Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 537 - Rich and Wilful Guy Was Robbed

Chapter 537 Rich and Wilful Guy Was Robbed

If we can’t crack them, it doesn’t matter how much we talk about them here. Elsa and Luke had the same thought in their hearts.

After their chat, Luke and Selina went back to their investigation, and Elsa returned to the police department. However, she did give Luke some assistance. “If you need help, you can look for Elizabeth and Billy’s team, or Simmons.”

Of course, Luke thanked her.

These were all the people under Elsa, and she was giving him her full support.

The three of them split up.

Luke and Selina went to the second scene. It was another bank robbery slash homicide. Just like the previous case, the robber died after running into a hallway, and his loot disappeared without a trace.

Even more bizarrely, none of the surveillance cameras had captured the robber’s death either.

Reading the report of the simple autopsy done at the scene, Luke took out a chocolate lollipop, tore the wrapper off, and put it in his mouth. His words were a little muffled as he said, “These two cases are a little similar, except that this man was killed after he was hit hard in the back of the head.”

Selina nodded. “That’s right. So, both cases are ours.”

Just like earlier, Luke did one round of the crime scene before leaving with Selina for a third case, which was at a five-star hotel called Colmore Hotel.

Standing next to the road where the crime happened, Luke looked at the scene and nodded. “At least this case shouldn’t be related to the last two.”

Selina rolled her eyes. “There’s a casino here. The guy who got mugged had just won a lot of money.”

Luke waved his hand to indicate that they should go in, and asked, “What kind of idiot comes out with cash? Does he think L.A. doesn’t have enough robberies?”

Remembering the information on the victim, Selina said a little uncertainly, “Perhaps he’s too rich to care?”

Luke smacked his lips and felt that she was probably right.

Standing in the hotel casino, he and Selina drew a security guard’s attention the moment they put on their badges. “Detectives, how can we help you?”

Luke: “A Mr. Jameson reported that he was robbed of 20,000 dollars yesterday. We’re here for him.”

The security guard sighed helplessly. “Please wait a moment.” Saying that, he went into the hall and said something to a middle-aged white man who was shouting and yelling at a table, before he pointed at Luke and Selina.

The middle-aged white man muttered unhappily, but he still got up and went over.

His eyes glittered when he saw Selina. He stretched out his hand and said, “Ah, hello. May I know your name? Would you like to have dinner with me after work? This is my card.”

Selina casually raised the cake she was holding and took a bite. “Sorry, but I’m not hungry.”

Jameson: “…”

Luke stepped forward and took the card from the man’s hand. “Mr. Jameson, you reported yesterday that you were robbed, right?”

Jameson nodded angrily, not bothered by the fact that Luke didn’t introduce himself. “Yes. You’re so slow. If this was New York, I would’ve already filed a complaint with your director.”

A neutral smile fixed on his face, Luke asked, “Then can you tell us what happened yesterday?”

Jameson was impatient, but he wasn’t someone who didn’t care about his money at all, and he quickly described the robbery yesterday.

After hearing him out, Luke nodded, deep in thought. “So, you impulsively went out with 20,000 dollars of cash, but before you made it to your car, you were covered in a bag and beaten up, and then robbed?”

Jameson nodded. Luke stared at his face. “But you’re still playing here today. So, how did the robber attack you?”

Jameson glared at Luke resentfully. Looking at that calm and handsome face, he suddenly felt embarrassed; he lost in terms of looks! What should he do?

Averting his gaze, he said impatiently, “He just kicked me.”

Luke was as patient as ever. “Where, exactly?”

He wasn’t giving Jameson a hard time by asking that question. The truth was that most robbers who didn’t have any weapons on them would just punch and kick a person, and would be more violent; a person would be lucky to get off with just a swollen and bruised face.

If they had a gun or a blade, then either the robbery would turn into a homicide, or the victim would obediently hand over their money.

Most robbers and victims understood this rule very well since it happened very often.

People who hadn’t been robbed in Los Angeles were as rare as people who had never lost anything to a thief.

As if going to work, many robbers would appear on the restless streets every night.

When they ran into ordinary people who were on their own, they would take out their “tools” and stop the other party, and have these people hand over their cash, watches, phones, and so on for “safekeeping.”

Most L.A. people wouldn’t keep a lot of cash in their wallets when they went out. They usually carried thirty to fifty dollars. Of course, it was unwise not to carry any cash either.

If an ordinary person ran into an armed robber, it was better to let the robber take twenty dollars than to take a bullet from a robber who was furious after a fruitless endeavor.

Thus, many people carried pocket change on them in the event that they had to pay this “toll.”

The robber who mugged Jameson had worn a black hood; it seemed he had been well-prepared.

There weren’t any injuries on Jameson’s face. He was as healthy as could be, and was still making a big fuss as he gambled. This was a little strange.

After hesitating for a moment, Jameson said in a low voice, “He kicked me in the butt.”

Luke raised an eyebrow. “Did you get it checked out? Were you badly hurt?”

Jameson coughed in embarrassment. “Hotel security checked it for me. It’s fine.”

Luke let out an “oh” and didn’t ask any further questions.

Clearly, the robber’s kick had barely hurt Jameson, and he had only felt pain for a bit.Nodding, Luke said, “Okay, thank you for your cooperation. We’ll let you know if there are any updates on this case.”

Jameson was surprised. “Huh? That’s it?”

Luke once again responded with a polite and calm smile. “You have to give us time to investigate, right? After all, L.A. is a big city; it isn’t as safe as New York.”

Jameson was unable to say anything.

He was used to acting pretentiously in New York, and was now only just realizing that he couldn’t act up here.

His usual tricks didn’t work here in Los Angeles. Luke and Selina left the hotel, but before they got into their car, they saw a black man stealthily opening the trunk of another car.

Looking at each other, Luke and Selina had no choice but to go over.

Two meters behind the black man, Luke asked, “Sir, have you lost the key to your car? Do you need me to call someone for you, or help you find a police officer?”

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