The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Chapter 2362: Retribution (3)

Chapter 2362: Retribution (3)

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Moreover, Su Luo did not have much knowledge on the Eternal Heart.

She wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and acquire more information about it by asking Xiao Luo.

Having seen her eat the bread, the others were no longer as wary of her, knowing that she could be finished off effortlessly at any time.

“In order to get the Eternal Heart, we need to go into the Temple of the Abyss,” the Captain explained. “However, the Eternal Heart isn't actually an intact heart; it is made up of 10 crystal fragments.”

“Crystal fragments?” Su Luo asked, confused.

The Captain didn’t want to immediately kill Su Luo. If he kept Su Luo alive, she could be used as free labor to retrieve crystal fragments.

Therefore, the Captain patiently replied, “There are special four-winged Gan Yu in the Temple Of The Abyss. They might drop crystal fragments upon their deaths.”

At this moment, Chu Yang paused for a moment and withheld a crucial piece of information from Su Luo before continuing on. “After getting 10 pieces of crystal shards, they will merge together to form the Eternal Heart.”

“So what can the Eternal Heart do?” Su Luo asked curiously.

“It doesn’t matter what it can do. As long as we take the Eternal Heart back, we will get the mission reward of 30 million points,” Senior Sister Yu sneered.

Out of these 30 million points, the four team members would get 5 million points each, and Captain would get 10 million points.

Their conversation was cut short by Senior Sister Yu’s statement.

After resting for about 2 hours, they rushed toward the Temple of the Abyss.

Su Luo had been paying close attention during the trip, and she couldn't help but snigger at the others.

If Su Luo was not as observant along the road, she would have found herself at the center of the group, The captain was in front, Leng Qi behind, Senior Sister Yu on the left, and Xiao Luo on the right. A formation like this was not so much to protect her as it was to guard against her.

After a day and night on the road, the Temple of the Abyss was right in front of them.

There was a vast, boundless lake ahead.

The water was very clear, and had a shade of blue richer than the sky.

The lake appeared to be at least the size of a metropolitan city.

A dark palace floated ominously above the giant lake.

“Look! The temple! That’s the temple we are looking for!” Xiao Luo was so excited, she wanted to jump up and down.

Didn’t Xiao Luo have a light attribute? Shouldn’t she be somewhat averse to the dark palace in front of her? Why would she be so excited?

Just as suspicion crept on Su Luo, Chu Yang surveyed the terrain, “The inside of the Temple is lurking with danger. Everyone should be careful after entering, and especially make sure not to be separated and get lost!”

“Yes, sir!” The team replied in unison.

“Su Luo, you follow along beside me,” Chu Yang gazed sternly toward Su Luo.

Su Luo sneered at him in her heart. She had expected Chu Yang to be cautious but not to such a great extent.

“Sure,” Su Luo smiled slightly.

They leapt into the Temple one by one with light and agile steps.

Only after entering did they realize the jaw-dropping size of the temple.

The Temple of the Abyss gave Su Luo a foreboding feeling.

After following the team in, Su Luo found herself in a new, gloomy, dark, and scary world.

This palace had been in disrepair for several years and had no inhabitants.

Perhaps because it was suspended above a lake, the humidity had caused moss to grow everywhere, entirely covering the walls and floor.

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