The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Chapter 686

V58C4P1 – Companion

The glacial region near the Jigolaths.


Weed rode on the back of Wyvern3 and flew through the blizzard, almost freezing to death.

– I’m so cold, master.


If he did not warm up with holy fire beforehand, they would have fallen into trouble already.

At the glacial region was the merchant council that revolved around the snow plains waiting for Weed.

“Weed-nim, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

The merchant group was composed of barbarians.

Their representative, Elvira, wearing a white fur coat, greeted Weed.

“This is the ice crystal that you requested.”

“Thank you for travelling all the way to such a harsh place.”

“Not at all. We go anywhere our clients wish.”

After Bard Ray’s expedition, the snow plains and Jigolaths were beginning to be explored by adventurers.

Groups searching for treasures and gold visited the region quite frequently.

“Please confirm the product.”

There were 10 wagons of pure ice crystals.

Having formed in such a cold location, there were no signs of impurities.

Two other wagons were filled with dragon bone.

They were precious bones acquired after the slaying of Kaybern.

Weed pulled out the bones from the wagon, knocked on them and weighed one by one.

“These products are superb.”

“Then… Could we observe the process?”

“Of course. But-”



He quickly restrained himself from his involuntary habit of ripping people off.

‘I don’t need to be so petty anymore.’

He acquired so much wealth that he didn’t have to lick the top of yogurt bottles anymore.

There was no need to charge the merchants who worked diligently in such cold locations spectating fees.

“It might take them some time so… Holy Fire!”


“Thank you.”

He set up a bonfire and sat around it with the merchants and Wyvern3.

“Then I shall begin sculpting.”

He didn’t have to be concerned about acquiring sculpting materials as the blizzard was blowing violently. He could start massing a lump anywhere and the sculpture would gain size rapidly.

10 meters, 20 meters, 30 meters.

He began working from the bottom and used skills on occasion.

1 hour, 2 hours.

Since it was a huge-scale project, time passed quickly.

It was a massive sculpture made from transparent ice.

Weed’s creation was none other than Bingryeong who had perished in the fight against Kaybern.

“Bingryeong’s defining feature was his waist. It was so weak that it could be snapped at any moment.”

There was a severe lack of dragon bones for him to use them all up. If he were to invest all of Kaybern’s bones into Bingryeong, it would undoubtedly turn into an incredibly powerful creature, but it just wasn’t possible.

From tail to the spine and the head, he mixed in the pure ice crystals along with the dragon bones.

For the crafting of its head, he put in Bingryeong’s body fragments.

It was not the creation of a new Bingryeong, but the revival of the old Bingryeong.

“I will take special care this time.”

He added a long, majestic beard using the ice crystals.

The result was a larger Bingryeong than the past, over 400 meters tall.

“Bestow Life to the Sculpture!”

< You have used a portion of the sculptural creature’s body. The creature with the water attribute will now gain new life.

The skill ‘Memories of the sculpture’ is activated.

The sculptural creature may retain its past memories but it is uncertain.

The effects of your improved Art stats and sculptural technique will not be applied to the newly sculptured state and will suffer a 5% level deficit from the last moment of existence.

Special materials were used.

Parts of the body have been enhanced, increasing Strength and level.

The power of breath increased 2.5x.

Mana regeneration increased to 300%.

The creature possesses high magic resistance and negates most physical damage.

It is capable of using some dark magic and powerful ice spells. >

The frozen Bingryeong sculpture began moving.


The force almost split the earth.

Bingryeong shook off the packs of snow that coated his body and roared

– Krrruuuuuah!

Bingryeong standing in the midst of a blizzard in the glacial region was truly a magnificent sight.

“Wow. This is amazing.”

“It’s so incredible.”

The merchants were mesmerized.

– Krrrrragh!

Bingryeong roared once again.

It must have been encouraged by the merchants’ awe.

Weed looked up at Bingryeong.

“How do you feel?”

Bingryeong glared with its clear crystal eyes and replied.

– Who are you.

“I’m your master. You don’t recognize me?”

– No. I have no memory of you.

There were cases where the revived creature lost their past memories. However, Bingryeong’s element of water and the huge ice crystal Weed had invested into its revival should have reduced the chances of that substantially.

“You don’t remember anything about the time we spent together?”

– Nothing.

“Do you remember the name I gave you?”

– Did you do such a thing? I don’t know.

“Do you remember Kaybern, that you battled before you died?”

– I do not know this Kaybern you speak of.

“What about Wyvern3 over there?”

– No.

Weed’s eyes thinned as if they were lie detectors. Still, Bingryeong stared back at him without the slightest change in expression.

Bingryeong had been wiped of its memories!

– Kuuuuuuagh!

Wyvern3 walked over and rubbed its body against Bingryeong, but Bingryeong did not react at all.

“This is strange…”

Weed turned around and shook his head. Then he spoke nonchalantly, as if he was passing by.

“So, Bingryeong.”

– Why do you call for me? Master.

“Why did you just respond?”

– …


Weed visited the Jigolaths and revived the Phoenix and the Fire Giant from the hottest boiling lava.

– Thank you for reviving me, master.

– I am glad to see you again.

“Yeah. You guys are a nice, honest bunch.”

Weed’s fire resistance had been enhanced, allowing him to use extremely hot lava as a sculptural ingredient.

The Phoenix and the Fire Giant’s physiques were improved with additional effects.

< Resurrected Phoenix!

Health points increased by 50%.

It will revive within 10 seconds when its flames are completely extinguished.

The power of resurrection will be replenished upon resting at a location with a powerful essence vein of fire.

A new trait was bestowed on the Phoenix as well. >

“It will be very useful for the future. I can send it out to any battle no matter how dangerous it may be.”

The Phoenix was set for a life of intense labor.

The next task on Weed’s schedule was something of the utmost importance in his life.

He returned to Morata and met farmer Miretas and elf Haruna for this exact errand.

“These are flower seeds. There are some saplings here as well.”

“These are seeds from the grass, flowers and trees grown in Elven Forest.

“What will you do with them? Have you taken an interest in farming?”

For the sculpting master Weed to start farming, they were more than glad to help.

“I have no intentions of farming.”

“You sure?”

“Yes, I am sure.”

“Sweat is the most honest proof of diligence. Do you know how proud you will be when the crops that you sweat for start growing? Watching the golden fields with a cool breeze is just…”

“I am just going to feed on the crops grown from the sweat and tears of other farmers.”

Weed climbed on Wyvern3 with the seeds in hand. Then he headed to the uninhabited island introduced by the three mad sharks of Becky Nin. .


He crossed the Northern Continent and the blue ocean. There were plenty of ships passing through the oceans of Port Varna and Croa Pirate Island.

There were fishing boats, trades ships and pirate ships!

“It’s Weed-nim!”

“Hooray Arpen Empire!”

Weed waved lightly and kept moving eastward.

– Master.


– Bingryeong and the Phoenix became more powerful.


– What about me? I take you around everywhere.

Wyvern3 who flew Weed around the most often had every right to complain.

Even now, it was a long journey from the end of the North to the east sea.

“What do you want me to do?”

– I want to be stronger.


– Just because.

Weed understood its nature as a violent wyvern.

“Alright. I’ll stick some dragon bones and scales on your wings.”

– Really? Will I become more powerful with that?

“I think you would become a little faster, for one thing.”

– Fast is good too.

They were precious materials, but for the speed improvement of Wyvern3 it was well worth the investment. If it could fly faster, Weed could save a lot of time travelling.

They flew by the vast Croa Pirate Island and various islands followed by an open sea.

– Heint: The eastern region of the Pirate Island has rapid currents and rocks, a dangerous location even for the most experienced navigators. Based on Wyvern3’s speed, it would be roughly 20 ~ 30 minutes until the arrival at the island.

The ocean was colored emerald. The harmonious scenery with the blue sky was breathtaking.

The island Heint spoke of was of considerable size.

A paradise with tall mountains, a white beach, a cliff by the coast and turtles enjoying the sunlight.

“No one’s on the island, right?”

– I don’t see anyone.

Weed slowly circled around the island on top of Wyvern3. It looked like a paradise just at a quick glance, and the wide fields were filled with tall, untrimmed grass.

“It’s great. I have to start working now.”

(To be continued…)

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