Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World

Chapter 221

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Recap:I found monster cards to fuse with the high-heeled boots


"I got it. Let's get both of them" I decided to buy the two monster cards: the Ox monster card and the Kobold monster card as Luke had suggested.

After paying the money, I verify their type at the guild shrine. I don't actually need it, but it is not like I can just skip this verification. This is what an ordinary person would likely do after purchase.

No. I wonder if they wouldn't. They would use them immediately anyway. I don't get this normal standard.

"I’ve got a proposal though" After having finished verifying the monster cards, Luke approaches me while rubbing his hands.

It's not like he is actually rubbing his hands together, though. I just have a feeling from his expressions. It seems he is thinking about something crooked.

"What is it?" I ask.

"If the fusion with the monster cards succeeds, you're going to present it, isn't that right?" Luke inquires.

"That's right," I respond.

"In that case, how about doing the fusion in front of several merchants in our store?"

It was an unexpected an invitation for public fusion. Come to think of it, the lodge's Sebastian also taught me that there are also people who do the fusion in public. Is it really such a big deal after all?

"Is that something that needs to be done with so much fanfare?"

"Of course it is. Because If you do it to that extent, even if a one-in-a-million chance problem happens, it won't cause an issue" Luke replies.

Moreover, I don't understand the reason why he came rubbing his hands together for that. Should I try asking him directly?

"What kind of benefit you will gain by doing that?" I ask.

"That's a bit harsh. Well, it is not a great anything ~gozaimasen. Although it's called public fusion, it's honestly not necessary to openly publicize it and foolishly spread the word around to many people. If you call out to some who can be there by chance, that will most likely be enough" Luke explains it to me.

"By chance, you say?"

"By chance, yes"

In other words, I should call out to Luke because he's my acquaintance… For Luke, this may hold enough benefit. Sebastian also said that the aristocrats would surely investigate.

A person who has information is strong. There may be some aristocrats who would bow their heads to Luke to receive such information. Even if they don't go that far, even if there is no direct benefit to him, he would be able to lend a favor to the aristocrats.

Or, Luke would be able to lend one to his colleagues. No. there is one more thing. The aristocrats who would be coming to investigate are the duke of Harz anti-faction, and Luke who is asked to be the broker for the auctions by the duke of Harz belongs to the duke of Harz faction. You could say he may want to control the information feed to the duke of Harz anti-faction.

Since I'm naturally part of duke of Harz faction as well, Luke who is from duke of Harz faction can't do fishy things to me, but that is only if Luke can be trusted. There is the danger of being thrown out as a sacrificial pawn.

I guess, Luke actually could have already betrayed the duke of Hanz faction and went over to the duke of Hanz anti-faction, such possibility is not totally non-existent.

Maybe I'm overthinking this too much. It is a little hard to assume what would happen after he betrayed us. Whether the public fusion of the monster cards is done or not, I have nothing to do, other than having Sherry perform it. Gathering everyone who are only from the duke of Harz anti-faction to the public fusion, arrange and pre-prepare a story with them beforehand is what I think is difficult to do.

In addition, if, for argument's sake, Luke betrayed the duke of Harz, while he has not yet troubled the duke, then it is possible to shift the blame for crime from Luke.

I will probably not be blamed for not noticing Luke treachery. Even if I am, I'll just deal with it at that time.

"It's fine even if you do the monster cards fusion in public?"

"Correct. If there isn't that many people then there is no problem. I may fail though." I also try confirming with Sherry just in case, but it seems she is fine with that.

"Of course, I don't have any intention of making it such a big deal" Luke affirms as well.

Because Enamel high heel boots have one empty skill slots, she will probably not fail. No, there is the possibility of failing because others are watching. Should we think about that when that time comes?

If the fusion fails after we perform it in public, it is no longer necessary to present it to the Emperor. Sebastian may sell me that one that have five open skill slots as well at that time.

Rather it may be better if she fails. As a guy whom suffer a loss and obtains a profit, it may become more of a problem if it succeeds.

It would be fine if it was just for one time, but it is likely I will be marked down in the case of many continuous success fusions in public.

However, it is likely for the fusion to fail if the equipment doesn't have any open slots, I could make it fail if it is necessary. I don't have any particular reason to decline the proposal.

"That's right. I guess, if you don't make it a big deal"

"Oooh. My goodness. Thank you for the wise decision. Then, I will call to them. Please wait only for a little while" Luke, hearing my answer, quickly hurtled out of the room. Was he in a rush to prevent me from changing my mind? I wonder what the rush was. It makes me uneasy when he is so eager.

I want you to work on your salesmanship, and place more importance on your customer's peace of mind and trust. I'm suspicious that it was bad accepting the proposal. Though, thinking over the proposal, whether there was something I had missed, I cannot bring anything to mind.

Oh well there is no point thinking about right now. If Luke doesn't double-cross the duke of Harz faction, he will probably not cause any problem.

"Hmmm. Should we at least complete it quickly? Sherry, make sure you can do it even if it's immediately"

"Yes" I hand over the monster cards I just purchased from Luke, and the Enamel high heel boots, after taking them out from the item box, to Sherry. We will finish it quickly no matter whom Luke brings back with him.

I will quickly finish this before the other party can identify us.

If I wanted, we could even fuse them while Luke is not here.

No. It wouldn't be good, huh?

Despite calling a public fusion in order to obtain testimony when properly fused, it would be bad performing the act on our own while Luke was away from his seat. There is no good reason to do something like that.

Although secretly I wish she would, Sherry likely wouldn't go so far as to complete the fusion after reading the mood. This must be her loyalty for me, her master. Although, the excuse would work for me if Sherry did it on her own.

Nonetheless, the rational thinking Sherry wouldn't be someone who would do that.

"Sorry to keep you waiting" Time is up. Luke has arrived.

"It is fine" It's not, I had to wait.

"I called out to these two who happened to be nearby by chance"

"Something about doing a public fusing of monster card"

"Because I was around by chance, please let me come and watch by all means" Luke and the two men who he brought entered the room. I feel unpleasant seeing their smiling faces. By emphasizing the "by chance" statement, they reveal their intentions.

It doesn't seem they intend to do self-introduction and the like. They may do it after this though. That would be troublesome.

I look at Sherry to instruct her to begin immediately with Fusing, but Sherry had already finished preparing and started chanting. Seems she started at the same time the three men entered the room.

Sherry, is truly excellent.

"Ooh!" One of the men Luke invited raised his voice.

The other man with Luke was not very surprised. I wonder if seeing a fusion was a first for the surprised man.

I wonder, does Luke have the experience of seeing a fusion? Perhaps he may have a master blacksmith employed. In that case, he doesn't need to order anything from us. It's a good thing.

Sherry's hand shined.

And slowly the shine disappeared. In Sherry's hand, only the high-heeled boots remained.

Enamel high heel boots of Swift horse: Leg Equipment

Skill: Enhanced movement power

I see. Is it "swift horse" because it enhances movement power? Or, did it become a horse even though it was fused with Ox monster card? I instinctively think of a retort.

"The body, protected by it in frequent battles, the trustfully selected armor; armor appraisal." Luke chants in a muttering voice.

Oh that's right. Luke is an armor merchant, so he can use armor appraisal. I, who shouldn't be able to use armor appraisal, can't trust the name of the equipment here.

"You safely succeeded" As it couldn’t be helped, I praised Sherry for the success.


"Certainly, it seems it has succeeded. There is no mistake that it is the enamel high heel boots of a swift horse" Although I said as much, Luke joined in and praised Sherry for some reason.

Furthermore, he attached a strange name to the equipment. That being the case, shall I let myself get lured? It is nothing but riding on a big wave.

"Is it a swift horse even though it was an Ox monster card?" I reply.

"That's because Kobold monster card was used as well" Against my retort, Sherry calmly replies back.

I see. Is it such a thing?


No no.

It's not something like Mule or liger or leopon (Note: Those are a crossbreed between different type of animals), there's no way that a horse might be a crossbreed between an Ox and a Kobold.

Or possibly, is what being called "Shunme" a species of animals I wonder? (TL Note: The equipment name is 駿馬 which read as Shunme which means swift horse, but Michio is wondering if this world have a species of animals called Shunme)

No, that's also not possible. I was almost persuaded for an instant. However, it is not. Sherry, what a dreadful young girl.

"It's a horse though" I retort again.

"Since old times, it's said an excellent horse runs 1000 Li (TL Note: distance measurement). It can be said to be a suitable name for an equipment that enhances movement power" Sherry corrects me.

"Oh well I guess that's right" Not good. I was almost persuaded again.

"Where did the Ox go to?" I Continue my dissent.

"Since old times, it is said an excellent horse runs 1000 Li and an excellent Ox walks 800 Li" And Sherry continues to inform me.

"Oh" It's not something I've heard though. Or, rather, I felt 'it isn't a good excuse' since she mentioned 'walks' though.

"'Even though there is always 1000 Li horse, there isn't always an 800 Li Ox' there is also this proverb." Sherry is a wealth of knowledge.

"What about the standpoint of the cattles-san?" The cattles-san will cry ~you know.

"Cattles (Note: She used Katakana which Authors used when they want to indicate the meaning of the world was not understood)? In any case, 800 Li ox is very valuable" Being something rare and valuable does not imply that it is appropriate.

"R-really?" I can't believe this.

"At any rate, congratulation on the success"


"Congratulations. I was allowed to see a wonderful event"

Regardless of our offense and defense, the three men including Luke congratulated us.

Oops. It was so. The main subject is this one. Whether it is a cow or a horse or anything else is a trivial matter. That doesn’t matter almost as much as whether it is a horse or a deer. It's only people like the high minister of Qin who had cared about such things.

In old times, Zhao Gao, whose conduct accelerated the downfall of the Qin government, supposedly told the second generation emperor after Qin Shi Huang that he found a rare horse. He then presented a deer. It is said he regarded the person who corrected him, that it was a deer, as a hostile entity and later on purged him.

To set such a mean trap. Sherry, what a dreadful young girl you are. I don't want to be killed. Let's ride on Luke's group congratulation.

"Thank you."

"Having succeeded in fusion this time, we two will accept being witnesses without fail" One of them men inform me.

"Ah. I will rely on you." That reminds me, that was the purpose of this.

"Yes. Please leave it to us."

"Then, please excuse us as we need to be going." The two men bowed their heads and left the conference room promptly.

This was quite easy. Is this something like making acquaintance on an occasion? Or is it pull out the master blacksmith? Or something like smelling out my relationship with the Emperor? They completely avoided those subjects.

I guess they are men prepared by Luke. He would be troubled if they did strange things. The explanation will probably be performed by Luke as well.

"I am indebted to you" I tell Luke.

"Don't mind it. I didn't do anything great." Did Luke do something great? Or did he not?

It's a problem. I can't see what he does from now onward, after leaving.

I guess, even if he moves stealthily in the shadows, it doesn't mean it would turn into something strange. If something were to happen, it would be fine to declare that "this fellow has betrayed you" to the duke of Harz.

Let's do that. Yes, let's do that.

I feel that I want to immediately go do that right now. Although, nothing strange has happened yet, though.

"Later" I part ways with Luke at once, and leave the room as well.

After this, Luke will probably have a shady meeting with those two men from just a moment ago.

In that case, it may have better not to part with him quickly, but since it already came to this it doesn't matter anymore. ~Right.

What will happen will happen. I should only worry about entering the labyrinth after this and acquiring true ability. As long as I acquire strength, I will manage something no matter what may come. Speaking of what comes after this, on that subject, how do I present the finished equipment to the emperor?

It will be necessary to go to the lodge and ask about it.

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