Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting

Chapter 565 - The Faerie Dragon’s Might

Chapter 565 – The Faerie Dragon’s Might

Lan Xuanyu immediately felt a strong force and the Dragon God scales on his body lit up with a resplendent luster. He used the force to retreat. At the same time, the halberd in his hand changed from a downwards slash to a horizontal slash and left a wound on the Behemoth’s arm, causing fresh blood to gush out.

But in the next moment, Lan Xuanyu realized that the Behemoth changed.

The injured Behemoth’s eyes immediately turned red, and even the fur on its body emitted a red color that was filled with bloodlust. It roared and pounced straight at Lan Xuanyu.

‘What’s going on? A berserker ?’

A suffocating pressure bore down on him, but at this moment, Lan Xuanyu also displayed his improvement over the past few days.

The Dragon God scales on his body suddenly turned green, causing him to feel like a cool breeze. However, the aura released by the Behemoth seemed to have blown him away as his body flew backward instantly, causing his opponent to miss.

His left hand gently patted the ground and an ice surface appeared in front of the Behemoth. The Behemoth was indeed strong, but it didn’t pay too much attention to the details. He slipped and fell out of control.

Lan Xuanyu’s figure flickered as he appeared behind the Behemoth. He struck the back of the Behemoth’s head with his Heavenly Sacred Splitting Abyss Halberd and knocked it to the ground.

But the Behemoth’s body was simply too strong. With a roll, it jumped up and attacked Lan Xuanyu once again.

Through these two exchanges, Lan Xuanyu could feel that if he really wanted to kill this Behemoth, he could do it under his Dragon God Transformation state and his Heavenly Sacred Splitting Abyss Halberd. The Heavenly Sacred Splitting Abyss Halberd’s ability to ignore defense was particularly effective against a Behemoth. However, when he cut the arm of the Behemoth, he still felt an obstruction. Although his weapon still ignored defense, his soul power consumption was clearly greater than chopping metal. It was obvious how strong the defense of this Behemoth was.

Right at this moment, the three Behemoths suddenly turned illusory. In the next moment, they transformed into three rays of light and disappeared into the three Summoning Gate. The Summoning Gate closed as well.

On the other side, Qian Lei was still chasing after Yuanen Huihui. Yuanen Huihui was depressed as well. His arrow couldn’t break Qian Lei’s defense at all. He needed time if he wanted to use the stronger variant of the Elven King Bow. Although he could barely do it, he was worried that he would really hurt him. Hence, he was helpless when Qian Lei chased after him.

Having lost her opponent, Tang Yuge naturally stopped and looked at Lan Xuanyu in shock.

From the start of the battle until now, those three Behemoths had been summoned for about 10 minutes and were actually suppressing her until she was helpless. One had to know that this was even before Qian Lei attacked her.

In other words, if it was a one on one battle, Qian Lei and his summons had the possibility of fighting against her. Of course, Tang Yuge didn’t use her full strength just now, but Qian Lei’s improvement was still extremely terrifying. He still had his second soul skill that he hadn’t used yet. His second soul skill was Replication, could he summon another Behemoth?

With Fatty Jin, Fatty Qian was truly reborn!

“Hmph, Fatty Qian, don’t be arrogant. Watch me!” Yuanen Huihui shouted in anger. At the same time, the pair of wings on his back suddenly turned into the color of rainbow and separated from his body, flying like a butterfly. The rainbow-colored wings flapped and a little angel-like figure could be seen between the wings as it gently flapped its wings and flew into the sky.

In the next moment, the pair of wings wrapped around his small body. A white light flickered and countless white spots of light blossomed outward. It actually transformed into the white ball of light that appeared after Yuanen Huihui consumed the Emperor Fruit.

Yuanen Huihui shot out another arrow. The white ball of light suspended above his head immediately shot out a white lightning bolt that attached itself to his arrow.

The arrow hit Qian Lei accurately and immediately, a white light flashed on Qian Lei’s body and he stopped.

Following that, Yuanen Huihui shot out arrow after arrow, and the white ball of light in the sky split into white lightning bolts that attached themselves to them. The arrows landed on Qian Lei’s body, and every arrow made him pause for a moment. His body seemed to be moving in slow motion, he could only move mechanically, and was unable to charge forward. Every arrow made him pause, but those arrows only left some marks on his golden hair, and they couldn’t really hurt Qian Lei.

That was… a Faerie Dragon? The Faerie Dragon that Huihui mentioned before? Lan Xuanyu immediately guessed what the ball of light hovering above Yuanen Huihui’s head was.

The Faerie Dragon actually had the appearance of a human but was still called a Faerie Dragon. He initially thought that it was a mount but he didn’t expect it to take such form.


“That white light has no attributes. Any attribute attached to it would be amplified,” Tang Yuge said from Lan Xuanyu’s side. She had no intention of helping him.

Lan Xuanyu nodded his head slightly. This Faerie Dragon seemed to be like Yuanen Huihui’s amplifier. Also, under the Dragon God Transformation state, his perception of the elements was extremely sharp and he could clearly sense the changes in Qian Lei’s body. After those arrows were amplified and landed on his body, the various elemental attacks would actually produce a strange isolation effect on his hair. The energy of these attributes would be transmitted through his golden hair back into the air and wouldn’t hurt him. And during this process, his body would stop and this strange scene appeared.

As expected, they really needed to train together ! In just a short period of time, everyone displayed their abilities and it was obvious that all of them had changed quite a bit.

Everyone’s individual strength had improved greatly, especially the weakest Qian Lei, who now had the ability to hold his own.

“Huihui, let me try.” Liu Feng’s voice resounded. Following that, a silver figure swept towards Qian Lei.

A silver light appeared behind Qian Lei like a bolt of lightning. The silver light brushed past him and left a faint black mark in the air. Although it was only for an instant, it had clearly torn a fine crack in space.

Immediately, the golden hair on Qian Lei’s back rippled, and the surrounding elemental fluctuations suddenly became strange. That crack was actually filled up, and naturally, it didn’t hurt Qian Lei.

But in the next moment, that silver light swept up like a silver dragon and Qian Lei’s strong body was actually lifted up.

In midair, the silver light swept over once again and lifted Qian Lei up for the second time. Following that, the silver light flashed above and struck downwards, smashing Qian Lei’s body from the sky and onto the ground.

As Qian Lei was resisting Yuanen Huihui previously, he had focused all his attention on this side. He was suddenly attacked and fell into a daze.

That silver light didn’t have any intention of letting him go. It descended from the sky like a sharp awl and stepped on Qian Lei’s body. A silver light shot up and actually brought him into the air. Following that, that silver light flickered continuously in midair and his appearance couldn’t be seen at all. However, it brought the Golden Behemoth into the air and smashed him into the ground time and time again. In just a few breaths, it had already attacked and hit dozens of times. The powerful Golden Behemoth didn’t have the ability to fight back under his control.

However, that silver light clearly couldn’t hurt Qian Lei’s body. Qian Lei only used the simplest method to face it. He hugged his head with both hands and curled up his entire body, allowing that silver light to attack.

After a full 10 seconds, his body landed on the ground and Liu Feng appeared on the other side with a flash. He laughed and said, “How satisfying, how satisfying.” Of course, he wouldn’t use his strongest attack to attack Qian Lei, in case he really hurt him. But this series of dazzling control still caused the eyes of the others to shine.

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