The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 362 - God of Fortune's Favor (4)

Chapter 362: God of Fortune’s Favor (4)

As Mu Huan had expected, they were not far from the entertainment city.

It was a resting place for the security personnel of the entertainment city. Due to the shift schedule, the people who did not need to work were resting here. Hence, there were more than ten security officers in the place.

Mu Huan was thrown in while Wu Xingye was taking a nap. When he sensed someone coming in, he pretended to be in a deep sleep and did not move. After the person who had thrown Mu Huan in had left, he opened his eyes and looked at Mu Huan, who was lying on the ground.

Mu Huan was dressed as a man today and her makeup skills were excellent. This coupled with the dim lighting in the room made Wu Xingye unable to recognize Mu Huan, who was lying on the ground. He thought that she was another unlucky person.

Wu Xingye was happy as he looked at the unlucky person who had just entered. This was because the other party must have been caught because he’d won a lot of money. A person who could win a lot of money was definitely a smart person. If he could join forces with him, he would have a chance to escape!

Hence, he crawled toward her, wanting to use the self-defense medicine that Mu Huan had given him to wake her up so that they could discuss how they could escape.

However, as soon as he approached her, she sat up.

This made him feel like he had seen a corpse. He was so frightened that he retreated several steps. After a while, he asked, “Are you a ghost?”

“You’re the ghost!” Mu Huan snapped.

Mu Huan had used her original voice to speak, so Wu Xingye could immediately tell that it was her. He was stunned for a moment before he went up to hug her excitedly. “Xiao Huan, I knew you would come to save me… I knew it…”

He knew that his Xiao Huan would try her best to save him after finding out that something had happened to him!

“Are you scared?”

“I’m so scared! I was so scared that I’ll never see you again!” Wu Xingye was really scared this time!

“I was afraid that you’d continue to gamble! Don’t you know that gambling isn’t something you can touch?! What did your grandpa tell you?! Aren’t you afraid that you’ll lose your money and lose your life?!” As she spoke, she gave him a few hard pinches!

Wasn’t he afraid that he wouldn’t be able to see them again? Wasn’t he afraid that they wouldn’t be able to see him again? He was in trouble and didn’t seek her out to discuss it. He actually took the chance to gamble when he came out with his client! Seriously, he was asking for a beating!

There were some things that couldn’t be touched! Wasn’t it good to live a peaceful life?

Because of her father’s love for gambling, Mu Huan hated it when people gambled. She felt that even if she had the talent to win, that might not necessarily be a good thing. Just look at how Wu Xingye and his grandfather ended up!

Back then, how did his grandfather become such a crippled and poor person?

“I know I’m in the wrong. Xiao Huan, I really know I’m in the wrong… Don’t pinch me, I’m already covered in bruises…” Wu Xingye said, aggrieved.

When Mu Huan heard this, she sized him up from head to toe, her eyes burning with anger!

“If they ask you to spit out the money, then throw it up! Of course you’ll be beaten up otherwise!”

“I was afraid that if I spit out my money, I’ll be killed!”

Thinking that this was highly possible, Mu Huan did not say anything else. “Can you stand up?”

“I can barely make it,” Wu Xingye said pitifully.

Mu Huan’s gaze turned increasingly vicious as she looked at his miserable state.

“Xiao Huan, are you the only one here? We have to think of a way to escape as soon as possible. Otherwise, if they ask you for the money tomorrow, it’s hard to say what will happen if you give it to them. If we don’t give them the money, you’ll end up like me! They have a lot of people!” Wu Xingye said.

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