The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Chapter 2475: The Seventh Evening of the Seventh Moon (3)

Chapter 2475: The Seventh Evening of the Seventh Moon (3)

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After the news of Su Luo's unconsciousness spread, rumors started to emerge from all over.

"I heard that Su Luo is still unconscious?"

"Do you guys think it's possible that Su Luo has become a vegetable because she absorbed too much divine light?"

"It's possible. Otherwise, why would she still be unconscious? That Li Manman was busy pacing back and forth. I heard she was so anxious that she started foaming at the mouth 1."

For a while, Su Luo’s unconsciousness was the talk of the town; everyone knew about it.

The news had also reached the Wuyou Pavilion.

Fairy Wuyou had been ill and in bed these past couple of days. This illness of hers was purely due to her anger.

‘That spiteful Su Luo!!!’

Just thinking of Su Luo’s name triggered a fit of unfathomable anger in Fairy Wuyou’s heart. That hatred nearly made her gnash her teeth!

However, on this day, He Yutian came and brought this good news to Fairy Wuyou.

"What? You said that wench, Su Luo, has been unconscious?" Upon hearing this news, Fairy Wuyou, who was lying weakly in bed, instantly sprung up fiercely!

He Yutian sat at the head of the bed and took Fairy Wuyou’s slender white hand. He nodded in excitement and said, "Yes, I heard that she suffered an adverse reaction from bathing in too much divine light, and she still hasn't woken up."

"Hahahaha! She, Su Luo, has finally encountered this kind of misfortune!" Fairy Wuyou burst into excitement and subconsciously pounded the bed with her hand.

Right now, she was actually smashing to pieces the legendary cold ice-jade bed, which she had gone through so much trouble to find. Thus, Fairy Wuyou ultimately fell onto the shattered bits with a bang.

"Cough, cough, cough—" Fairy Wuyou coughed furiously, choking on the powder of the crushed white jade.

He Yutian let out a long sigh and stretched out his long arm to pull Fairy Wuyou, who was now covered in white powder, from amongst the shards. He sighed dotingly at the same time and asked, "You… Why are you so unable to control yourself?"

When Fairy Wuyou finally managed to stop coughing, she grabbed He Yutian's hand: "Where were we?"

The most important thing in her mind right now were those two words— ‘Su Luo’!

He Yutian tenderly brushed off the white powder on her body: "Did you hurt yourself when you fell?"

Fairy Wuyou didn't care about what he said and kept asking, "Did you just say Su Luo is still unconscious?"

"Yes, the Sixth Elder personally went over there to take a look, but it was apparently useless." He Yutian smiled gleefully.

Fairy Wuyou's mood instantly improved as she raised her voice: "Even the Sixth Elder went there, and it was useless?"

"Yes, indeed. I heard that Su Luo is so unconscious, she might as well be dead." He Yutian nodded.

A sharp, cold aura flashed in a moment’s flicker of Fairy Wuyou’s phoenix eyes!

‘Use this illness to end her!’ These six words floated in Fairy Wuyou's mind.

She looked at He Yutian and stared at him intently.

He Yutian suddenly shivered. A chill crept up from the soles of his feet as he stared blankly at Fairy Wuyou…

Fairy Wuyou suddenly waved her hand: "You can go.'

"Wuyou…" He Yutian hesitated.

"Leave now." Fairy Wuyou impatiently pushed him out.

She had originally been considering using He Yutian. After thinking about He Yutian's strength, she felt that he was not very reliable. This matter wouldn't have a sure outcome even if she did it herself.

After thinking about it, Fairy Wuyou took out her Communication Amulet…

Hesitating for a while, Fairy Wuyou personally went on a trip to the Pill Refining Tower.

She knew that the Fifth Elder thoroughly despised Su Luo because of Li Luoming. Although he might not take the initiative to kill Su Luo, he certainly wouldn't mind if someone else did.

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