The 99th Divorce

Chapter 1826 - A Picture of Shen Zhilie Naked

Chapter 1826: A Picture of Shen Zhilie Naked

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From the time that Ye Qianqian had been aware of her surroundings, that red line had been with her.

Ye Qianqian had never questioned where that red line had come from. It was part of her body like her eyes and nose. It hadn’t been anything out of the ordinary.

How did it come to be a sign of a short life, according to Old Mrs. Shen?

Old Mrs. Shen nodded to herself. The expression on her face was unreadable.

Knock! Knock!

There was a knock on the door to the bedroom. Both Ye Qianqian and the old lady looked over.

Immediately after, an elegant-looking woman in her mid-40s to 50s walked in.

She had maintained her looks well. Her makeup was exquisitely applied, and she looked pleasant to the eye.

Her eyes bore a resemblance to Shen Zhilie’s. Ye Qianqian identified her as Shen Zhilie’s mother.

Mrs. Shen walked in and closed the door behind her.

Her eyes focused on Ye Qianqian. A smile appeared on her face. “You must be Qianqian. Hello, I’m Zhilie’s mother.”

Ye Qianqian had already guessed that. When she heard those words, she quickly stood up and greeted, “Hello, Auntie.”

“Have a seat. You don’t have to be so formal with me.”

Mrs. Shen nudged Ye Qianqian back onto the couch and affectionately said, “I’ve long heard Zhilie mention you. He told me that you were an exceptionally cute and sincere person with a good personality. It’s so wonderful that my son was able to meet you.”

Ye Qianqian’s mood had already been ruined by Old Mrs. Shen’s prediction of her short lifespan. Even when she heard Shen Zhilie’s mother complimenting her, she could find it in herself to cheer up.

With a smile, she replied, “He was just talking nonsense. I’m not as good as that.”

“How is that nonsense? I trust my son. If he says that you’re good, you must be good”

Old Mrs. Shen looked at them and stood up. She said, “You can keep Qianqian company. I’m going out for a while.”

“Mom, it’s almost dinner time. Where are you going?”

“I’m going to Old Li’s place for a while. Just start dinner without me.” Old Mrs. Shen waved her hand and walked out.

For some strange reason, Ye Qianqian felt uneasy. She could tell that Granny Shen’s attitude toward her had chilled considerably.

Was her gut feeling wrong?

Ye Qianqian subconsciously glanced at the red line on her palm. She cradled her hand for a moment before putting it down.

Grandma Shen was gone quite some time.

Mrs. Shen pulled Ye Qianqian with her into the study. The two women chatted for a while. From afar, Shen Zhilie could hear the sound of laughter and conversation coming from the study.

Shen Longyue was in the living room talking with Shen Zhilie. When he heard the tinkling laughter, he couldn’t contain his smile. “Your girlfriend is awesome. Your mom is rarely this happy.”

Shen Zhilie was extremely happy to hear that. “Of course,” he replied, “after all, whose son was it who chose her?”

The smile on Shen Longyue’s face widened. He pointed a finger at Shen Zhilie and said, “You’re good at currying favor.”

“I’m just speaking the truth. Like father, like son. You managed to find a wonderful wife like Mom. How could I lose to you?”

“Ha-ha! Got it! Call your mom and future wife to come out for dinner.”

Shen Zhilie turned his head and saw that Nanny He was done preparing dinner. He got up and replied, “Roger that!”

When Shen Zhilie entered the study, the two women were looking through some books.

Shen Zhilie came closer and saw that they were looking for a naked picture of him.

The picture had been taken when he was a teenager. His body was very fair, and he wasn’t wearing any clothes. His face was flushed, and he was shielding his member from the camera with a frown of protest in his eyes.

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