The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 2654 - Phantom! Sudden Strike (8)

Ch. 2654: Phantom! Sudden Strike (8)

The devils were shocked. Their million-strong army was abused this much by a few teenagers of the

Human Race. Looking at the hundreds of heads before them, they were stunned.

All their high-ranking ocers had been cleanly slaughtered. In an instant, the devil army was leaderless

and there was no longer anyone who could command their operations.

In the face of Shen Yanxiao’s oath, the devils could only stay where they were.

The devils’ hierarchical system was very strict. The absolute execution of orders issued by superiors was

one of the reasons why the Devil race was so powerful. But the present situation showed that this also

wasn’t a good tradition.

As soon as the commanders and other high-ranking devil ocers were dead, ordinary devil soldiers did

not know what to do anymore.

If they were to be replaced by soldiers in the Barren Land, they would have never hesitated to rush

directly to tear up the enemy.

You dare to kill our commander; we will kill you, too!

Without a leader, the devils didn’t know what to do. In the face of the Phantom that stained the earth with

the devil’s blood, their hearts couldn’t help but give birth to a trace of fear.

The other side only had six people!

Not a million troops!

With only these six people, they had managed to get the heads of the enemy commanders, without

getting touched by millions of enemy soldiers. This was simply…

Simply dreadful!!!

The devil army retreated little by little. They no longer had the courage to continue ghting.

No one expected that the millions of troops of the Devil Race would be scared o by six human teenagers.

Today’s battle was enough to go down in the annals of history.

Seeing the devil army retreating farther and farther, the alliance army on the wall immediately issued loud


“Long live the lord! Long live the lord!”

They thought that in this ght, they would be defeated and would have to destroy the city and retreat.

But no one expected that Shen Yanxiao would bring several city lords with her and carry out this kind of


Looking at the heads of the devils under the city wall and watching the devil army retreat in defeat, every

survivor’s heart was lled with indescribable excitement.

They had been going to war with the devils up to now, but which time did not result in the city being

destroyed in the end; which time did the devils not march arrogantly into the Barren Land? Today, it was

nally the opposite!

In this battle, although they were not able to consume the devil troops that much, it still left everyone

pumped up.

Shen Yanxiao stood at the city gate and waved to the alliance troops on the wall.

“You all have worked hard.”

“It’s nothing! This is what we should do! Lord, please hurry back to The Rising Sun City!” Even though

everyone was excited about Shen Yanxiao’s counterattack, they still did not forget the cruelty and dangers

of war. They did not want to put their lord in danger.

Shen Yanxiao waved her hand and did not say much.

Hurry back?

No way!

She was just beginning their raid. As long as the Devil Race did not recall the twelve devil generals she,

together with the members of Phantom, would not leave the front lines.

Shen Yanxiao had absolute condence in the skills of the Phantom members. Unless there were the same

number of devil generals to confront them… even if there were three or four of them, there was no way

for their Phantom team to be defeated.

With the level of cooperation and the individual strength of the Phantom members, it was not dicult to

bring a few devils generals to death.

Unless the twelve devil generals would ght together with Satan, in which case no one could stop their

group from bringing disaster.

Shen Yanxiao left the weather-beaten city with Qi Xia and the others to start looking for the next target.

What they wanted was not to beat the drowning dog, but to drive the devils to a desperate situation so

that they would summon back the twelve devil generals, saving the rest of the city lords of the Barren

Land from being killed by those devil generals.

The Phantom left, but the legend about them was forever imprinted in the hearts of the people in this


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