The Ancient Genes

Chapter 708: Demonic Clone

Chapter 708: Demonic Clone

Scarlet House, Ocien.

‘What are they trying to do?’ Max frowned. From their conversation, he got one thing. This guy sure had come in contact with James. That was for sure.

Aside from this, another thing was made sure as well. This lady wasn’t playing along with James’s plan. It seemed she had plans of her own.

At this moment, Talia suddenly made a move. And, Max concentrated on it.

She took a step forward, and raised her hand above Max who was lying on the bed. Travis just calmly stood on the side watching the whole scene taking place.

The next instant, Max’s eye flashed with a strange light as Talia used her other hand to cut open a wound on her her wrist.

Blood immediately began to gush out of the cut, and it all came down raining on Max below.

Max could feel a pure trace of demonic power in that blood. But, the next instant, an almost solid deep red blood suddenly came out of the cut on Talia’s wrist, and her face instantly became pale.

Max on the other hand, immediately felt a towering pressure crashing down on him when that deep red drop of blood fell touched him.

‘What the hell is this?’ He immediately broke out in cold sweat. His face looked grim, but luckily this only was his clone.

“Mom, are you fine?” Travis immediately came up to her after seeing her face turn pale.

Talia raised her hand, and nodded.

This thing was still far from over.

She once again raised her palm towards Max, and the blood which had fallen all over Max began to respond to her command. It slowly began to move, forming strange runes around his clone’s body.

That strange and deep red drop of blood formed the center of the formation. And, it slowly began to shrink and then eventually disappear into Max’s chest.

“You will be born once again, and be the servant of my blood,” Talia muttered with a smile as a bloody glow appeared around Max’s chest, and a demonic aura surged within him.

“Royal Blood Art, Demonic Birth..” Travis’s eyes lit up on seeing the sight in front of him. This wasn’t something that you could see every day.

“Don’t you dare to try it.” Talia seemed to realize what was going through his head, “It is one of the forbidden arts. If you do it wrong, no one would be able to save you. After all, a perfect Demonic Birth doesn’t come easily..”

“Is he under your control now?” Travis asked her.

“Let him have a peaceful night of sleep, it will be his last one after all..” Talia gave Max a look and then smiled.

With that, she turned around and left.

Travis looked at Max, “It will be fun to have a genius of an era at my feet.”

He was excited for tomorrow as well. He once again gave Max a last look and then left the room.

As soon as they were out, Max entered the room.

He was still amazed by what he had seen.

‘So, this is the process of Demonic Transformation..’ He looked at his clone. Even now he could clearly feel his clone. There was indeed Demonic Energy being mixed in it. This was somehow a strange feeling to him.

Max tried to command the clone, and sure enough. It worked just the way he thought it would. There was no problem in it.

‘Should I undo the clone?’

He was sure that if he only pulled his own life force back from the clone, he could extract that Demonic Blood behind.

To be honest, that blood was indeed terrifying. Max even felt for a second that he would lose control of the clone. But, luckily he didn’t.

‘Did you really think that my Spirit Arts would lose to her?’ Andriel’s voice rang in his mind.

‘Well..’ Max forced a smile on his face.

‘That pressure you felt from her blood came from her Ancestor. It was nothing but a hallucination. After all, it was her Ancestor who was that powerful and not her.’

‘There is no way that she could take over the control of the life force refined through my spirit arts.’ She seemed to take pride in it.

‘What can I do with this now?’ Max asked her as he looked at the clone which was now giving out Demonic aura. She should be more knowledgeable when it comes to her own spirit arts.

‘Well, you have a Demon clone for yourself. If you want, you can keep it like that..’ Andriel replied with a smile.

Max’s eyes widened and a smile soon broke out onto his face.

Who would have thought that he would suddenly receive such a gift from his enemy?

‘Just be careful and control the life force to sever the connection between you and that woman. Otherwise, she would be able to identify your location if you are nearby, and even control you..’ Andriel warned him.

‘There is one more use for this blood, I don’t know if you would be interested in it or not..’ Andriel suddenly asked him after a pause.

‘Oh, what is it?’ Max asked her as he pulled the clone into his spirit world, and careful trapped the blood in it to prevent any kind of problem in future.

‘If you use it, then you might be able to wake Mom up..’ Andriel replied, and Max’s eyes lit up. But, her next words immediately poured a bucket of cold water on his thoughts.

‘Obviously, she wouldn’t be waking up as a human..’

Max could only stop his excitement on hearing that. This was a tough decision for him to make.

He thought about it for a bit, and then shook his head.

‘I would try to find a normal solution for now. If nothing works, only then will I opt for it. After all, the blood will remain with me.’ He told her his decision.

He wasn’t going to give up just yet and take the easy way out.

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