Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World

050 – Human


“If you carefully watch the demon you can understand how it’s going to move, so you only need to move your body a little.”

Roxanne gives Sherry a lecture about evasive action.

It’s difficult to understand.

Being taught by Roxanne isn’t a bad thing however.

At first I was the only one being taught by Roxanne’s explanations.

I notice that Sherry is making a slightly troubled face.

Like she wants to escape the lecture.

Well, I can understand that feeling.

“Which way should we head next?”

“Ah, yes, this way.”

I decided to help her out.

Roxanne seems to be abnormal.

I had wondered if all the people of this world had such amazing battle ability, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

It’s nice.

Sherry is a sensible person. She’s a regular person.

She’s a kindred spirit.

Sherry and I exchange a glance.

“It’s just been the two of us in the Labyrinth until now.”

“It must have been hard.”

Without anyone saying so, I felt it was necessary to start a conversation.

I feel like a guy who understands gazes now.

Sherry and my feelings are united as one.

After that we keep hunting to recover my MP.

Is that enough of a hunt yet?

“Shall we head back?”

We returned to the house using [Warp].

“We used [Warp] magic to enter the Labyrinth?”

When we return to the house, Sherry approaches me with a question.


The person with common sense is here.

Sherry’s eyes are sparkling.

It doesn’t feel forceful since she’s so short.

It’s rather cute.

Those eyes make me forget it would be bad to answer too many questions.

“That’s right.”

“But, isn’t there an incantation?”

“Well, there might be one.”

That reminds me that I’ve only ever use [Warp] with [Incantation Omission].

When I used it in the adventurers guild I recited my superficial knowledge of the [Field walk] incantation.

It’s possible that if I remove the [Incantation Omission] skill that there will be an incantation for [Warp].

“It didn’t seem like you recited anything beforehand.”

“Master can use magic even without an incantation.”



Roxanne gives me a helping hand.

“How it works, even though I’m doing it I can’t explain it.”

“I understand.”

You can understand that it can’t be understood.

Sherry is quite smart.

I don’t understand why it’s possible at all.

Why can you breathe? How do you move your hands and feet? I’m not a biologist so it would be hard to explain.

If I asked a fish in the sea why it didn’t drown I’d be likely to embarrass it.

A fish can swim, so it’s possible to swim. A bird can fly, so it’s possible to fly.

Sherry murmurs “why” and starts thinking about it on her own.

“Also, you killed everything in a single blow, you must be strong.”

“Ah, yes.”

I did my best to show off, but it doesn’t seem to have made much of an impression.

Well, strength is necessary to earn money in the Labyrinth, so when you see that I can buy two slaves you probably already realize that I’m strong.

I think you’re quite smart.

“May I know what level you are?”

“I’m explorer Lv33.”

It just went up to Lv33.

The pace of improvement has slowed down lately.

It seems quite serious when my level goes up.


When I answer, Roxanne raises a boisterous voice from the side.


“Master was Lv27”

“Well, I was then.”

That reminds me, I may have been Lv27 when Roxanne asked me.


“It goes up regularly.”

“Goes up.”

It might have been about 20 days ago that I told Roxanne.

Since my experience increases 100 times faster than a regular person it can’t be helped.

Even Roxanne has gone up ten or more levels since the start.

“Can a demon be killed in a single blow by a Lv33 explorer? Is it the attack power of the sword?”

Sherry seems to be watching everything.

She feels like an enemy watching Durandal.

“The level of this sword… is a secret.”

I’ll escape to the bathroom.

Sherry nods slightly as I run away.

“Master, we have hot coals.”

After a while, two people came to the bathroom with a stick.

This isn’t the pursuit I was worried about.

It’s true that I was pursued, but it’s not for answers.

“Oh, can Sherry make a fire?”

Usually a blacksmith will use fire.

If you don’t use magic, making a fire in this world without matches might be difficult.

The master smith job may require you to be able to make a fire, well it’s a possibility.

“Yes, I can.”

Well, it was easily checked.

It seems to be wrong.

We could try melting metal later.


Roxanne is looking at me with a delicate expression.

Is it because I’m asking Sherry, and not her?

Not that. It’s not that, Roxanne.

This is a misunderstanding.

“I will always make fire when Roxanne needs it.”

“Yes, Master.”

I used [Fireball] to set fire to a branch, and passed it to Roxanne.

Roxanne smiled approvingly.

I’m not really sure what just happened myself.

I’m so tired.

To prepare the bath we entered the Labyrinth several times after that.

Sherry watched the fire, and Roxanne and I hunted on the seventh floor of Vale’s Labyrinth.

“Why do you go to the Labyrinth?”

Sherry asks a lot of questions.

“It’s quite tiring to prepare the bath so it’s to relieve stress.”

Roxanne gave a strange answer.

Is that how Roxanne see’s me?

It might be my fault for not explaining it.

“The purpose is to recover the MP I’ve spent conjuring magic.”

“Does the sword have a MP recovery skill?

“It has MP absorption.”

“MP absorption…”

Sherry stares at Durandal.

“You’ve heard of it?”

“Ah, yes. MP absorption is created from combining the monster card from the Kobald with the monster card from an insectivorous scissor type plant. It’s a very valuable skill.”

I don’t understand the whole lot, but it’s as expected of a dwarf.

She seems to know things related to the master smith well.

“Do you know what a rabbit’s monster card becomes?”

“It’s an [incantation delay] when fused with a weapon.”

“Oh, that’s good to know. It may come in useful.”

This is good.

This saves me using a valuable item as an experiment.

We won’t need to waste time checking it.

“Thank you.”

“Also, is [incantation delay] different to [incantation interruption]?”

Durandal has [incantation interruption].

“[Incantation delay] delay’s the completion of an incantation. [Incantation interruption] cancels the incantation while it’s in progress. If you fuse the rabbit’s monster card with the kobold’s monster card it becomes [Incantation interruption].

“So [Incantation delay] delays it, and [Incantation interruption] cancels it?”

I don’t really understand the difference.

“Is [Incantation interruption] the better skill?”

Roxanne asks it plainly.

Even I’m not sure.

“Yes. But if all members of a party surround a demon while using [Incantation delay] weapons, they can probably defeat it before the incantation ends.”

So if the combined effects of [Incantation delay] are more than a demon’s incantation casting speed then the demon might never complete it’s incantation.

Even if the damage done isn’t much it all adds up eventually.

It’s like a zerg attack.

“Other actions cannot be done while chanting an incantation.”

“Really? So [incantation delay] is quite good.”

Roxanne’s statement is worth thinking about.

When cancelling an incantation with [incantation interruption] an attack normally follows up afterwards.

If the incantation is delayed instead of cancelled then there won’t be an attack.

If you keep delaying it then the attack will never happen.

It’s possible that [incantation delay] is the stronger of the two.

“Keep in mind that demons aren’t always on their own, and occasionally a demon will stop it’s incantation on it’s own. It’s also quite difficult to get a weapon with incantation delay for every party member. It’s best to consider other options. This is a good strategy against bosses on lower floors, but [incantation interruption] that can cancel moves becomes the better of the two as you work your way up.”

“I see. So [Incantation interruption] is a good skill.

Roxanne nods.

So it’s not as good as it seemed.

It’s mainly good for bosses on lower floors.

“So it’s bad if we only have the rabbit monster’s card if we want the skill [Incantation interruption]?

“You need the monster card from the kobold too. The kobolds monster card is special and has a function that strengthens the skill of the monster card it is fused with.”

I thought the kobold was like an annoying insect monster with weak, cheap drops, but it had an advantage like this?

“So the monster card of the kobold? It might be good to hunt some kobolds.”

“Um, do you happen to have the rabbit monsters card?”

“Ah. Yes.”

“We got it this morning.”

Roxanne confirms it.

I exchange a glance, and nod.

“You probably know already, but weapons with skills and monster cards are auctioned off in Quratar’s merchants guild. You can sell off your monster card there too.”

This news is new to me of course.

“…Roxanne, did you know this?”

“Um. I have heard a rumor.”

Roxanne and I probably look a little less cool to Sherry now.

“I’m from a far off country. Anything you can teach me is welcome.”


Now my good impression has decreased a bit.

It can’t be helped when it comes to things I don’t know.

“Can you buy the kobolds monster card at the auction?”

“It’s possible. Does that mean you have connections to a master smith?”

Sherry is the connection.

I’ll keep that quiet for now.

“Yes. Thank you for the explanation Sherry, I’ve learned a lot. Your knowledge is quite useful Sherry.”

“No… I’m not that great.”

“Please keep me informed in the future as well.”

“Ah, Thank you.”

I praised Sherry, then returned to the Labyrinth.

In the labyrinth I make sure to remember to praise Roxanne when she finds a demon so she knows she is still useful.

I have to be careful in various ways.

Two slaves seems to be more difficult than I thought.

After returning from the labyrinth I create hot water several times, then finally the bath is ready.

I float a lemon on it, and then go out.

“Thank you very much.”

Roxanne passes me a towel.

I wipe away my sweat.

“Thank you.”

“The meal is ready.”

“Shall we eat?”

In the dining room, the dishes are layed up on the table.

Judging from the position of the plates, Sherry seems to be next to Roxanne.

“I’ve made the dwarven dish borscht.” TN: It’s actually a Russian/Ukrainian dish I think.


Sherry says.

She says it’s borscht, but is it a close translation?

It might be a dish similar to borscht.

“It looks good.”

“I hope it meets your tastes.”

There is a red soup in the center of the table.

Dwarves seem to have their own cuisine in this world.

When I sit, Roxanne sits in front of me.

She thinks that we should use the space on the table a little more.

“Your sitting there?”

“It’s the best seat.”

Is it a slave and master thing?

I’m not sure.

“Sit down Sherry.”

“Um, am I allowed to sit?”

“Would you prefer to eat while standing?”

“I’m allowed to eat?”

What is she saying?

“Master likes company for his meals. Master, it’s normally very rare for a slave to eat the same meal with their Master.”

I let Roxanne explain, and Sherry sits down.

It’s not a problem if it’s my preference.

I take the borscht from the center of the table without anyone protesting.

Roxanne taught me this.

It’s the Master’s job to serve soup.

I don’t understand why, but it isn’t a big deal.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

First of all I fill a plate for myself..

This is what Roxanne told me.

Next, I’ll fill a plate for Sherry.

I can feel Roxanne’s eyes on me, so I put the plate in front of Roxanne instead.

“Here you go.”

“Thank you, Master.”

It’s the dwarven dish that Sherry made, so I’m looking forward to eating it.

Last, I place a dish in front of Sherry.

It looks like she had Roxanne’s help with the stir-frying of the mean and vegetables, and with the bread.

I’m not sure though.

“Let’s dig in.”

First of all, the borscht.


It’s a good taste, but a bit sweet.

It has a country style feeling.

The ingredients are cut quite chunkily.

If I cut it finely maybe it would be like minestrone.

“It’s delicious.”

“Thank you.”

“Quite good. That reminds me, the wolf tribe have the beast soldier job, and the dwarves have the master smith job. Do the humans have a race specific job?”

I try to start a conversation.

There’s also the hotel job that the person in Vale’s inn had which might have been a racial job for his species.

It feels unnatural that only humans don’t have one.

Is Hero a racial job possibly?

I think it’s too strong for that to be the case.


“Um, oh…”

Their reactions are bad.

Did I say something odd?

“I think it would be good to be loved by Master.”

“I am ready also.”

What are they talking about?

I was asking about a job.


“The humans seem to be a race with an extremely large sex drive.”

Sherry explains.

I think I’ve heard something like this.

Humans will have all kinds of sex. Beastiality, homosexual sex, sex with minors, rape, incest, even if there is no chance of reproduction from it they’ll still do everything.

Humans have an instinct to do anything.

The humans in this world seem to cause havoc too.

War and destruction is in our nature.

“Is that so?”

“Since it’s such a race, the have the job of Sex Maniac that they get when immersed in their desires. It’s a human specific job.”

The Sex Maniac job.

Immersed in sexual desire.


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