The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 1199 - Jiang Qiran Was Changing His Clothes…

Chapter 1199: Jiang Qiran Was Changing His Clothes…

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Everyone looked at Ye Linlang and Jiang Qiran with their mouths agape. They were so scared that they almost had a heart attack!

From what Ye Linlang said, it was obvious that she had been to Jiang Qiran’s house before!

Damn, they had only known each other for more than a month, but why did it feel like their relationship had improved by leaps and bounds? Wasn’t this development a little too fast?!

There were still people chatting and laughing around, but all of a sudden, Ye Linlang saw that the entire class was quiet. They even used an extremely strange gaze to size up her and Jiang Qiran.

Ye Linlang frowned slightly. Why were they staring at them like they were monkeys?!

Ye Linlang really didn’t like being surrounded like this. She carefully poked Jiang Qiran’s arm. Her voice was very low so that only Jiang Qiran could hear it.

“Why is everyone suddenly silent? The atmosphere is so strange.”

“Who knows what they are thinking?”

A low voice came from Jiang Qiran’s lips. It was even more pleasant to the ear than an announcer’s voice.

Ye Linlang’s face turned red.

To others, Ye Linlang seemed to have taken the initiative to go to Jiang Qiran’s ear and say something private.

Under the sunlight, the girl’s porcelain-white face was covered with a layer of pale gold color. It was clearly just her delicate facial features, but at this moment, she looked unexpectedly beautiful.

When Jiang Qiran saw that many of the boys were staring at them in a daze, especially straight at Ye Linlang, Jiang Qiran suddenly felt very unhappy!

His eyes narrowed slightly, and he immediately changed the angle of his position. His tall figure almost covered Ye Linlang’s face.

He stared at Ye Linlang, and his voice was gentle.

“What else do you want to eat?”

Ye Linlang didn’t know why Jiang Qiran suddenly changed positions, but now she couldn’t see the group of classmates around her anymore. Jiang Qiran blocked the gazes of those people, and Ye Linlang felt a lot more at ease.

“I also want to eat roasted oysters! Oh right, and also roasted candied chestnuts.”

After eating heartily, Ye Linlang touched her belly, feeling that it was heavy inside!

Although Jiang Qiran didn’t know how to cook, his barbecue skills were still pretty good. Ye Linlang felt that she could give him five stars!

The only drawback was that Ye Linlang felt that as a girl, she ate twice as much food as Jiang Qiran.

If this continued, wouldn’t she be as fat as a pig standing next to Jiang Qiran?

Ye Linlang imagined that scene in her heart and couldn’t help but feel a little scared.

She nervously tugged on Jiang Qiran’s sleeve.

“Qiran, will you dislike me if I eat so much?”

Jiang Qiran frowned when he heard that.

“Is it a lot?”

Ye Linlang counted with her fingers and began to count how many things she had eaten just now!

“There’s a lot! Just now, I ate a pheasant leg, half a small bowl of muntjac meat, roasted lobster, more than ten candied chestnuts, a pile of roasted oysters, and roast beef slices…”

Heavens, she had just unknowingly been fed so much by Jiang Qiran just now!

The more Ye Linlang thought about it, the more depressed she felt. Her small head drooped, and she looked very dejected!

When Jiang Qiran saw Ye Linlang’s distressed look, he didn’t know why he wanted to laugh.

“Fortunately, you didn’t eat much. If Miaomiao was here, you would probably be barely on par with her.”

As Jiang Qiran spoke, he poked Ye Linlang’s hair on the side of her forehead, deliberately making her look even more messy.

Only Ye Linlang didn’t feel that this guy was doing something bad.

Ye Linlang’s heart was immersed in the pain of becoming fat. When she heard Jiang Qiran’s words, she immediately raised her eyes in shock.

“Miaomiao is also so good at eating? But I see that she has thin arms and legs. Her entire person shouldn’t be too slim!”

“Our Jiang family doesn’t seem to gain weight from eating. However, if you come, perhaps you can neutralize the genes.”

Jiang Qiran spoke in a serious manner, but in his heart, he suddenly came up with a picture.

The slim girl in front of him had gained a round of weight. She was wrapped in thick winter clothes, like a white and fat glutinous rice ball, white and cute.

This seemed to be not bad.

Ye Linlang’s face was now as thin as a bamboo pole, except for some baby fat. There was nothing she could do. She didn’t have enough nutrition when she was young.

Jiang Qiran was amused by the image he imagined.

When Ye Linlang thought of the meaning behind Jiang Qiran’s words, her face suddenly turned red.

Ye Linlang blushed and immediately punched Jiang Qiran’s arm.

“Who wants to neutralize genes with you!”

How old were they? To think that Jiang Qiran would actually say such a thing. It was truly embarrassing!

Without waiting for Jiang Qiran to respond, Ye Linlang sneaked out.

Jiang Qiran was confused. It was only when the slender figure of the girl ran out of his sight that Jiang Qiran suddenly understood what Ye Linlang meant.

Neutralizing genes. Didn’t that mean that if Ye Linlang married into their family, then in the future…

Jiang Qiran looked at the way Ye Linlang’s skirt fluttered in the wind, and the corners of his lips couldn’t help but curl up into a beautiful curve.

Indeed, he and Ye Linlang were still young. Talking about marriage was really too far away. No wonder Ye Linlang would be shy.

Jiang Qiran had always been a very well-planned person. Before meeting Ye Linlang, he had never thought about dating, let alone marriage.

But now that he thought about it, after he and Ye Linlang enters the same university, perhaps it would be better to get engaged first.

Poor Ye Linlang still didn’t know that not only did she have to face the goal of getting into the top 50 of her grade for the midterm exam, but she also had to enter the same university as Jiang Qiran in the future.

To be planned into his life by a genius youth, she had to pay a little price, didn’t she?

At midnight, the moonlight was just right, sprinkling a bit of light like water.

Thinking of going back early the next morning, Ye Linlang felt a lot of reluctance in her heart.

Leaving aside Wang Xiaoya and Xia Qianqian, the two troublemakers, the scenery in this remote suburb was really beautiful, especially the red maple leaves, giving people the feeling of walking in a painting.

It was only seven o’clock in the evening, and Ye Linlang couldn’t fall asleep. Unlike other girls, she didn’t have many close friends, so she simply went to Jiang Qiran’s tent to look for him.

Many students were still talking around the bonfire, and some girls were even dancing and laughing.

Ye Linlang looked at the girls’ unrestrained dancing, and her graceful figure couldn’t help but lower her head to look at herself.

* cough *

She was really flat in front and flat at the back…

= = =

As soon as this idea popped up in her mind, Ye Linlang’s face immediately turned red. She quickly walked around the girls dancing around the bonfire, so as not to aggravate her inferiority complex.

Jiang Qiran was staying alone in a tent. Ye Linlang was very careless. She directly lifted the curtain of the tent and went in casually.

“Qiran, let’s take a walk on the mountain?”

Ye Linlang had just walked in when she saw Jiang Qiran changing his clothes before she could finish her words!

Ye Linlang looked closely and immediately screamed!

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