The Empress’ Livestream

Chapter 705 - A Badger Game (V)

Chapter 705: A Badger Game (V)

The dancer clothed in red stood up pathetically, exerting the energy to cough twice. She flipped her dagger over and aimed it straight at Jiang Pengji’s forehead.

The strength she’d exerted just now could crush an average person’s rib cage to pieces.

The only injury she’d sustained was a small bruise on her left cheek. There was some blood on the side of her lips and her breathing was rather fast.

From observing her attack, she had surprisingly not shown any signs of weakness. Instead, she fought even more aggressively.

Watching her in this state tickled Jiang Pengji. Every part of her was full of loopholes, yet this person who was incapable of martial arts had dared to try to assassinate her?

Who’d given this woman such courage?

Jiang Pengji’s eyes were imposing. Without her noticing, she hit the person’s wrist and snatched her dagger away.

The dancer clothed in red did not back down. With her other hand poised as a claw, she reached for her throat.

Jiang Pengji frowned, quickly evading the attack. However, her clothes did not evade in time and her broad sleeves were shredded.

At this moment, the viewers in the live streaming room realized that her 10 fingernails had abnormally extended to a length of 3 inches. They were silvery-white in color and sharp beyond measure. No wonder Jiang Pengji’s sleeves had been ripped apart. If she caught her neck or scratched her face…

The viewers trembled while they imagined that sight, fearing for Jiang Pengji.

Piaopiaoyang: What the, isn’t this set in the ancient era? Why are there fantasy and dark elements of martial arts?

A Man of Few Words Huang Shaotian: Did she practice the Nine Yin Skeleton Claw? Is she able to pierce and scratch through one’s skull? Streamer, be careful!

The viewers were nervous and worried, but Jiang Pengji was calm. She glanced at the claws and she despised them in her heart.

Eh, eh, those claws were indeed quite evil-looking.

How would the dancer clothed in red let her off? She attempted another attack since the first one had failed.

The dancer clothed in red swayed with her every move. This was astonishing! Although her every move was deadly, the viewers were still mesmerized by her.

Was this a martial arts battle or a dance?

Jiang Pengji explained that it was neither a dance nor a martial arts battle. It was rubbish.

The dancer’s hand movements became swifter. Still, Jiang Pengji could easily evade the attacks each time. As the battle dragged on, she got increasingly frustrated.

Gradually, she lost patience. Her once stunningly beautiful looks turned sinister in an instant.

“Slut, go and die!”

Jiang Pengji laughed and replied, “With your abilities? You are not worthy.”

The inner chamber was in disarray, the commotion could be detected from outside. The majority didn’t care, they imagined a different kind of battle was going on.

Just as he’d changed out of his clothes and was ready to sleep, Yang Si was startled. He went outside and heard some people gossiping. His heart was gripped with fear.

The others didn’t know, but how could he be ignorant?

His lord was clearly a woman, how could she and the red-clothed lady have sexual intercourse?

Moreover, a big commotion had erupted.

“Something is wrong!”

Yang Si made a frightening guess in his heart. He quickly grabbed his sword and ran in a flash towards the military tent.

As he was about to enter, his lord reprimanded him from inside. “Get out, don’t interfere!”

Yang Si paused his steps, his outstretched hands stopped midway. The atmosphere was rather awkward.

Almost concurrently, a scream came from the tent where the dancers stayed. This alerted a group of soldiers.

“What happened? With all the noise, are you itching for a beating?”

The female head servant who oversaw the songstress and dancers arrived upon hearing the news. She realized everyone’s face had turned pale and she was filled with doubts. As she squeezed through the crowd, immediately sensing cold air flowing through her feet and up towards her head. It should be burning hot within the tent, but she felt her heart sink.

Alas, there lay a graceful lady with a slender figure within the tent. Her hair was a mess and her entire body was naked. Her face had been grossly mutilated until the flesh and blood mingled together. Someone had used a knife to slice off all the skin from her face!

“Is… is that Chun’er?” At this, the others around trembled as they replied, “Chun’er has a red mole on the side of her stomach…”

They approached the female corpse to have a look. In the same spot, there was indeed a dark red mole.

“We’re in trouble!”

The head servant regained her senses, fear making her knees weak.

Chun’er’s gift in dancing was exceptional and above the rest. She was the most beautiful. She was the rightful lead dancer and the star of the show.

If the person before them was Chun’er, then who was the lady who had performed brilliantly at the banquet earlier that night?

The masses also recalled this incident. They were immediately afraid and paralyzed where they stood.

Unless the person who choreographed the dance last night was not a living being, but Chun’er’s spirit?

“Fools, someone impersonated Chun’er!”

The head servant scolded them. He clumsily ran towards the commander’s tent with the hope that there was still time.

“My lord, your servant has something to report, a big incident has occurred!”

Even though this was land occupied by militants, the head servant could not wait any longer. If they were one moment too late, she would die a terrible death.

“Who is outside making such a scene?”

Inside the tent, Xu Bei was talking with a few of his confidantes. After a series of exchanges, they finally had some ideas, but it was noisy outside.

“Reporting to my lord, the head servant of the dance troupe is outside and wishes to seek an audience.”

Xu Bei’s face was sullen, while the expressions of his subordinates were even more unsightly.

These confidantes did not approve of him bringing his dancers along with the army. However, since these dancers functioned as bribes, they pretended to ignore it. But now, such a grave matter had emerged and a lowly, debased head manager of the dance troupe had dared to make a scene in the military camp.

It was a case where one had eaten their fill and was tired of living.

Xu Bei was also afraid that his confidantes would lecture him. He asked with authority, “Bring her in, where is the propriety in all this noise?”

The manager was escorted in by soldiers. Once she entered the tent, she immediately knelt and, with her pale lips, she uttered, “My, my lord, Chun’er, who led the dance group, had her skin ripped off by someone. She has already died. The Chun’er who danced before you earlier was an imposter!”

Hearing this, Xu Bei’s first reaction was that he hadn’t imagined Liu Xi to be so violent and bloodthirsty. He could have killed her and left her dead, but he’d also ripped her skin away!

When he briefly pondered it over, it felt as if they had suffered a major setback.

The other confidantes were also so terrified that they felt as if their spirits were leaving their bodies. Liu Xi was in danger!

“My lord, help with the rescue!”

The strategist steadied himself. He calmed his heart and mind before responding.

Xu Bei didn’t care about anything else. He took his sword and rushed over to Jiang Pengji’s camp.

Within the time frame of a few breaths, the two exchanged more than a hundred moves. Jiang Pengji tested her skills at an unhurried pace to prove her hypothesis.

Enough information had been gathered. Therefore, there was no need to keep this person around.

With all her might, she resisted the force from the other party’s palm. With one hand, she picked the dagger that had been knocked to the floor, the situation suddenly reversed.

“I admit that your martial arts skills are not bad, but your external skills will remain stagnant if you don’t work hard and practice. You also don’t have any practical experience at assassination. Even if you were equipped with the best martial arts skills, you’d still be useless. Do you want to assassinate me? Continue practicing for a hundred years!”

Jiang Pengji used her left hand as a sword and attacked the other party’s throat. Her speed was so fast that no residual shadows were seen, the dancer only felt her vision turn blurry. Her throat felt numb as she heard her bones crack. The dagger meant to stab Jiang Pengji now stabbed her in the heart. “Fret not, you have the System behind you, you won’t die. You are welcome to offer your head the next time.”

Before she lost consciousness, she heard Jiang Pengji whisper these words into her ears.

A demon! She must be a demon!

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