Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 1019 - I Believe You (5)

Chapter 1019: I Believe You (5)

“Wang Manpeng, don’t let me find the opportunity, or I will definitely kill you. I do as I say!” Ling Tianya shouted angrily. She had never hated someone so much in her life.

“Okay, I’ll wait for you.”

Wang Manpeng left, laughing hysterically. Just thinking about tomorrow arriving made his blood boil. He had waited for this day for too long.

Zhang Ke looked at the collapsed Ling Tianya in the room, the look in her eyes complicated. Zhang Ke didn’t know how many times she had seen Wang Manpeng use violence against Ling Tianya.

In the room, Ling Tianya was crying while mumbling the tiny rice ball’s name. Zhang Ke remembered that child, that pink child who would tightly grip her hand and blow bubbles at her.

At this moment, Zhang Ke was not living well either. Her heart was in a tug-of-war.

Every time Wang Manpeng treated Ling Tianya with violence, the scale in Zhang Ke’s heart would tip a little.

Now, Zhang Ke looked at the collapsed Ling Tianya and made a final decision.

Wang Manpeng wasn’t staying here tonight because tomorrow was Ruan Qishan’s birthday party. Therefore, he rushed back to the Gu residence during the night.

Around three or four in the morning was the time everyone was most exhausted and the time they wanted to sleep the most. This was also the time when one’s defenses were at their lowest.

Ling Tianya sat by the window. The wild cat was curled up in the tree, sleeping, when it suddenly felt someone looking at it. The wild cat opened its eyes and saw Ling Tianya, who was sitting by her bed.

The wild cat meowed, changed its position, and went back to sleep.

Ling Tianya couldn’t sleep. There were dark circles under her eyes. It had been a long time since she had last slept. She didn’t dare close her eyes. She was afraid that when she once again opened her eyes, she would receive the news that everyone in the Ruan Family was dead.

Suddenly there was the slight sound of movement from outside the door. Someone was here. It couldn’t be Wang Manpeng. He had never appeared at this time before.

Zhang Ke walked in wearing tight black clothing and gave Ling Tianya a set of tight black athletic clothing.

“Teacher, change into these clothes.”

Ling Tianya grabbed the clothing and coldly looked at Zhang Ke. “What do you want? Or how does Wang Manpeng want to torment me again?”

Zhang Ke anxiously looked outside the door. “Quickly change into the clothes. I’m taking you away from here.”

Ling Tianya looked at Zhang Ke in shock. She didn’t completely believe what she was hearing. “What did you say?”

“I said I’m taking you away from here!” Zhang Ke said, emphasizing each word. She urged Ling Tianya, “Hurry up and change into those black clothes. I’ll take you away.”

Ling Tianya cautiously gripped the clothing that Zhang Ke had thrown at her. “Why are you doing this?”

At this moment, Ling Tianya really felt once bitten, twice shy.

Zhang Ke knew that right now, Ling Tianya did not trust her. After all, she had concealed her identity from Ling Tianya for five years and also personally brought her here.

Once one person’s trust towards another person crumbled, it was extremely difficult to mend it.

“I know that right now, it is hard for you to believe me. However, I’m here to take you away,” Zhang Ke said firmly.

Ling Tianya calmly looked at Zhang Ke and then quickly took the black clothes and changed.

“I believe you.” After changing clothes, Ling Tianya said this to Zhang Ke.

When she heard the words “I believe you,” Zhang Ke almost burst into tears.

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