The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 2674 - Resurrection Array (4)

Chapter 2674: Resurrection Array (4)

The undead couldn’t care less how fierce the battle was; they could only draw the resurrection array as fast as they could, like madmen. Tian Jue and Ji Ying were entangled with Tang Nazhi and Li Xiaowei. They could hardly believe that the divine profession of mankind could be so strong. In the war beueen gods and devils ten thousand years ago, they also fought against humans of divine professions, but it was impossible for them to be rendered unable to break free, as they were now. It must be known that they were not idle during these ten thousand years.

Their strength had been raised to a terrible level. They always believed that if they faced up against the Divine Professionals of human beings, even if they could not kill them in a short time, they could still definitely win easily.

However, the current situation had made Tian Jue and Ji Ying almost mad. Tang Nazhi clasped the flaming heavy sword with his hand, and with one Shatter Cut, Ji Ying, who was trying to get close to the undead, was forced back.

Tian Jue was just about to attack from the side when several arrows greeted him, forcing him back abruptly. Li Xiaowei stood on the other side.

The arrows in his hand were shrouded with dark blue lightning. The sacred tool that Shen Yanxiao made for him was accompanied by the element of lightning; coupled with the lethality of the Blasting Arrow itself, even a devil general would not dare to take such an arrow head-on

Mankind’s Divine Professionals might not be so powerful, but Tang Nazhi and Li Xiaowei possessed more than the strength of the Divine Professionals.

They had also inherited the power of the superior gods. Even though they could not be compared with real superior gods, they should not be treated like general Divine Professionals. Furthermore, Shen Yanxiao had specially designed some sacred tools to assist them. It was almost impossible to repel them in a short period of time.

Seeing that the resurrection array was almost completely drawn up, Tian Jue, who had always held a sadistic attitude, frowned.

The undead were once in the devils camp, and he naturally knew very well about the resurrection array of the undead. In the war between the gods and devils in the past, the resurrection array of the undead raised millions of undead troops the moment it was activated!

If it were not for the purification and suppression of the gods, the terrible number of the resurrected undead army alone would have been enough to turn the situation around.

Today, although the God Race was almost non-existent, the undead were standing opposite the Devil Race. The devils did not have the divine power of the gods.

They simply could not purify the undead army at all! The present circumstances forced Tian Jue to crush the devil energy gourd on his waist.

A black mist was released from the gourd, and a large black mist poured into the sky from the ground!

Tang Nazhi and Li Xiaowei were startled upon seeing the black fog. As early as before the war, Shen Siyu had taught them about the different war instruments of the devils. The devil energy gourd was one of those. Devils would crush it to send signals to their companions.

Obviously, Tian Jue and Ji Ying had determined that they could not remove the two obstacles in front of them in a short time. Therefore…

They began to send a summon signal to Satan and other devil generals! This kind of thing really rendered Tang Nazhi unable to laugh. They could pin down Tian Jue and Ji Ying, but they couldn’t completely eliminate them. Realistically speaking,

if the confrontation between their two sides continued to drag on, it was probably they who would be defeated in the end. Although they held the power of superior gods, after all was said and done, they were still young, and there would be a big gap between them and the battle-hardened devil generals.

The two devil generals had already made them go all-out; if they were to call the other devil generals over…

Then the fight would no longer have any suspense.

“I’ll stall the n,vo of them. Go and inform Little Xiao that the devil generals are about to make their moves.” Li Xiaowei made the decision before Tang Nazhi could open his mouth.

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