The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 515 - The Engagement Party (1)

Chapter 515: The Engagement Party (1)

He knew that Mu Huan was disgusted by being with Mu Kexin, so he deliberately made Mu Kexin go head to head against Mu Huan. If he must panic, he also wanted her to be bothered!

Mu Kexin did not want to sit with Mu Huan, and there was nothing to apologize about. She knew that even if she did apologize, Mu Huan would not forgive her much. However, she could not do nothing about it. Hence, she could only stand up.

“Don’t come over. It’s impossible for us to be good sisters. We can’t be good sisters in the past, much less in the future. So, stay away from me!” From the start, Mu Huan had made it clear that she and Mu Kexin were strangers. Their relationship wasn’t good, so she didn’t want to give her a chance to act like good sisters. Neither did she want Mu Kexin to act as a little white lotus and then make her as her sister look bad.

She was just going to tell everyone that she wasn’t that good. She just didn’t want to live in peace with her half-sister. Hence, there was no need to say anything else!

“Mu Huan, aren’t you being too disrespectful?!” Long Feiting was just taking the opportunity to create trouble.

“So what if I don’t give you face?” Mu Huan looked at Bo Junyan as she spoke. “Hubby, can I not give him face?”


Mu Huan turned to look at Long Feiting with a smug expression. I have a big tree, and you still want to use your face to suppress me? Are you stupid?!

Long Feiting: “…!!!”

The existence of Bo Junyan, this big tree, really made him clench his teeth in hatred!

He could not help but ask in his heart, How did Mu Huan manage to marry Bo Junyan out of all people?!

If she had married anyone else, he would… he would…

F*ck! What the f*ck was he thinking?!

Long Feiting suddenly stood up and grabbed Mu Kexin’s hand. “Let’s go. From now on, don’t bother with your sister anymore. A person like her isn’t worth your respect!”

Mu Kexin could not wait to leave this awkward place and hurriedly followed him out.

As this Mu Huan became more and more favored, she became more and more arrogant! She had humiliated her in public several times!

She better not give Mu Kexin the chance!

Otherwise, she would definitely step on Mu Huan to death!

After they left, Mu Huan was in a good mood and was in an even better one for eating.

“Little sister-in-law, let’s have a drink!” Gong Zeye raised the cup in his hand for Mu Huan to drink as well.

“I don’t drink…” Mu Huan waved her hand.

Seeing that Mu Huan was so obedient that she didn’t even drink, Gong Zeye couldn’t help but sigh. “Little sister-in-law, you’re such a gentle and obedient person. I really didn’t expect you to have such explosive power! You managed to save Yuqi at such a crucial moment!”

“That’s right! I can’t believe that Sis-in-law, who’s such a gentle and soft person, can unleash such shocking power at such a critical moment!” Jin Chen added.

Mu Huan, who was eating, almost choked when she heard this. Seeing this, Bo Junyan immediately poured her a glass of water and said, “Don’t worry, eat slowly.”

Mu Huan: “…”

When Ling Wei, who was called over for a meal, heard Gong Zeye’s words, her gaze toward Mu Huan darkened.

When they returned to school the next day, Huo Yuqi applied for a transfer and transferred to the finance faculty as she had said.

A week passed quickly.

This was the day Gu Chenyi and Lin Qingya were getting engaged. Their engagement party was very grand, and most of the famous people in Yun Cheng and the Imperial Capital were here.

Because Mrs. Gu had high expectations for her only son’s wedding, she wanted to give them a grand wedding. However, a grand wedding would take at least three months to prepare.

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