The Great Thief

Chapter 1892 - Lovebirds

Chapter 1892: Lovebirds

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After two days had passed, Ruling Sword finally killed Nightbane.

There were two Skill Points, one Enhanced Skill Book and two exquisite gems that completely made up for all the trouble that had been caused over these last two days.

Lu Li took one of the exquisite gems, which was a pure attack increase. He hoped to put it into a slot of a weapon in future, since the weapons he currently had weren’t worthy of such a gem. He also hoped that they would be able to achieve the First Clear of the Black Temple.

Ideally, the Warglaive of Azzinoth would be dropped. If two of them could drop at the same time, that would be even better.

There was a Dark Gold leather armor called Stonebough Jerkin. The attributes of this item were not bad, so Lu Li assigned it to Water Fairy. After all, Water Fairy had yet to receive any T4 items.

The Nightstaff of the Everliving was a Dark Gold Magic Staff that was given to Fat Monkey. He could use this weapon for now.

There was also an Epic Shield – Shield of Impenetrable Darkness. This increased the Main Tank’s strength by a little bit.

The Epic Cloth robe, Robe of the Elder Scribes, was given to Lonesome Flower as this item was biased towards Ice Mages. Lonesome Flower hadn’t taken many things so far, so this was also to compensate him.

Then there was the Badge of Justice and quest items.

Nightbane’s quest was related to the Serpentshrine Cavern’s large Instance Dungeon. If they didn’t complete the quest, they couldn’t enter Serpentshrine Cavern.

However, the next events were a Stronghold War and the competition.

They didn’t run into any experts in the competition, so that wasn’t worth mentioning.

The most shocking thing was the upcoming Stronghold War. The game officials had finally greatly reduced the defender’s advantage, which meant that Strongholds would now change hands more frequently.

The first Stronghold War after the changes was also the seventeenth Stronghold War overall.

There were two new Strongholds to be officially released.

The first was the Barrenlands’ second Stronghold and the other was for the Tirisfal Woodland.

The fighting this time was very fierce. Ruling Sword’s three-guild alliance and the existing Fel Reavers was enough to defend their Strongholds, even though they hadn’t managed to produce any more Fel Reavers.

However, it wasn’t just Ruling Sword that had Fel Reavers anymore.

Seventh Heaven also had Fel Reavers. Lu Li didn’t know exactly how many they had, but it

seemed that they currently had a total of four in circulation.

Of the four Fel Reavers, two helped them defend the Un’Goro Crater and one helped them win a second Stronghold in the Hillsbrad Hills which was being defended by Gale Legion. Another was sent to attack the first Tanaris Stronghold which was defended by Glory Capital, but unfortunately, that attack failed.

The Fel Reavers had apparently also been weakened in terms of their durability and destructive power.

Glory Capital’s three Infernals had managed to stop Seventh Heaven’s Fel Reaver from taking a Stronghold.

Although Gale Legion had lost the Hillsbrad Hills, they had successfully won the Barrenlands’ second Stronghold. This meant that Glory Capital’s conglomerate was neither winning nor losing a Stronghold this time.

At this point, the Hillsbrad Hills that had originally belonged to Glory Capital were now occupied by Seventh Heaven and Blood Red War Flag, with one Stronghold each.

Blood Red War Flag originally had Hillsbrad Hills’ first Stronghold and Desolace’s Stronghold, but they underestimated the difficulty of defending them. As such, their Desolace Stronghold was taken by a coalition of Majin Temple and Gods of Dusk.

The owner of Tirisfal Woodlands’ new Stronghold was Brotherhood.

They were a relatively low-profile Club that ranked 13th on the latest rankings. They had recently received many fresh recruits and had regained some of their former glory.

Lu Li was quite satisfied with the current situation and had no intention of taking a new Stronghold for the time being.

He secretly released some information that Ruling Sword could help others fight for Strongholds, as long as the right price was paid.

It was one thing to capture a Stronghold, but holding onto it was another matter. If you were able to take it, but unable to defend it, you couldn’t blame Ruling Sword for that.

It wasn’t that Lu Li was trying to do good deeds, but he saw this as a way to make money.

This was probably the gaming circle’s current high priority.

Once this information had been released, many clubs got into contact with them. The prices that they got were quite varied – there were some offering hundreds of thousands and some offering millions. However, there were some laughable offers in the tens of thousands.

Their requests were written quite formally. They would first describe what their ambitions were before characterising Ruling Sword as heroic. They would then say something like how the money was trivial, but the future potential was infinite. They would finally close up with something about how the comrades that fought together today would become unshakeable allies in future.

However, Shameless Lu didn’t buy any of this at all. He hadn’t accepted any of the offers.

A normal price would have been 10 million at the minimum. If you included the costs of the attack, Lu Li felt like a minimum price would have been 50 million. There were not many Fel Reavers around and the game officials had not yet dealt with them, so there was still some time to profit off them.

These arrangements had been thought up by Ruling Sword’s financier, Shen Wansan. He was a proficient businessman who knew how to maximise profits.

Lu Li intended to collect level 70 equipment. Even if there was no Epic equipment, level 70 Dark Gold equipment was still better than level 60 equipment. Even the equipment that was currently being dropped was not guaranteed to be level 70.

Presently, in addition to the Bosses, there were several large quest chains which were very difficult to trigger. However, most of the attention was currently focused on the Chinese Valentines events.

Since the official launch of the couple system, it seemed that the game officials would not overlook the traditional Chinese Valentines festival. The activities wouldn’t just be for romance, but would also provide many benefits for the players.

Everyday, the players would receive a decent potion and would have an opportunity to complete quests for equipment.

Lu Li was a sad single person in his previous life, so he couldn’t do anything more than watch other players engage in the activities. He could only activate the small quests that had been set by the officials for poor singles.

The main quest was only available for couples and the best quest was called the Love Red Wire.

From the low-level Instance Dungeons like Ragefire Chasm to any other Instance Dungeon below level 70 and the major maps in the Wild, there would be Lovebirds to farm. The level of these Lovebirds was dependent on the location where they were found.

For example, the Lovebirds in Ragefire Chasm would only be level 10. However, if you found them in the Outland Instance Dungeon, they would probably be level 70.

These Lovebirds had a certain probability dropping a Love Red Wire. This item could be exchanged for various items at a capital city’s Chinese Valentines special envoys. Among them was a Chinese Valentines gift box that could contain a level 70 Dark Gold equipment.

It was worth mentioning that a player needed to be at a certain level of intimacy with another player to deal damage to the Lovebirds.

The game officials had basically designed this event exclusively for couples.

Lu Li and Water Fairy joined up and began to enter various Instance Dungeons. Although there were many Lovebirds in the Wild, there were also many players trying to steal the drops. Since they were in a team of two and could only fight in melee, there was no advantage to being in the Wild. Playing in the Instance Dungeons gave them a private space to farm the Lovebirds.

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