Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess

Chapter 684 - Throw Off the Spies

Chapter 684 Throw Off the Spies

Qin Ningyun still looked incredulous, but Qinghu did not kill her for the sake of Gou An.

Now Lin Mengya was even more unlikely to do that.

She said, “I didn’t mean to kill her. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have gotten the chance to glare at me like this.”

Qinghu released his grip on Qin Ningyun’s hand, while holding her sword with the other hand.

As he sneered, the sharp sword flew out of his hand.

There came a thrilling sound of metal breaking. In the next moment, Qin Ningyun’s sword had been broken into two pieces.

“My sword… How, how could you do that?”

Qin Ningyun stared angrily at Qinghu and Lin Mengya in front of her, her eyes turning red, as if she was about to burst into tears at any time.

“In your hands, the sword is nothing other than a sharp weapon you use to hurt innocent people indiscriminately. It’s better to destroy it. If the other three of you think that I’ve done wrong, you can seek justice for her. But I have to warn you that although I need you to help me save my brother, I can still save him without your help,” Lin Mengya said.

The atmosphere was completely spoiled by Qin Ningyun.

Hearing Lin Mengya’s blunt words, each of the other three had their own thought.

After all, no matter whether Lin Mengya had justice on her side or not, Qin Ningyun was their sister closely associated with them. At present, they definitely would not hurt their sister’s feelings because of an outsider.

However, it was indeed Qin Ningyun’s fault, so they found it inappropriate to defend her.

After looking around, Lin Mengya knew that given the current situation, they were unlikely to continue with their consultation on rescuing her brother.

“I’m leaving now. It’ll be highly appreciated if you could help me, and I’m open to your comments on anything else,” Lin Mengya said.

In the room, Gou An nodded at Lin Mengya despite his embarrassed look. It seemed that he could still distinguish right from wrong although he was in a dilemma.

“Let… let me see you off!” Meng Ziqi said.

He was the only one among them who could still force a smile.

Lin Mengya, who did not want to stay here as a nuisance, followed Meng Ziqi to leave this chaotic place with Qinghu.

“My pretty, my Fourth Sister actually didn’t mean that. Please don’t blame her, okay?” Meng Ziqi said as he glanced at Lin Mengya cautiously, for fear of annoying her, who showed a cold face.

Watching Meng Ziqi plead, Lin Mengya gradually calmed down.

She shouldn’t have gotten mad at them. After all, rescuing her brother was the most important thing at the moment.

“I’m fine. It’s just a misunderstanding. By the way, are you also my brother’s Junior Brother?” she asked.

Meng Ziqi immediately nodded desperately to prove his identity.

He didn’t expect that the beauty turned out to be his Second Senior Brother’s biological sister he had missed all the time.

“Yes, I’m the youngest apprentice and the last one to join our sect. In fact, I didn’t spend much time with Second Senior Brother. Nevertheless, I heard from Third Senior Brother that apart from him and Second Senior Brother, Eldest Senior Brother was also one of the first batches of apprentices, but Eldest Senior Brother had left when I joined our sect. Later, Second Senior Brother also left, leaving us here,” he said.

She had never heard her brother mention this. Every time her brother came back, he told her all kinds of his experiences.

Although she could only giggle back then, her brother had never hidden anything from her.

Now she met a few junior apprentices of her brother, but why had her brother never mentioned them?

“Do you know why my brother never talks about you?” Lin Mengya asked cautiously, for fear that Meng Ziqi, the only person among them willing to talk with her, would not answer her.

However, although Meng Ziqi did not hide it from her, he shook his head and said, “I don’t know. I don’t even know who Eldest Senior Brother is, so I’ve no idea what has happened among them. I only heard from Third Senior Brother that if it weren’t for the war, the three of them definitely would have traveled around the world together. They refused to tell me anything other than this.”

The answer was simple, but it was better than nothing.

It seemed that Meng Ziqi had a good relationship with her brother. Otherwise, he would not have repeatedly promised that Gou An would help her save her brother.

After returning from the Ziwei Alley, Lin Mengya had an intuition that there was a secret among her brother and his two fellow apprentices.

If that Eldest Senior Brother was really a villain, her brother would not be so stupid as to take the blame alone.

Perhaps they both had their difficulties.

After spending an afternoon outside, she found the sky had darkened before she noticed it.

In addition to Qinghu, she was watched by many other people.

Perhaps frightened by the Emperor’s cleaning up the spies, someone sent more spies.

Lin Mengya felt a little upset at the thought that her impulsive act today would probably cause her failure in fulfilling the task her brother had assigned her.

Thinking that those spies’ master was the culprit, Lin Mengya could not help bursting into anger.

She had gotten tired of being watched. Even after returning home, she could not live a peaceful life.

She dragged Qinghu’s hand, and the two of them whispered something in each other’s ear. Thereafter, they turned to glance at those spies who were trying to feign composure.

All of a sudden, they came up with a way, that was not brilliant but quite applicable to the current situation, to throw off the spies.

Lin Mengya strolled on the street as usual, but squeezed her way into a crowd rather than take a path with few passers-by around.

Even the spies could not completely occupy the bustling street.

Apart from a few of them who pretended to be peddlers, the rest disguised as passers-by followed Lin Mengya and Qinghu quietly.

Lin Mengya walked unhurriedly and drew back distance with them.

Suddenly, after exchanging glances with Qinghu, she immediately bent down to hide in a corner.

Those spies came forward nervously at once. At this time, two husky men not far away suddenly began to quarrel.

It seemed that one of them lost his purse and found it in the hands of the other man, which caused an uproar.

One accused the other of the theft while the other claimed to be wrongly accused.

No one knew who started the fight. Anyway, they, who had been cursing each other, began to fight with each other.

The crowded street instantly turned into an arena.

The onlookers certainly would not miss such a good opportunity to watch the farce.

The street instantly became so crowded that the spies might even lose their shoes in the crowd, not to mention tracking Lin Mengya and Qinghu…

Lin Mengya grabbed Qinghu’s hand and began to run away.

The uproar among the people on the street was arranged by her and Qinghu.

The two of them ran for a long while. It wasn’t until they were sure that no one caught up with them that they stopped by the road for a rest, while breathing heavily.

“I… I haven’t run so wildly for a long time. I’m old so that I’ve been out of breath after running for just a while,” Lin Mengya said with a rare blush caused by the intense run.

Since she came to this world, she had been required to be dignified and decent in manners with everything arranged thoughtfully by her maids. Therefore, she could rarely enjoy her free time.

Qinghu was still staring at her with a doting look. In fact, he could have taken her away with his flying skill just now.

However, seeing her rare smile, Qinghu was reluctant to spoil her fun.

He would like to accompany her to do whatever she wanted as long as she was pleased.

Lin Mengya, whose breathing gradually returned to steady, looked at Qinghu with her head aslant and asked with a playful smile like a spoiled child, “Where are we going next?”

Today, she wanted to escape all her troubles.

Now, she didn’t want to think about the issues of Long Tianyu and the Lin Family nor the poison in her body.

Qinghu certainly understood what she meant, and he would unconditionally support and encourage her no matter what decision she made.

Since she wanted to relax, he would certainly give her the most wonderful memory.

“Let’s go to an amazing place. I promise you’ve never been there.”

With an idea coming into his mind, Qinghu suggested. He believed that it would be their best choice.

“Where? Where are you taking me to?” Lin Mengya asked.

Without getting an answer to her question, Lin Mengya could only go with Qinghu. But when she saw their destination, her knitted brows indicated the confusion in her heart.

“Is this the amazing place you mentioned?” Lin Mengya asked, pointing at the street ahead, which was gradually becoming noisy in the dark.

The scent of the rouge and powder was so strong that it made her sneeze even from a dozen meters away.

The bright red lanterns and the pleasant voices of women made an ambiguous and extravagant scene.

Even as a time-traveler from modern times, Lin Mengya knew it should be a red-light district, a very classic place in costume dramas or novels.

“This is the most interesting place. Let’s walk around here. You can do whatever you want here,” Qinghu said with a sly smile.

Lin Mengya had no idea what fun they could have here.

Nevertheless, she first met Hongyu in a brothel run by the Candle Dragon Cult.

Perhaps all brothels were the same.

With this thought in mind, Lin Mengya followed Qinghu to the largest brothel gathering area in the Capital City.

It was only when she was actually there that she realized how ridiculous her thought was.

Apart from the enchanting ladies in ordinary brothels, there were plenty of vendors selling delicious food and interesting stuff.

Due to the fact that the street was brightly lit all night, those vendors did business all night.

It was livelier here than any other street outside with an extra flavor of life.

Qinghu, who seemed to be familiar with this place, said, “We haven’t had anything yet today. You must be hungry. Let’s go to the wonton stand run by the Li Family for some food!”

Since the moment he came here, he had been talking about things like which food stand was the best, which brothel had the most beautiful ladies, and so on.

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