The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich

Chapter 830 - Didina

830 Didina

Going back in time a little, to one hour before the door to the dimensional barrier was opened. This was when the battle between the twin brothers had just finished in the lowest level of the Chaos Abyss.

“Judgement: death penalty!”

Wumianzhe swung his gavel for the final time, transforming everything into ashes as all shadowy figures were shattered.

The battling twin brothers collapsed simultaneously. All the Roland clones simultaneously disappeared.

The endless snow swiftly melted. The pitch-black temple returned to the lowest level of the Chaos Abyss. The snow took away all corpses and rubble, leaving only an empty hallway behind.

“Couch, cough…”

The only survivor in the entire lowest level of the Chaos Abyss was currently vomiting while crouching on the ground.

Her vomiting wasn’t because of any evil curse, nor was it because she was a novice who couldn’t stand blood. Didina had simply relaxed her body after feeling a tremendous sensation of fear. The natural instinct of having barely survived was difficult for her body to handle.

When a frog was being stared at by a snake, the frog’s natural instinct of fear would cause it to freeze up. The cruelest death penalty would be to inform you beforehand of the time that you would die, causing you to slowly enter death as your fear and anxiety kept increasing.

The difference between Didina and Karwenz or Roland was far greater than between a snake and a frog. This was the difference between a Tyrannosaurus Rex and an ant. Just the wind from the dinosaur passing by or the earth shaking from the dinosaur walking could bring absolute disaster upon the ant.

The “survivor” was forcibly trapped in the arena as a spectator at the closest distance possible. She was forced to enjoy the “battle between monsters” that lasted more than an hour. Even though the smallest shock wave should have been enough to shatter her body, her status as a “neutral observer” meant that Law Sword Vengeance’s power would prevent her from dying.

She kept dying and reviving endlessly. Even though she should have been completely dead, she was forced to survive without an injury due to the “requirement of needing a jury for the court”.

Maybe killing intent was just something intangible in stories, but high-level demons really were capable of using pressure or an angry glare to kill ordinary humans or low-level magical beasts. The battle between the Main God-level Roland and Karwenz ended up becoming a chaotic battle with thousands of Roland clones who were all at the level of powerful Gods. Didina had wished countlessly during the battle that she could just die.

The end result of being forced next to death so many times was that the succubus’s physical body and soul were overloaded. A slightly weaker soul would have already perished.

Even though Didina was still alive, she was currently in extreme discomfort.

Her stomach kept heaving as she vomited all of its contents. Her snot and drool were flying everywhere. Although her sense of reason kept informing her that the threat was gone, she was unable to control her body. This was the only way by which she could vent her instinctive fear. Her appearance was incredibly humiliating despite the fact that she was a beautiful woman.

Didina finally recovered slightly after her stomach was completely empty from vomiting.

She collapsed on the ground and inhaled large breaths, feeling as if this was the sensation of being alive. Even though her legs were still trembling, she forced herself to start moving. Her legs still lacked strength, but she forced herself to crawl on all fours despite how humiliating it was.

“…I can still do it.”

Not far away was the altar of the Goddesses of Order and Chaos, which had been reduced to rubble. The snow was gone now, revealing the altar which had been buried under the snowy plains. The altar was broken in countless places. It was evident that it could no longer be used.

“Chaos summon.”

However, most people had forgotten how the seemingly weak Didina had once been the leader of her own level of the Chaos Abyss. Although she relied on her pet more than her own power level, she was also a Demon Lord who possessed the knowledge of demons and the Gold Elf Empire. She was definitely a top-class archmage.

Numerous low-level and mid-level demons emerged from a teleportation portal. However, they weren’t ordered to slaughter. Instead, the incredibly fatigued Didina commanded them to work as laborers as they began to repair the altar under her command.

One of the most common demon abilities was the ability to summon other demons. However, demons didn’t actually like to use this ability, because there was far too high a price to pay for summoning other demons of the same or even higher level. If you summoned a higher-level demon, you would be forced to answer their summons in the future, which would easily trap a demon in servitude. As for summoning weaker demons than yourself… What meaning would there be in that?

However, succubi were an exception to this. As everyone knew, succubi were highly popular with other powerful existences in the Chaos Abyss. Many famously beautiful succubi would have multiple lovers amongst the Demon Lords. This was why nobody dared to rape succubi despite the fact that succubi had some of the weakest power levels amongst all demons.

Succubus Demon Lord Didina furiously opened up numerous teleportation portals to summon her subordinates as well as high-level demons. The high-level demons were commanded to summon even more high-level and mid-level demons. These demons kept summoning each other while swiftly forming a large laborer army.

The low-level demons unhesitatingly carried out the Demon Lord master’s commands. However, the high-level demons had many thoughts of their own when they saw how fatigued the Demon Lord was, and that she was a succubus who likely wasn’t very skilled at combat.

Yet, the experienced Didina immediately found an excuse to execute two high-level demons, which successfully cowed the other demons into submission, preventing the seeds of rebellion from forming.

Nobody had likely guessed that the designer of this altar and the person behind the theory on how to open the door to the dimensional barrier was actually Didina, a succubus who attracted very little attention. Nobody had likely ever expected that this inconspicuous “weak succubus” was actually the foremost expert space magic archmage in the entire world.

It was only natural that Didina, who had both the Chaos Abyss’s knowledge and the legacy of the Gold Elf Empire, was capable of completing this miraculous task.

“…It’s finally about to be finished.”

Didina didn’t feel reassured at all despite the fact that the repairs were being done quite swiftly. Her anxiety didn’t reduce at all, as it was still impossible to explain how Roland had suddenly appeared here.


Didina whipped a laborer demon who was rather clumsy. She then became so impatient that she even personally worked on the altar’s repairs herself.

“…Finally, everything can be finished… This damned Holy War and Cycle of Reincarnation can end…”

Didina was unable to remain calm as she glanced at the altar before her. She had been waiting thousands of years—all for this moment.

Nobody knew that the golden locket that Didina was clutching had an old and faint painting that she had recovered from the rubble of the Gold Elf Empire.

The painting was of a certain smiling blond-haired elf girl who was making a flower bracelet for her parents. Her innocent smile seemed incredibly cute, yet if she saw this painting right now, she would unhesitatingly destroy this dark history from her past.

“My pitiful Harloys, I don’t dare to tell you who I am even now… but finally, everything will be over starting today. Our wish is right in front of us.”

This expressionless succubus Demon Lord suddenly seemed like a middle-aged man who had lost much in his life.

Roland had never expected that Didina who he viewed as just an accomplice was actually the mastermind behind everything!

“The rules of Order and Chaos? Fate and the will of the Gods? The ruling species is destined to be replaced? From now on, the only rule will be that there are no rules. All lives in Eich shall obtain true freedom!”

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