The 99th Divorce

Chapter 1889 - It’s New Year. Cheer Up!

Chapter 1889: It’s New Year. Cheer Up!

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“Oh, all right.” Mrs. Fang nodded her head. As she gazed at Ye Qianqian and Shen Zhilie, her eyes flashed with an emotion Qianqian couldn’t understand.

She looked at them for a while before chuckling awkwardly and saying, “Thank you, Qianqian.”

Ye Qianqian was stunned.

“Thank you for still being willing to visit Tongtong.”

Mrs. Fang gazed at Ye Qianqian, and although she was still smiling, her eyes gradually reddened.

“Back then, I was actually the one who started all those rumors. I knew that Tongtong liked your boyfriend.”

Mrs. Fang was speaking in dialect, and Shen Zhilie couldn’t understand much of what she was saying. But judging from their reactions, he could guess that they were talking about him. Ye Qianqian didn’t reply, and simply looked up at him.

Mrs. Fang forced out a laugh and said, “So I wanted to break the both of you up. I exaggerated the events and made sure that everyone in town knew that Tongtong had been compromised.”

Ye Qianqian was silent and didn’t say a word.

“I never ever expected that my daughter would be tarnished by that b*stard. The court decided that since he’s mentally unstable, he can’t be sentenced for his crime. They merely locked him up in a mental institution, but the damage has already been done. He’s turned my daughter mad.”

Looking at Ye Qianqian, Mrs. Fang began to cry.

“During the first month, Tongtong almost committed suicide.”

Ye Qianqian reeled back in shock. She hadn’t been aware of any of this.

“It was fortunate that I discovered what she was up to in time. Otherwise, I would have lost my daughter.”

Mrs. Fang wiped her tears as she continued sobbing. “I know what I did was unforgivable, but Tongtong has already suffered such horrible consequences. She never had many friends, and she always treated you as her best friend. You’re well aware of how she’s treated you all these years, as well as how I’ve treated you. Tongtong has greatly regretted her actions during this period. She still thinks of you as her best friend, but she can’t bear to face you. I beg you, Qianqian. Please forgive Tongtong. Will you do that?”

Ye Qianqian didn’t make a sound. She took a tissue from her purse and passed it to Mrs. Fang.

Mrs. Fang took it from her. She glanced at Ye Qianqian and then at Shen Zhilie. “Your boyfriend is good. I know Tongtong only acted the way she did because she’d momentarily lost her senses. Qianqian, will you please not hold it against her?”

Ye Qianqian had never been hard-hearted. Seeing an elder sob so uncontrollably in front of her, she felt all the bitterness in her heart slowly melt away.

“I understand.” Ye Qianqian’s voice was a whisper.

She reached out and wiped Mrs. Fang’s tears away, her heart aching for her. Fang Tongtong wasn’t a bad person. Ye Qianqian knew that better than anyone else.

Upon hearing this, Mrs. Fang looked up, and her tears began to flow anew. She nodded her head eagerly and said, “That’s great to hear, Qianqian. Seeing that it’s the New Year, will you give Tongtong a call?”

Upon uttering her request, Mrs. Fang realized too late that she may have asked for too much, and awkwardly tried to backpedal. “It’s the New Year, and she’s alone in Thailand. That’s why I’m a little worried. Of course, if you don’t want to, that’s fine too…”

“All right. Don’t cry anymore,” Ye Qianqian whispered. “It’s New Year’s. Cheer up.”

Mrs. Fang smiled happily and nodded her head in reply.

Ye Qianqian wasn’t exactly in a good mood, but at the same time, she felt a little unsure.

It would be a lie to say she hadn’t considered giving Fang Tongtong a call during this period of time.

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