The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady

Chapter 274 - Choking Them

Chapter 274: Choking Them

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

The maid instantly realized what Cang Susu meant and spoke harshly with a glower at Murong Xue, “How dare you let your dog attack my lady!”

Murong Xue gave a brittle laugh. Cang Susu was vying with her for Beibei just now. After she got bitten, she blamed it on Murong Xue shamelessly. “Didn’t Miss Cang just now say that the puppy was yours? Why does it suddenly become mine now?” Murong Xue said.

The maid whispered nervously, “That’s because my lady accidentally mistook it as her dog.”

Murong Xue curled up the corners of her mouth and looked at the maid condescendingly. “Beibei behaved well in my arms just now,” Murong Xue said. “If Miss Cang didn’t come and rob it, how could it attack Miss Cang? She brought this on herself.”

“You…” the maid was choked with anger, pointing at Murong Xue. “This girl is a bit sharp-tongued. My lady did walk in front of the puppy before it hurt her. My lady is indeed unreasonable,” the maid thought inwardly. Thinking of that, she sneered, “But it is a fact that your dog has hurt my lady. You should give my lady an explanation.”

“What explanation do you want?” Murong Xue asked carelessly, even without raising her eyelids.

“The puppy is gone and we can’t find it now. You, the owner of it, have to apologize on its behalf. Please go down on your knees and kowtow to my lady,” the maid said word by word with her eyes full of pride.

Murong Xue shot a piercing glare at the maid who made up lies with her lady to rob Beibei. Scratches on Cang Susu was just a lesson given by Beibei. It was impossible for Murong Xue to apologize to Cang Susu. “In your dreams!” Murong Xue said.

Mercilessly turned down, the maid glowered at Murong Xue and spoke harshly to her, “My lady is the fiancée of His Highness. His Highness won’t spare you as your dog hurt his fiancée.”

Murong Xue was rendered speechless. Here was another bullying under the banner of Gong Qianyu. Why was he surrounded by a batch of people like those bullies? Instead of serving their duties, they just caused trouble. Gong Qianyu would be held back by them sooner or later.

The maid interpreted Murong Xue’s silence as it that Murong Xue was frightened by Gong Qianyu’s identity. The maid’s mouth curled up with an arrogant smile. “There is still time to apologize to my lady,” said the maid.

Screw you! The one who did the wrong thing wasn’t Murong Xue! She would not bother to talk to a batch of unreasonable shameless people.

With a chill flashing in Murong Xue’s dark eyes, she said, “Wuhen, let’s go.”

“Yes!” the driver responded in a deep voice. With a long whip in his hand hitting on horse, the horse dashed forward.

As the carriage drove forward, clouds of dust picked up from the tires billowed to Cang Susu’s and her maid’s faces and almost choked them.

Cang Susu covered her mouth with a silk handkerchief and struggled to stand straight in the dust. Watching the receding carriage, she gave her servant an order, “Go check that girl’s identity.”

“Yes!” a servant answered.

Cang Susu shot a piercing glare. She was the daughter of the prime minister. All famous ladies in the capital catered to her and no one dared to stand against her. How dare that girl manipulate her and embarrass her?

Beside a picturesque lake, the house bought by Ouyang Shaochen was magnificent with blue bricks and red tiles. There were two stone lions at the gate, above which a bronze plaque engraved with the powerful word “Pavilion” was hung.

In the house, green trees and beautiful flowers came into view first. Dense branches and leaves kept most of the scorching sunlight out so that the sultry summer air was also blocked outside. People would feel cool and refreshed as the breeze blew.

Walking on the winding flagstone path, Murong Xue couldn’t help but gave admiration, “The air here is sweet and the layout is splendid. This house is wee-designed.”

Ouyang Shaochen’s mouth curled up into a smile. He said blandly, “Are you praising me?”

Murong Xue was startled, “What? This is your design?”

“Yeah!” Ouyang Shaochen nodded with an imperceptible smile in his dark eyes. Everything here was designed for her. It was great that she liked it.

“Your Highness, Miss Murong, dinner’s ready,” Xun Feng stepped forward and said respectfully.

Ouyang Shaochen nodded and said to Murong Xue, “It’s getting late so let’s eat first.”

“Sure.” Murong Xue nodded and walked forward with them. During the long journey, they hadn’t had a decent meal. Now that they reached the capital of Nanjiang, she wouldn’t miss any nice food to recover her strength.

On the table in the pavilion covered various dishes, which were overflowed with fragrance and almost made them drool.

Murong Xue washed her hands before she sat by the table and dived in elegantly.

Sitting next to her, Ouyang Shaochen looked at her blandly. “Do you like it?”

“Yes!” Murong Xue nodded. Most of the dishes were her favorites.

“Glad you like it.” Ouyang Shaochen nodded. He pondered for a while before he continued blandly, “To kill Gong Qianze…there’s a long way for Gong Qianyu to go.”

“I know that,” Murong Xue said with a sullen look. “Gong Qianze is a gentle man and he’s good at gaining people’s trust while Gong Qianyu is pure and quiet and looks proud in people’s eyes. Plus, he doesn’t have many acquaintances, so he’s got few people to use.”

It was indeed a huge challenge for Gong Qianyu to deal with Gong Qianze alone who was much more competitive.

“You ready to help him?” Ouyang Shaochen fixed his mysterious eyes on Murong Xue.

Murong Xue blinked her eyes. “Well… I’m still thinking about it. But Gong Qianze poisoned me before, I have to settle scores with him.”

To settle scores with Gong Qianze actually would help Gong Qianyu out, indirectly though.

With a sullen look, Ouyang Shaochen was ready to say something. But Murong Xue interrupted him, “The dishes are getting cold. Let’s finish the meal first. We can discuss it later.”

Watching Murong Xue who couldn’t divert from the meal, Ouyang Shaochen flashed with a subtle smile. “OK!” he nodded. When he picked up chopsticks, a black feather arrow swished in.

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