Story of a Big Player from Gangnam

Chapter 28 - B2B Electronic Payment (2)

It had been two months since Gun-Ho joined the YS Tech.

Heavy rain was falling in a windy day, and summer heat was fading away.

Gun-Ho was working till late at night.

“Now I know by heart many of the account numbers from the chart of accounts. That allows me to work faster in entering the data.”

At that day, the general affairs manager was working late as well.

“You must be very busy today.”

“Don’t get me started. Tomorrow is payday. I have to calculate the Four Major Public Insurance. There seems to be a lot of overtime work and overtime payment among production line workers, which I have to factor in to calculate their wages.”

“You do have indeed lots of work to do.”

When Gun-Ho almost finished his work, he went to see the general affairs manager.

“Sir, please just let me know if you need a hand.”

“You mean it? Then would you help me with the wage calculation for the office workers? I will do the calculation for the production line workers.”

“Sure. I will do it quick since I won’t get paid until all the wage calculation is done.”

Working together increased work efficiency. It could well take two hours, but they finished it in an hour.

“Thank you Mr. Gun-Ho Goo. With your help, I have finished it faster. Tomorrow you will be busy in distributing wages to every single employee since it’s payday. It will take significant time.”

“Distributing actual wages is handled by Manager Kim.”

“You said you were staying in Dujeong Town, Cheonan City, right?”

“Yes, I haven’t found any room in Dunpo Town yet.”

“There are plenty of rooms in Dunpo Town. For drinking and having fun, Dujeong Town is the place.”

“Don’t you live in Dujeong Town as well?”

“That’s right. I live in Dujeong Town, at the Prugio condo next to the subway station.”

“Oh, that’s a nice place.”

“Would you like to have a beer with me in our town, Dujeong? It’s raining; perfect weather for a drink.”

“I am treating you.”

“Okay, then leave your car at home and come to the Dujeong station intersection. I will see you in front of the Kookmin Bank there.”

“Okay. I will be there right away.”

The general affairs manager Hwang and Gun-Ho met at a bar in Dujeong Town.

“I am sorry. I should already have arranged this kind of occasion to get closer with you.”

“No problem. Let’s drink up first.”

The heavy rain continued outside. The neon lights were shining on the main street in Dujeong Town, Cheonan City even late at night.

“When does Manager Kim begin her maternity leave?”

“Well, I guess it would be next month.”

“I hope that woman go home as soon as possible. I don’t understand why she gives me the work she is supposed to do.”

“Probably because she has a heavy workload in the accounting team. Please understand her.”

“I didn’t like the way she filled the vacant position this time, either. There were many competitive applicants for the bookkeeper position. I am sorry to tell you this, Mr. Gun-Ho Goo.”

“I’ve heard of it.”

“The president wanted to hire the one who had worked as a bookkeeper in a fodder company. She had a level-1 computerized accounting certificate and she studied in Japan; she speaks Japanese. Moreover, she was very pretty.”

“I’ve heard that she decided to stay with her current employer…”

“Staying with the current employer my as*. That Manager Kim b*tch lied in order to keep her position firm.”

“You don’t say…”

“She then recommended the young lady who had just graduated from a commercial high school; she thought she could easily handle that kid. The president rejected the suggestion. He thought that candidate was too young to handle the work by herself during Manager Kim’s absence for the maternity leave.”

“I see.”

“That’s how she came up with you, Mr. Gun-Ho Goo. You have some work experience in bookkeeping, and you are way younger than Manager Kim. In addition, once she returns from her maternity leave, you could move to another team such as sales or distribution since you do have work experience in production and you have a Class 1 driver’s license.”

“Hmm… I see.”

“Our president is not a meticulous type of person. He heavily relies on Manager Kim moneywise. Manager Kim manages all bankbooks from our major banks and OTP as well. Usually, business finance is directly handled by a president for a small and mid-sized company. That’s why that b*tch is condescending and looks down on everyone.”

“That’s because the president trusts her, isn’t it?”

“When she has to pay for the credit purchase, she pays quick to the companies she likes, but for her unfavorable companies, she delays the payment for three to four months.”

“That’s unbelievable. The payment is probably processed according to the company’s financial situation.”

“She always delays the payments for the copy machine lease, office supplies, and food supplies for our cafeteria because our team, the general affairs team, handles them. That f*cking b*tch.”

“Haha. You seemed to be drunk, sir.”

“Mr. Goo, when Manager Kim leaves for her maternity leave, you make sure that she properly hands over the finance management access to you. In working in the accounting team, journalizing, filing tax return, and making a financial report on closing accounts are, of course, important. However, the most important thing is that you have to have the control on the finance.”

“Okay, sir. Or brother. I will keep that in mind.”

“Gun-Ho, when you first joined our company, you didn’t like me because you thought I bothered you a lot, did you?”

“No, not at all, brother.”

“You don’t have to lie. I know that.”

“You drank 1500CC already. Your wife must be waiting for you.”

“Nah, she is still at work. She is working a night shift today. That is what I hate about the nurse job at a university hospital.”

“Wow. A nurse working in a university hospital is one of the best jobs. I am envious.”

It has been three months since Gun-Ho joined the company.

Manager Kim’s belly looked like a mountain; it was almost time for her to just rest at home. The president was passing the area where Manager Kim and Gun-Ho were working when he talked to Manager Kim.

“Manager Kim. I do appreciate your hard work, but you need to get some rest. Why don’t you just hand over the work to Mr. Goo and go home?”

“Let me file the VAT return, and then I will begin my maternity leave.”

“I am worried about you, Manager Kim. It seems the baby is coming out anytime soon.”

Manager Kim started handing over the work to Gun-Ho.

“You can continue to enter the accounting transaction in the general journal using the accounting software as you have done so far. In case you have any questions, just send me a text or you can contact Manager Jeong at the accountant office.”

“Okay, I will do that.”

“Here is the petty cash. It’s a small amount of cash for small expenses, about 1,000,000 won. When you have to use it, make sure that you collect the receipts.”

“Sure, of course.”

“When an employee brings a cash payment statement for even a small amount, tell them to get a signature from their team leaders. If the amount is more than 100,000 won, they need to get the president’s signature. We just give the signed amount; we don’t authorize any expense.”

“I understood.”

“And, as to the B2B payment for the credit sales and the credit purchase of raw materials, I will talk with the president and let you know.”

“Do we apply the early payment discount to a B2B payment as soon as we receive it?”

“No, you don’t have to. There is a service fee, so you can do it right before we have to pay… Let me talk with the president first about it and will let you know.”


Manager Kim seemed to give a lot of thought to how to handle the finance management access.

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