Super Gene

Chapter 2791 - Red-Robed Child

2791 Red-Robed Child

Han Sen did not know who the red-robed child was. He saw his body flash with a red light. It was flickering like a police car’s siren. He did not walk forward. He just stopped and looked at him. He wanted to see what sort of power the child wielded.

It was wild to be able to control the powers of a plant xenogeneic, but the Space Garden was not populated by high-level xenogeneic plants yet. The primitive deifieds had all been summoned there.

After looking at Han Sen, the red-robed child suddenly developed a strange smile. Han Sen then saw the plant xenogeneics all around gather power. They were not going for Han Sen. They were going for the red-robed child.

There was a sword tree full of old swords. It was becoming a scary sword light. It created a rain of swords that stormed down on the red-robed child. The witch-like flower vines were lashing out on the red-robed child too. All kinds of scary powers were mustered, and they were coming out from the sky and ground. They did not cut the red-robed child any slack.

“What is going on here? The plant xenogeneics are attacking him.” Han Sen was not the only one confused by this. Xie Qing King and the others were too.

It was difficult to understand what was going on and why the plant xenogeneics were suddenly attacking the child.

Han Sen frowned and looked at the red-robed child. The red-robed child looked back at Han Sen. He had a weird smile on his face. He did not look as if he was going to come under fire by a massive amount of plant xenogeneics.

Seeing the scary power descend on the red-robed child, the sword lights were going to strike his skin. It was at that moment the red-robed child’s body exploded with a red light. It was like a hole full of bugs.

In the next moment, something weird happened. Han Sen felt some power come down on him. He did not have time to react. His body suddenly teleported. He appeared right where the red-robed child was a second ago, and the red-robed child appeared where Han Sen had been a moment before. It was like they had just swapped space.

It was fine to swap space, but the scary power was surrounding Han Sen. The power was already able to land on his body. It disabled him from being able to use Dongxuan Area in time.


A countless number of scary powers struck Han Sen, creating a terrible explosion. Half of the entire flower city was reduced to rubble and ruin. The colorful explosion was like a colorful sun rising.

“Oh, no…” The faces of the Flower God Leader and the others changed. None would have thought that the red-robed child had a power like that. It could swap places with the enemy at will. Han Sen did not have time to run.

Being hit by so many scary powers like that, it was likely a transmutation deified was going to be rendered nothing but a crippled person.

“Do not worry. That guy wouldn’t let himself be taken out that easily.” Xie Qing King was not worried in the least.

The red-robed child had a very smug grin. When the explosions started to disperse, the smile on the red-robed child’s face froze stiffly and queerly. Han Sen was able to walk out from that explosion with armor that was as clean and new as ever. It was burning with a white phoenix flame. He did not look like he was injured at all.

“You are very weak,” Han Sen said as he squinted his eyes at the red-robed child. Before the red-robed child responded, Han Sen’s body flashed like a bolt of lightning. He teleported in front of the red-robed child, grabbed him by the collar, and picked him up.

The red-robed child started to scream and flail his limbs in a futile bid for escape. The red light on his body exploded again. The red-robed child suddenly swapped locations so that he was the one holding Han Sen.

The red-robed child looked very cocky again. He applied strength with his hands. He was planning on throwing Han Sen at the plant xenogeneics.

Before he had a chance, Han Sen grabbed him by the hands and threw the kid down. He then smacked him on the butt.

“Whoa!” The red-robed child had been slapped. It gave the child teary eyes. He was crying, and his red light was going to explode again.

This time, the red light merely flashed. The Dongxuan Area had already stopped the universal cogwheels that were responsible for the switching. The red light that came out of the red-robed child’s body froze where it was. Suddenly, it just vanished.

After two switches, Han Sen was able to see through how the red-robed child was able to fight. His power was far weaker compared to Han Sen. With the control of the Dongxuan Area, all his weird powers were useless now.

Spank! Spank! Spank! Han Sen waved his hand and slapped the red-robed child’s bum a few times. The red-robed child was crying.

The red-robed child only had the power to control the plant xenogeneics and swap locations. His battle power was weak, and he was unable to fight back.

Han Sen was not cruel in case the red-robed child ended up being the flower seed. He might have perhaps needed him to control the Space Garden. He did not know what might happen if he was killed.

Plus, Han Sen was curious about the red-robed child’s power. He thought the red-robed child’s power had to be space element, and that is how he could trade places with him. The second time the red-robed child used that power, Han Sen stopped the space universal cogwheels around from running. Yet, the red-robed child was still able to swap places with him. Therefore, it was not solely space powers in his employ.

Although Han Sen saw what universal cogwheels the red-robed child used, he did not know what element those universal cogwheels were adhering to. Therefore, he did not know what the red-robed child’s power was.

“If you be a good boy and listen, I will let you go.” Han Sen stopped his butt cheek assault and picked up the red-robed child. His face was full of tears as he looked at him.

The red-robed child heard what Han Sen had told him. He felt terrible, but he nodded. It was like he was scared.

Han Sen thought the eyes of the red-robed child look a bit evil, but he did not care. He loosened his grip on the red-robed child and let him go.

The red-robed child was free again. The red light on his body flashed. Instantly, what was in front of Han Sen changed. The red-robed child turned into Xie Qing King, but he was not standing where Xie Qing King had been before.

The red-robed child stuck out his tongue at Han Sen. He wanted to escape, but he was quickly grabbed by Lone Bamboo.

The red-robed child’s face exploded with red light again. Lone Bamboo ended up grabbing Flower God Leader. The red-robed child was where the Flower God Leader was.

His power was extremely tricky. Although his battle power seemed weak, people did not dare attack the red-robed child because they were afraid of hitting their allies the next second.

As the people kept changing, no one knew what to do. The red-robed child had already managed to escape, and he was far away. He made another mocking face toward Han Sen, turned around, and went toward the sea of flower vines.

The moment he turned around, he saw a shadow in front of him. The red-robed child hit it. He ended up bouncing back. It was then that he noticed it was Han Sen.

“Do you want to leave?” Han Sen squinted his eyes and looked down on the red-robed child. It gave the red-robed child a chill. The red light flashed on his body. He sought to escape via someone else. This time, it was a futile effort. Han Sen’s big hands picked the child up and extinguished the boy’s red light. It was like he was bringing back a mischievous puppy.

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