Spirit Vessel

Chapter 783: Impossible To Escape

The atmosphere became tense and hot.

“Beacon King, you dare to disobey Spirit Palace Lord’s decree?” Fire Master’s flame intensified, painting the sky red.

The waves became violent as if there were explosions at the bottom.

“As I have said, I will not participate in this. If Spirit Palace Lord wants to see it, then tell your men to go get it.” The king’s robe wasn’t affected by the influx of power. His wrinkles looked like powerful mountain ranges, completely indomitable.

He waved his sleeve and proudly left on his boat.

“Hmph!” Fire Master’s sleeves puffed out as a cauldron flew out. It was the size of a mountain with 360 rotating formations. Its heat nearly made all the water evaporate.

This was a Dominating Armament.

“Boom!” The remaining water suddenly froze as the king spewed out a black ray - a weapon with demonic energy. It successfully repelled the cauldron, almost extinguishing its fire.

Fire Master recalled the cauldron with a tinge of surprise in his eyes.

The king was nowhere to be found now.

“Fire Master, please go back and tell Spirit Palace Lord that Feng Feiyun is no longer the Divine King of Jin. I formally banish him from the royal clan. If the palace lord wishes to read that scripture, I’ll naturally order people to look for it. Of course, I can only try my best, no guarantee.” Unrestrained Enlightened Being spoke with an even haughtier tone than the heretical king. She went inside the palanquin and left.

“The palace lord was right, these two think their wings are tough now.” Fire Master coldly uttered to himself.


Feiyun hurried to Ancient Jiang with his vessel. It only took one hour for him to travel 300,000 miles from Earthchild to Central Royal.

He felt exhausted due to his existing wounds. He needed to stop to recover some energy before being sucked dry.

“This broken ship is definitely a supreme artifact. No one in this land can be this fast. Just another hour and we’ll make it to the goddess’ temple.” Monk Zhi Zang sat beneath a tree.

The truth was that he didn’t really want to travel with Feiyun since the latter had offended the wrong people. Alas, he had no other choice because Feiyun had a strand of his soul. Thus, he didn’t have a good expression right now.

They rested on a peak and prepared many stealth formations around. Feiyun put a spirit pill in his mouth while holding spirit stones. He wanted to recover his energy before Unrestrained could catch up.

He has been meditating for two hours, looking just like a statue. A while later, he suddenly opened his eyes, showing its radiance: “Monk, you don’t want to go with me?”

“If I have a choice, I would run as far away from you as possible.” The monk honestly answered.

“Very well, I’ll release you.”

“Really?” The monk thought he misheard.

“But you have to do something for me.”

“What is it?” The monk remained cautious, not accepting right away.

“I have thought about it again. Many people want Golden Silkworm now so hiding in that temple might not be safe. Plus, it’ll bring trouble there.” Feiyun said.

“That’s true, so are you giving up?” The monk nodded.

“Among the top masters, only Unrestrained Enlightened Being can find me. I just need to escape her calculation and I’ll be safe anywhere else, able to change from being passive to active.” Feiyun shook his head.

“Won’t be easy. Didn’t you say that she was quite wise, able to find clues left behind even though you’re an incalculable person?”

“What if I hide all the clues and divination about me?”

“No one can do that.”

“There’s one, Scholar Heaven Calculating. Go find him right now and tell him that if he helps me, I’ll owe him one.”

“Fine.” The monk answered and flew away as if a dog was chasing after him. Staying with Feiyun was too dangerous. On the other hand, finding this scholar was as safe and easy as can be.

Feiyun felt that the scholar would definitely help him. Alas, he still had a pessimistic expression as he murmured: “It’s not that easy escaping from her.”

“You’re not too dumb.” The formations hiding the peak were blown away. Two faint six-armed figures carried a palanquin and landed in front of Feiyun.

He wasn’t surprised at all, seemingly expecting this. He was also good at calculation and knew that danger was coming. Therefore, he told the monk to go find the scholar.

Feiyun got up and patted the leaves off his robe and smiled: “You’re really fast. Did you win versus the heretical king?”

“Come with me to the Heaven’s Emergence Tomb.” She didn’t answer him.

In her eyes, he was no longer qualified to speak because he was already a dead man.

What’s the point in talking to a dead man?


Back in Spirit Realm Inn of Ancient Jiang. A palace floated in the sky deeper in this region, filled with red flowers.

A pekingese played in a flower bush; its amber eyes stared around in a daze before falling asleep.

Mo Yaoyao still wore a fur coat and long skirt in her chamber. Her breasts were ample; her eyes clear like water.

She was reading an old scroll, looking elegant and gentle. The air carried a flowery fragrance.

“Whoosh!” A gentle breeze brushed by outside.

The pekingese woke up and opened its bright eyes.

“I do not appreciate uninvited guests.” Mo Yaoyao opened her red lips and looked up.

The heretical king was standing on a floating boulder with a jade box in his hand. Dense spirit energy and red strands floated around the box along with devious ripples.

The box clearly contained an amazing treasure.

“I am bearing a gift in this uninvited visit. Inside is a cup of a great demon’s blood found in the treasury, I’m sure it’ll be useful for you, Miss Mo.” The king said.

“A great demon’s blood is indeed a great treasure. I will accept it and forgive your intrusion.” Mo Yaoyao’s eyes flashed briefly as she smiled; her eyelashes flickered ever so slightly.

She reached out and the box flew into her hand. She opened it and felt a powerful sanguine aura.

“You may leave now.” She closed the box and said.

“The truth is that I wish to ask you for help again.” The king didn’t leave.

“You? Needing help?” Mo Yaoyao lazily opened her scroll again and shifted her focus.

“The two old geezers from Sacred Spirit are paying attention to Jin, they might deal with those they deem a threat soon.”

“What does that have to do with me?” She smiled.

“There will be a calamity coming soon enough. I vaguely saw this land being stained with blood.” The king stood with both hands posed behind his back, looking majestic like a mountain.

“Still has nothing to do with me.” She leaned her chin on her hand and said.

“Excuse me then, I’ll visit again later.” The king’s eyes turned cold as he clenched his fists. It took a second before he relaxed and smiled.

After leaving the inn, he had murderous intent in his eyes and stomped the ground. His aura crushed the trees nearby: “Hmph! That’s a demon for you, how contemptible!”

He took a deep breath and composed himself before leaving.


“Humans are so strange, thinking that they can buy me with a cup of blood. Haha, I don’t like to kill that much.” Mo Yaoyao looked out the window and put down her scroll.

She opened the box and took out the cup of blood. She held it next to the pekingese’s mouth and rubbed its head: “Don’t copy humans, they’re bad and ruthless, killing their own kind and drinking their blood, no race is more merciless than them.”

“Gulp, gulp!” The dog drank the entire cup.

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