Super Gene

Chapter 3165 - God Fight Begins

Chapter 3165 God Fight Begins

Han Sen forced himself to break the rules of the world. In the short amount of time he had, he summoned Spell.

Spell hadn’t really changed much. Her white armor, long white hair, and white eyes all looked beautiful. She looked like a Venus statue.

He did not have much time to admire Spell’s face. In this small window he had, Han Sen could not last too long. His heart jumped. The Blood-Pulse Sutra’s power started to run through Spell’s body.

After running once, it was gone. It did not generate any power.

Han Sen felt cold. He knew he had failed. He ran it again. He confirmed that the Blood-Pulse Sutra could not run in Spell’s body. He put the power away and accepted the restrictions of the world.

“Without my body for support, it looks like even Spell cannot use the Blood-Pulse Sutra. All my expectations have failed.” Han Sen felt depressed.

Han Sen was most surprised by the fact that he did not use power to break the rules of the world. He thought Spell would return to his body because of the rules of the world.

Spell did not move. She stood where she was. Her body was not restricted by the world.

“How could this happen? She is a product of The Story of Genes. She has power from the geno universe. How could she…” Han Sen was shocked. He thought about The Story of Genes’ ancient text.

His heart jumped. Han Sen tried to let Spell use her power. In haste, Han Sen was able to discover Spell could freely use her power. She was not restricted by the rules of the world.

If Han Sen used The Story of Genes power, he was restricted by the rules of the world. That made Han Sen very depressed. He could not think of an explanation for it.

Spell came from his own. While Spell could use power, he could not.

After this happened, Han Sen thought of a good thing. If Spell freely used the powers of The Story of Genes, he only needed to research the reverse The Story of Genes. If he was able to combine with Spell, he could go into his break world mode.

In that event, no matter if it was the main version of The Story of Genes or the version in reverse, it would not be restricted by the powers of the world.

“To research the reversed version of The Story of Genes will not be easy. If Old Cat was able to research the reverse Blood-Pulse Sutra, there is no way I will fail.” Han Sen made up his mind. He needed to research the reverse version of The Story of Genes.

Researching a new geno art was not something that could be accomplished in one or two days. Not even elders could do that. He wanted to research the break world power before the god fights began. Now, that wasn’t looking likely.

Of course, his research of The Story of Genes was not without its flaws. There were many technical issues involved, so reversing a geno art was not easy. When the god fights began, Han Sen’s The Story of Genes research was still in its early stages.

Even though Han Sen was someone who had always seen big scenes, seeing the god fights begin was something that surprised him a great deal.

No matter which system one was in, a big beam of light was fired into the sky. It was a light beam cast by every god temple. The brightest ones came from the 12 Annihilation god temples.

The whole sky was a forest of light. The lights of the 12 Annihilation god temples were the brightest in the forest. They were like 12 big trees. The other lights were weaker, but they still had a strong force of light that shot into the sky.

“Huh? Where does this god light come from?” The civilians of the seven kingdoms suddenly realized there was another beam of light. This beam was prettier than the lights of the other 12 Annihilation god temples.

The light of each Annihilation god temple was different. They all carried the elements of the god temples and the overbearingness of the God Spirits themselves.

This Annihilation-class light beam was all gold. It was like a giant, gold pillar that was supporting the sky and the ground. It looked very decadent. It gave off the feeling of a very rich person.

The god light lasted a short amount of time. Everything soon dimmed. Many elites could only predict that the gold god light came from the Gold Crystal System. As to where it precisely came from, no one seemed to know.

Han Sen gathered Feng Yin Yin and Bao’er to teleport back to the God of Wealth Temple. He noticed there was a screen of light in front of God of Wealth Temple. A weird sky was displayed on the light screen.

Although Feng Yin Yin had only just received a God Spirit Blood-Pulse, her God Spirit Blood-Pulse was very strong. She was able to use an extremely strong gene race with ease, even though the holy phoenix had been raised by Feng Fei Fei. Since it was more compatible with Feng Fei Fei, Feng Yin Yin would have to raise her own.

Feng Fei Fei gave her a god-class gene race, but it was a baby. It was not very strong.

In the beginning, Feng Fei Fei would not let Feng Yin Yin participate in the god fights, but Feng Yin Yin really wanted to be a part of them. So, she agreed not to participate in the fight. She would instead control her gene race to fight.

In the god fights, a person could enter or use a gene race to fight. If one encountered an enemy that was not too strong, one often would use a gene race to fight.

That was what Han Sen thought, but he was a God Spirit. He could not sign up. He took off the Sky God Crown and signed up.

Han Sen used the name Dollar to join. Upon seeing him use that nickname, used the title “Ingo.” She wanted to join.

Feng Yin Yin thought it was funny. She thought about her own name and decided on Lucky.

This day was just for them to register. The real god fights would not start for another three days. On that day, they would find out who their opponents were.

Han Sen saw Bao’er was signing up, but he knew she did not have a powerful gene race. Therefore, he said, “Bao’er, I can give you the gold wing peacock king.”

Bao’er was holding Small Cat. As she played with Small Cat, she said, “Do not worry. I have Small Fly Fly and Small Cat.”

“Can they represent you and join the god fights?” Han Sen was shocked. He thought only claimed gene races could take part. The small flying fish and Small Cat were wild.

“I suppose I can.” Bao’er was not entirely sure, but it did not matter much to her. She only joined because it was fun.

“In that case, we shall see,” Han Sen thought. He gave the gold wing peacock king to Feng Yin Yin instead. “Yin Yin, your gene race is not bad, but it is only a baby. It will not go far. I can lend you this gold wing peacock king.” “Sure.” Feng Yin Yin did not decline the offer. She accepted the gold wing peacock king.

If it was an ordinary person, or even another inheritor of an Annihilation God Spirit, they could not control the gold wing peacock king in a short amount of time. After all, the gold wing peacock king had Han Sen’s mark to display who its master really was. If one wanted to transfer it, it took a long time for the full process of claiming to be done.

Feng Yin Yin was different. She was Han Sen’s successor. She had Han Sen’s god power, and she had two Annihilation God Spirit god authority buffs. That gave her a basic grasp on how to control the gold wing peacock king.

Han Sen was willing to lend out the gold wing peacock king because the evolution of the blood god dragon was finished. Although he did not have the support of a Blood-Pulse, with the blood god dragon, having the gold wing peacock did not matter much.

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