Super Gene

Chapter 3287 - Ultimate Reverse

Chapter 3287 Ultimate Reverse

“Use your power to help me put out the flames that wreathe me or break the half-burned candle,” Han Sen said to Zhao Ning’er.

Zhao Ning’er immediately turned into a phoenix head harp. She plucked her strings and made the asking heart sounds go to the half-burned candle, but the powerful harp sounds went through the candle and assaulting fire. Mirror Moon was not impacted in the least.

Han Sen, who was already very weak, was affected by the harp sounds. “Don’t move!” Han Sen immediately shouted. After this hit, he knew Zhao Ning’er’s asking heart sounds were useless against the candles. If this carried on, she would hurt him.

Han Sen pulled out his Sky God Crown. He used his God of Wealth identity to go to the God of Wealth Temple.

Han Sen was instantly sent back. He took off the Sky God Crown.

The fire almost incinerated the God of Wealth Temple. If Han Sen had not left there quickly, the entire temple would have been burned to the ground. Han Sen kept cycling through his inventory. They were all useless. Han Sen threw them all on the ground. There was one thing Han Sen pulled out that made him stop all motion.

Han Sen pulled out a weird gene egg. The gene egg was half white and half black. There was a white dot inside the black part and a black dot inside the white part. It was the Ultimate Egg Han Sen had recently come into possession of.

Han Sen had brought out many items. Even the Inch Grey Sword did nothing to damage the fire. When that Ultimate Egg touched the fire, there was a change.

Han Sen clearly felt that the Ultimate Egg had something that resembled a heartbeat. The black and white tai chi symbol on it was spinning Han Sen was like a drowning person gripping onto the lifesaving rope as best as he could. He did not move. He just held the gene egg and hoped that Ultimate Egg would save him and allow him to live.

The Ultimate Egg reacted, but it was unable to help Han Sen out of the situation he was in. The tai chi symbol spun slowly. It did not fight or absorb the fire.

Han Sen put his power inside the Ultimate Egg. The Ultimate Egg still felt useless. Even the Super God Spirit mode could not prompt a reaction from it.

Plus, Han Sen was really weak. As a result, his Super God Spirit mode was much weaker.

“If this continues, death is the only way forward. Let’s see what happens, shall we?” Han Sen swallowed the Ultimate Egg. It went into his belly.

Han Sen did not have much hope, but he did not want to lie down there and do nothing. To stay there and burn to death was pointless.

When the Ultimate Egg entered his body, it displayed a magical power. It went all over Han Sen’s body. The Ultimate Egg was in the center of his body. His Super God Spirit mode was flipped by the Ultimate Egg. It went from white to gold like a rising sun.

That gold power was something Han Sen was very familiar with. The blonde Qin Wan’er had shown this off many times. This power went against Han Sen’s Super God Spirit mode to produce a reverse Super God Spirit mode.

Han Sen’s body power was reversed by the Ultimate Egg. It became a reverse Super God Spirit mode. The white Super God Spirit mode was replaced by gold, and it was becoming brighter.

Previously, the Super God Spirit mode was restricted by the universe. Now, it had just become a reverse Super God Spirit mode. There were no more restrictions to inhibit him. Han Sen’s body felt a whole lot more relaxed.

“Can the Ultimate Egg reverse Super God Spirit mode?” Han Sen was shocked and happy. Han Sen now understood why some people had bad luck after getting the Ultimate Egg. Ordinary people’s bodies could not accept the reverse power that was suppressed by the universe.

Even if they did not swallow the Ultimate Egg as Han Sen did, carrying it around would affect them. To get restricted by the universe led to unfortunate things, which was fairly normal to see.

Although the Ultimate Egg was not that simple, seeing how it could reverse a power, one could understand how cursed of an item it was.

“Who was the Wu Wei Dao Alpha? Was he really born with this Ultimate Egg?” Han Sen was shocked as he wondered about that mystery.

The reverse Super God Spirit mode was different from the ordinary Super God Spirit mode. Each of them was the opposite of the other.

The Super God Spirit mode was a soft power. When Han Sen’s body became a spirit, it gave his body an invincible power. He was not hurt by any type of power.

In the universe, not many powers could hurt him. Not many powers could hurt him in his Super God Spirit mode form. Destroying the Super God Spirit mode was an even harder task.

The reverse Super God Spirit mode was different. Han Sen felt that the reverse Super God Spirit mode possessed some type of suction force. It pulled Han Sen’s body into a vortex.

Initially, he was wreathed in the fires of the Mirror Moon candle. Now, he had been sucked into the reverse Super God Spirit mode. Even the half-burned candle was sucked in.

Mirror Moon was sucked into Han Sen’s brain, where it still burned. Han Sen’s body was filled with fire.

Before, Han Sen was like a burning fire man. Now, he was a human glass bottle that had a fire burning within.

It made Han Sen feel even worse. The reverse Super God Spirit mode consumed Mirror Moon and its fire, but it could not melt it. It was melting in the fire, and it was melting fast.

“Even though the Super God Spirit mode has become a reverse Super God Spirit mode, the mass has not changed. I still cannot fight the Mirror Moon fire.” Han Sen was disappointed. The reverse Super God Spirit mode was still unable to save his life.

While Han Sen wallowed in that disappointment, the Ultimate Egg exhibited more changes. The reverse Super God Spirit mode was turning into a Super God Spirit mode.

Han Sen’s gold Super God Spirit mode became white again. The difference was that Mirror Moon was burning inside him.

Zhao Ning’er and Zhao Qiu Li looked at Han Sen with shock. They did not know what was going on. They had watched Han Sen become gold and then become white.

Han Sen felt as if he was being played by the Ultimate Egg. The guy before them was able to keep reversing his power. It was like Yin and Yang. To him, it was something that was easy to toy with. Han Sen sometimes had the reverse Super God Spirit mode. Other times, he had the main Super God Spirit mode. They kept changing. It was like they were playing wheel of fortune.

Han Sen was in a terrible state. He was heavily injured, and his powers were weak. He had been burned by the fire for an extremely long time now. He was going to die.

He had been played by the Ultimate Egg, and it was taking Han Sen’s life too. His resistance against the damage was failing.

The existence of the Ultimate Egg did not help Han Sen. It actually put him in more danger.

Within that danger, Han Sen gleamed a faint strand of hope.

“If the Super God Spirit mode can break the world, maybe I will have the chance of living…” The Ultimate Egg had disturbed Han Sen’s power. It made him lose his power. At the same time, Han Sen felt the reverse Super God Spirit mode and understood how he might reverse things. For him, this was a chance.

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