp], I hear Sherry speaking to Roxanne.

“See you later, Master.”

“See you later.”

The two of them bowed, and I’m not sure if Roxanne gave an answer.

I warped to the adventurer’s guild, and then headed to the armor shop.

In the armor shop I buy a leather jacket, a leather hat, and leather shoes.

All of them have empty skill slots.

It takes a bit of time, even if I had brought Roxanne to help.

Leather equipment is pretty cheap in price.

For the hands, we still have spare leather mittens.

I return to the house once.

“Welcome back Master.”

“Welcome back.”

“Leather shoes for Roxanne, and Roxanne you can pass the sandals to Sherry.”

I take off the Leather shoes that I’m wearing and give them to Roxanne.

I will wear the new ones I just bought.

Sherry is barefoot, like Roxanne was when I bought her.

If I had known I could have prepared shoes beforehand.

“Yes Master, Thank you.”

“Do you need a leather jacket Sherry? If not you could try the leather armor.”

I pull the leather jacket from my item box.

The leather jacket is more expensive than the leather armor, so normally I’d pass the leather armor to Sherry.

“Well, my breasts are a bit small…”

Sherry looks a bit sad.

I didn’t mean to have that kind of meaning.

This is not sexual harrassment.

This is definately not sexual harassment.

Sherry’s breasts aren’t really that small.

Well, that’s how it seems through her cloths.

They’ll be a pleasure for me.

Washing them in the bathroom, and doing this and that in the bedroom.

When we take off her cloths, are they really that small?

For a woman with breasts as big as Roxanne’s, her breasts will be too big for the leather armor.

Thus, offering the leather armor is equal to saying she’s flat chested.

“Sorry, I didn’t have that kind of meaning.”

“It’s ok, I know they are small.”

“No, they are fine to look at, like decorations.”

Roxanne tries to comfort her.

Like decorations. An erotic person like me can’t understand that.

It got quiet, and I passed the leather jacket to Sherry.

I can understand her feelings.

Roxanne, I think your comforting may have had the opposite effect.

I wait for Sherry to try on the shoes, and then take them both to the weapons shop.

“This is a hammer.”

Sherry had recovered, and called me over to the corner of the weapon store.

The hammers, morning stars & maces were kept there.

There was quite a range of sizes.

“There is a variety.”

“The first cheap one will be fine.”

Sherry pointed towards a club.

A club?

Club hammer.

It seems to be classified as a hammer.

It doesn’t have the feeling of a hammer, isn’t it different?

I find one with an empty skill slot and pass it to Sherry.

“This one looks sturdy.”

“Thank you.”

I need to buy more than one item for the discount.

I just wanted the hammer, is there anything else I need?

Is there an upgrade for my cane or Roxanne’s scimitar?

Maybe I should buy a spear?

With that thought, it occurs to me there might be a job from defeating an enemy with a spear.

Lancer, or perhaps Phalanx?

I find a copper spear with an empty skill slot.

I ask the storekeeper, and he says the copper spear is an affordable item for beginners.

The shaft is made from wood, even though it’s a copper spear.

Maybe the blade point is made of copper.

“Is the hammer alright?”

“Yes. Thank you very much.”

It’s the type of club Sherry chose.

I pass the spear and club to the storekeeper to buy them.

840 nars in total. The price of the copper spear seems a little high.

“There you go.”

“Thank you.”

As I pass Sherry the club I get a surprise.

Her eyes are sparkling.

“Ah, um, it’s not a big deal.”

“Thank you very much.”

Isn’t it something trivial?

“Isn’t it just something small?”

“It’s not, because a slave is normally never allowed to carry around weapons.”

Roxanne teaches me quietly.

So that’s it?

Looking at Sherry’s reaction, it’s easy to imagine.

Roxanne has always had the scimitar at her waist though.

After that we buy some socks and another pair of the pumpkin colored underpants at the clothing store, and then a rucksack, a small wooden bucket, and some toothpicks at the general store.

I then buy some cooking ingredients and return to the house.

It was easy since we warped straight from the adventurers guild to the house.

“Make dinner while I prepare the bath.”


“Don’t I need to help you with the bath?”

Sherry asks.

“It’s quite hot and difficult.”

It helps to have someone moving the hot water from the jar to the bath tub, but it isn’t necessary.

The temperature of the bathroom becomes hot and hard to bear.

To work in the bathroom, it’s fine to just have one person doing it.

My magic is needed to boil the water, so it has to be me.

Sherry doesn’t seem to understand as I head for the bathroom.

Even though it’s troublesome, it isn’t bad if I think about the result.

Be troubled now, and enjoy it later.

A fine person must be like that.

“We can eat all this?”

In the middle of the job, my MP has decreased so I head to the kitchen and hear Sherry & Roxanne.

“Yes, Sherry. Eat as much as you want without holding back.”

“But this is his food?”

“We are making it for three people.”

“Three people?”

There seems to be a problem with the quantity of food.

Are dwarves gluttonous?


“But the meat bought is such good quality, and the highest quality bread was bought. I thought we’d just be getting leftovers?”

What does Sherry mean?

I can’t hear the response, so I call out and interrupt it.

“Roxanne, can you do the usual thing?”

“Yes Master.”

Roxanne comes and I pass her the leather gloves and wooden shield.

I put the leather hat on her head.

Of course I pat her dog ears as I do it.

“I’m looking forward to the delicious food. Thank you.”

Sherry comes over.

Well, it will depend on your cooking if it’s delicious.

“We are going to the Labyrinth, do you want to come as well Sherry?”

“To the Labyrinth?”

“You don’t have to. If you need to stay and tend to the cooking then it’s alright not to come.”

“It will be fine for a while, can I come?”

Sherry wants to come, so I pass her the leather mittens.

I cover Sherry’s head with a leather hat.


Sherry’s hair is very thick.

Or should I say dense?

I’ve been interested since I first saw it.

“It’s because dwarves have a lot of hair.”

“Is that so?”

“Dwarven men get beards, but dwarven females don’t so instead they get a large amount of hair on their head.”

“I see.”

There’s still some distance betweeen the hat and her scalp.

It seems like it would absorb shock even without a helmet.

When moving the hat, the entire hair shakes.

Even though it isn’t curly, it remind me of an afro.

“I cut it regularly, but it grows right back.”

I get the feeling that dwarves are a race who are harassed because of their hair.

“Shall we go?”

I prepare my equipment, and pull out Durandal.

We go to the fifth floor of Vale’s labyrinth.

We are on the fifth floor because Durandal can kill everything in a single blow here.

Sherry would get pulled into the fight if it was dragged out.

I should gradually get her used to it instead of taking her straight to the seventh floor.

Also, killing things in one blow is cooler.

I want to show off to our new party member, Sherry.

A beautiful girl.

My perverted thoughts get the best of me.

“Let’s see, umm.”

“This way.”

Roxanne points the way towards a demon.

Sherry looks puzzled, probably because it wouldn’t be possible to get here with [Field walk].

“I’ve heard that people from the wolf tribe can smell demons, can you do that Roxanne?”


“That’s amazing.”

Roxanne shows off her cool side before I do.

Well, there’s no helping it.


After moving for a while we come across the demon.

It’s actually two cheep sheep that Roxanne found.

“Ah. Really. So quick. As expected.”

I understand the feeling.

Sherry was an explorer Lv10, so it’s likely that she’s been in the Labyrinth.

When Roxanne isn’t around I also wander endlessly around the Labyrinth.

I don’t encounter things often.

It might even take longer than 10 minutes.

I am really thankful for Roxanne.

After hearing Sherry’s words, my gratitude for Roxanne is renewed.

“Thank you Roxanne. Let’s go.”


We stand side by side, and advance.

I swing my sword at the first demon to come.

Durandal is swung down on it’s shoulder.

The sheep collapses.

Look at my swordplay.

I am cool.

My too cool display.

I also pierce the side of the cheep sheep that Roxanne is keeping busy.

A single blow.

The demon collapses, becomes smoke, and dissapears.

“Great! Amazing!”

It probably is.

“How did you evade it so magnificently?”


It seems Roxanne stole the show with her dodging while I was fighting.

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