Super Gene

Chapter 2793 - Leveling Up to Transmutation

2793 Leveling Up to Transmutation

When Han Sen decided to evolve, he realized things were going to be different from what he believed it would be like. This evolution process was not something separate. The moment Han Sen decided to evolve, his body became a xenogeneic by its own volition. His four geno arts started to run, and it prompted the changes.

Han Sen felt as if his body was brimming with a strange sort of power. It was like he was peeling off his skin. His gene database kept refreshing by purging old genes and replacing them with new ones that carried a different message. His body had changes that flipped the ground and the sky. Black air was emitted out of his body. It formed a giant cocoon that wholly encased him.

Han Sen felt rather happy. It was fortunate he had locked up the red-robed child inside Destiny’s Tower. He was unable to move now, so it was lucky that he had not given the child a chance to run amuck while he was busy.

Han Sen thought his evolution process would be over soon, but his body kept on changing. He was like that for an entire month. Still, he had not finished evolving.

Because his body was always changing, he could not pause for a timeout. He had to continue without a break. He had to be patient and wait for it all to be over.

He waited a long time. He eventually passed the two-month mark. It was on day 70 that he felt as if his body had stopped changing. The gene database stopped renewing. Nothing was being released from his body anymore.


The black ball, which was like a cocoon, was broken. Han Sen walked out of it.


Han Sen stepped onto thin air, which resulted in him falling to the ground. His face almost got crushed. He clutched his face painfully while his eyes dropped tears.

Where is my power? Han Sen was shocked. He no longer felt any power in his body. It was like he was just a commoner that had never bothered to practice. He would not have fallen over and felt pain if he had his power.

Han Sen quickly examined his body. What he saw made him freeze where he was.

He had a small shoulder and small legs. They looked white and cute. Han Sen was shocked. He looked like a child that was only 6 years old. He looked just like the red-robed child. He was inside his body now.

Han Sen ran toward a mirror and looked. He saw that he was now indeed a 5- to 6-year-old boy. Yet, he remembered that when he was that age, he did not look like his current appearance.

The little boy in the mirror had black eyes and black hair. His face looked as pale as a crystal. His facial structure was very beautiful. He looked rather feminine.

Han Sen now knew why he was like this. When he combined with Spell, he was likely bound to look a bit more feminine.

Han Sen wanted to cancel his combination, but it was no longer working. He felt no power in his body. It really was like he had the body of an average child.

How could I end up like this? Did something happen while I was leveling up? Han Sen’s head flooded with a barrage of questions. He quickly went to check his status.

Fortunately, although his power had gone, his Sea of Soul and beast souls were still accessible. Han Sen then saw his status.

[Han Sen: super god spirit body]

[Gene Battle Body: xenogeneic (transmutation class)]

[Level: deified]

[Evolution Level: 0/100]

[Lifespan: 2,658]

That is all correct. I leveled up to transmutation class, but why is my body like this? And, why am I unable to use my power. Han Sen’s heart flashed with many questions, but he could not find the answers.

On a plane full of yellow sand, a man was stepping across the yellow sand. He was walking. The sand, which was over the sky, did not touch his clothes.

There was a valley not far through the desert. The man saw the valley. He squinted his eyes and walked toward it.


When the man had almost reached the valley, a bullet shot the ground near his feet. It touched his shoes and hit the sand.

“This is not a place for people to travel,” the valley boomed with a very loud voice.

“Are you Holy Pirate of the Pirates? My name is Bai Wanjie. I would like to conduct business with Mister Holy Pirate.” Bai Wanjie no longer walked forward. He stopped and tried to discuss it with the valley.

“The Extreme King Prince Bai Wanjie?” The voice came from the valley again. It was obviously confused by the traveler’s announcement.

“Yes, that is me,” Bai Wanjie answered.

“Hmph. Is your old man Bai King here? If he is, he can talk to me. You are just a pompous junior who does not have what it takes to talk to me.” The voice sounded cold again.

“I have heard Mister Holy Pirate loves to research drawings. There is a sky silk picture that belongs to my race. I was wondering if you are interested in it, Mister Holy Pirate.” Bai Wanjie pulled out a scroll that contained the drawing.

“Is it the sky silk picture that belonged to Shadow King?” While he was talking, the shadow of an old man appeared in front of Bai Wanjie. He stared at the painting in his hands.

“Yes, it belonged to Shadow King, our ancestor,” Bai Wanjie said to him with a smile. “It is Shadow King’s sky silk picture. It was drawn by him. I wonder if Mister Holy Pirate is interested in obtaining it.”

“What do you want?” The old man looked at Bai Wanjie.

“I would like Mister Holy Pirate to steal one thing for me,” Bai Wanjie said in a serious tone. “Regardless of your success or failure, I will give you this sky silk picture.”

“Is there a place the Extreme King cannot access?” the old man asked while squinting his eyes. “There is no way you are asking me to go to Outer Sky to steal something.”

Bai Wanjie shook his head. “I would like Mister Holy Pirate to go and steal something from the Space Garden.”

“Space Garden? Indeed, that is an annoying place. Aside from me, the Holy Pirate, no one else can force their way in.” The old man nodded and asked, “What do you want me to steal for you? You should know that there are three rules we bind ourselves to.”

“Of course, I know about Mister Holy Pirate’s pirate code,” Bai Wanjie said with a smile. “What I want Mister Holy Pirate to steal is a 5- to 6-year-old kid. He is just a kid, but he is actually a xenogeneic. Stealing xenogeneics should not go against Mister Holy Pirate’s three sacred rules.”

An hour later, Bai Wanjie left the valley with a smile. The sky silk picture was no longer in his possession.

“That Holy Pirate agreed to help me. This is surely a done deal. If I can steal that child, the Space Garden will belong to me.” Bai Wanjie’s smile grew deeper and deeper.

Although Bai Wanjie did not see Han Sen claim the red-robed child, he saw Han Sen take the red-robed child to save the Flower Gods. He was able to guess that the red-robed child was doing something special.

But the Space Garden was already in Han Sen’s hands. It was too hard for outsiders to infiltrate, and Bai Wanjie wanted to take the Space Garden all for himself. He did not say this to the superiors of the Extreme King, so he eventually thought of the Holy Pirate of the Pirates.

The Pirates had been in the universe for many years. Only one person was able to possess the title of Holy Pirate. The reason why only he had become so famous was that he was the only one who was able to sneak into Outer Sky and steal something. He made it out alive. Everyone thought he was the best pirate, so he earned the reputation of being able to steal anything and everything.

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