The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Chapter 2323: Flaunting Wealth (7)

Chapter 2323: Flaunting Wealth (7)

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Li Luoming coldly hummed: "Su Luo, you should stop your trickery! The net of heaven is wide. Acts of evil won’t get unnoticed by the gods. Since you have committed a sin, the heavens will not help you anymore, even the people from your own camp will turn against you when they learn their conscience was wronged."

"Bring out the people!" Li Luoming waved his hand in an arrogant manner.

Soon, a person was brought up. It was an ordinary-looking middle-aged woman, the kind who would not be found if she was submerged in a sea of people. However, Su Luo recognized her at a glance. Because she indeed saw her before. She met her at Brother Luo’s manor. This auntie was a cleaner. She came to clean for an hour every afternoon.

Brother Luo disliked loud noises, therefore all of the servants, except for the housekeeper, were not allowed to live in the manor.

"Su Luo, you do know her!" Li Luoming pointed at that auntie with extreme smugness and sneered at Su Luo.

"I know her." Su Luo told the truth, "The auntie who cleans the manor."

"It's good that you admit it!" Li Luoming thought Su Luo would not admit it. He had long thought of a backup plan. However, Su Luo was unpredictable in her actions, so he did not need his backup plan. But It didn’t matter, as long as Su Luo could be convicted.

"Auntie Lin, hand over the physical evidence!" Li Luoming put his gaze upon Auntie Lin.

At this moment, not only Li Luoming, but all eyes were on Auntie Lin. Even the Fifth Elder and the Eighth Elder looked at her like they were watching a good show. Auntie Lin was just an underling who sweeps. Being in this situation, she was trembling nervously all over her body. She didn’t even dare to raise her head.

Li Luoming patted Auntie Lin's shoulder and gave her a threatening look.

After receiving the meaning of his look, Auntie Lin finally gritted her teeth, gathered courage and handed over a piece of silk cloth with both hands: "This, this, is, the, physical, physical, physical evidence."

It was a smooth and delicate pure white silk cloth. After unfolding it, people could see densely packed lines of writing on it.

“Where did you get this thing?” Li Luoming asked pretentiously.

"Picked it up……" Auntie Lin gulped nervously. Under Li Luoming's threatening gaze, she kept her head down while pointing her finger at Su Luo, "From her room!"

"You're talking nonsense!" Su Luo coldly gazed at her, a chilling glare bursting out from the bottom of her eyes.

Being interrupted by Su Luo, Auntie Lin was so frightened that her whole body collapsed on the floor.

Seeing this, Li Luoming snatched the silk cloth in Auntie Lin's hand, took a glance before respectfully handing it to the Fifth Elder.

“Master, is this your handwriting? Your disciple wasn’t mistaken, right?”

"Mm." The Fifth Elder leisurely glanced at it, then picked up his teacup and calmly drank his tea.

Although there was only one word, with his word, Li Luoming had something that he can rely on. He turned around and directed a cold stare at Su Luo, speaking righteously, as if he was the embodiment of justice, and asked one word at a time: "Now what else do you have to say?!"

Su Luo glanced with a smirk at Auntie Lin who was on the floor, then swept her gaze around, and finally fixed her eyes on the Fifth Elder. She let out a soft sigh and curled her lips in disdain: “As the Fifth Elder, to use such an underhanded method is simply stupid.”

“…” Once Su Luo’s words came out, the whole room went silent!!! No one expected her to say such an unethical thing!

That was the Fifth Elder! The man in charge of the Pill Refining Tower. How dare she called the Elder… stupid in public?

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