Super Gene

Chapter 2794 - By Mistake

Chapter 2794 – By Mistake

“Ha! Ha! Little Sen Sen, you look so much better than how you used to be,” Xie Qing King said while patting Han Sen on the head.

“Go to hell. You go to the Flower God Leader and see if they have finished the geno fluid that was made by the queen flower. I need it now.” Han Sen pushed Xie Qing King’s hand away. He was terribly upset by what had become of him.

Xie Qing King was very happy. He patted Han Sen’s head and said, “You just wait here Little Sen Sen. Big Brother Xie Qing will help you.”

“Do not tell me about my body’s problems,” Han Sen said. He did not want this to cause any more trouble.

Xie Qing King agreed and went to the Flower God Leader. He brought the geno fluid formulated by the queen flower. It was only a big, hand-sized bottle. It had purple fluid inside it.

Han Sen opened the bottle and had a sip. He soon heard an announcement.

“Deified gene +1… deified gene +1…”

Han Sen drank it and earned two deified genes. There was still a lot left inside the bottle.

“That is the right way for a person to increase their deified genes. I used to keep eating meat that ravaged my bowels for a measly increase in gene points.” Han Sen sighed.

He thought, If I can increase my deified genes with this, that means my body is OK. It is leveling up normally, but why do I look like this? And, why can I not use my powers?

Han Sen was a bit depressed. He drank all of the geno fluid. It increased his tally of deified genes by seven, but Han Sen’s body did not recover because of it. He was still unable to feel the power inside him.

If I can’t keep recovering, I will have to collect 100 deified genes and see if I can become larvae class. Maybe, just maybe, I might be able to recover. Han Sen tried to comfort himself.

He had now encountered a very troublesome thing. Han Sen used to be able to control the red-robed child. He was able to take the red-robed child with him to kill the plant xenogeneics without any resistance.

Now, Han Sen was unable to use his powers. He did not dare consult the red-robed child anymore. It would have been way too difficult for him to kill the deified plant xenogeneics as well.

The Flower Gods did not have deified elites in their midst, and Xie Qing King was only King class. No one there had the ability to take out a deified xenogeneic.

I have to wait for Bao’er and the little red bird to get here to hunt deified xenogeneics. Han Sen tried to quell his impatience to endure the awful time. After Xie Qing King left the Space Garden to pick up Bao’er, Han Sen practiced his geno arts there to see if he could somehow trigger something that would return him to how he used to be.

Because his body was not injured, even if he used his super god spirit body, he still looked like a child. He was unable to become normal again.

One day, Han Sen was in his garden practicing his geno arts. Unfortunately, no progress on returning to his old self had been made. While he was feeling depressed, someone pushed the gate and entered his garden.

“Xie Qing King is back that soon?” Han Sen was shocked. Aside from Xie Qing King, the Flower God people did not randomly choose to enter his private garden.

With Han Sen’s guess, he also knew Xie Qing King should not have returned so soon. After a closer inspection, he noticed the entrant was not Xie Qing King. He was an old man clad in black clothing. His hair and beard were grey. Honestly, he looked a bit disgusting.

Han Sen’s heart felt a sudden chill. He did not recall seeing someone like that inside the Space Garden before. If the old man was not from the Flower God, he questioned how he was able to gain access to the Space Garden in the first place.

The old man pushed the gate open and saw Han Sen. His eyes looked at Han Sen like the eyes of a dead fish. He mumbled, “It is a xenogeneic that is 6 years old, but he is not wearing red clothes. He is not bald, either. Is this the one?”

Han Sen heard him and was shocked. The things the old man was describing had to be about the red-robed child.

This old man has come for the red-robed child, but how did he gain access to the Space Garden? Han Sen thought. He was in a hurry now too.

With his body’s condition being what it was, he could not use power or negotiate with the man.

The old man ignored Han Sen. His eyes had two god lights in them. He scanned the area around and spoke to himself. “The whole of the flower city only has one xenogeneic that looks like this. Clothes can change and hair can grow. This most likely is the one I am looking for.”

When Han Sen heard that, he developed black lines across his head. That old man was making the mistake of believing he was the red-robed child. Han Sen wanted to explain he was not the red-robed child, but the old man waved his hand to cast a weird power. Han Sen ended up flying into his sleeves.

Very powerful skill! Han Sen could see that inside the sleeves was just darkness. He had no idea where he was. It was like its own independent realm.

How unlucky. Why at this time must a creepy old man be coming for me? Han Sen was depressed. He was trapped in that dark place and could not leave. There was nothing he could do.

After the weird old man kidnapped Han Sen, he departed Space Garden. There were many plant xenogeneics in Space Garden, but Holy Pirate did not think those low-level plant xenogeneics were important. He just nabbed Han Sen and made a hasty escape.

The powerful Space Garden was not able to stop the man from leaving.

The two kept traveling through space. In a few days, that weird old man was back to where he lived.

Right, Bai Wanjie wanted him alive. I can’t kill him. The weird old man had thought about Han Sen trapped inside his treasure sleeve for a few days now. Not wanting him to die, he waved his sleeves to let Han Sen out.

The weird old man was the Holy Pirate who Bai Wanjie hired. He was going to steal the red-robed child but had accidentally kidnapped Han Sen by mistake.

Han Sen had been trapped in the treasury sleeve for a while now. It was all black in there. He did not know where he was or what time it was until the old man let him out. He was thrown out onto his backside.

The first thing he saw was the weird old man. He quickly looked around. He was in a valley with lots of weird flowers and grass. There was also a blue, babbling stream. Many animals were hanging around there.

“You should eat this.” The strange old man collected two pieces of fruit off a tree and tossed them to Han Sen. He accepted the fruit and stared at the old man with a complex look. He did not know if he should explain matters or not. After all, he did not know what the old man wanted from the red-robed child. If he said he was not the right person and the old man thought he was useless, he could end up killing him. That would have been a poor result.

Han Sen wasn’t going to explain. Instead, he asked, “Why did you bring me here?”

“I captured you for treasure.” Holy Pirate was in a good mood. He brought out the sky silk picture. He stared at it like he was drunk.

“What treasure did you want?” Han Sen asked.

“This is the treasure,” Holy Pirate said as he looked at the picture.

Han Sen looked at what he was referring to. He noticed it was a painting. In the picture, there was a fairy with her clothes floating. She was flying to cloud nine.

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