The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism

Chapter 1262 - Seven Treasures Soup

Chapter 1262: Seven Treasures Soup

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In the beginning, Fangzheng only felt that the culinary method appeared fun, but the product wasn’t necessarily delicious.

After a while, Fangzheng smelled a faint mushroom fragrance. Similarly, the smell was very faint, so faint that it did not seem to taste good.

After a while, Jin Jiatong picked up the lotus leaves carefully.

Little Sun wiped the saliva from the corner of her mouth and said, “Brother, I can smell the smell of the Seven Treasures Soup. I can’t wait to drink it.”

“This is called Seven Treasures Soup?” Fangzheng asked in surprise. He never expected a simple meal made by the little guy to have such a refined name.

Jin Jiatong said, “This is a method passed down by our village ancestors. It’s said that the ancestors were very particular. They used a specific time and a specific spot to gather the precious mushrooms in the mountains. Therefore, it’s called Seven Treasures Soup.

“However, right now, we are just making it to fill our stomachs. We don’t have time to look for those things, and we can’t necessarily find them either. Moreover, we don’t have any seasonings other than salt. Please make do with it.

“The Seven Treasure Soup is made by boiling water in lotus leaves, and the water can’t flow out. By heating it through the soil, it wouldn’t burn the lotus leaves. The water and mushrooms inside boil in the lotus leaves, and all the fragrances are sealed inside. So even if there are no other spices, the taste of the soup will still be quite good.”

As he spoke, Little Sun had already made a simple bowl with a lotus leaf and handed it to Fangzheng.

Fangzheng looked at the exquisite lotus leaf bowl in his hand as a look of surprise flashed in his eyes. This tiny bowl was very plain, but it was definitely not simple. To make it into a small bowl without damaging the lotus leaves and not have it spread open the moment it entered the hands definitely needed skill.

Fangzheng shot a glance at the little girl who was sitting to the side, quietly shaking her tiny feet. She folded the lotus leaves into tiny bowls in a skilled manner. He realized that the amazement the two children had given him were increasing…

“Master, have some soup.” As Jin Jiatong spoke, he tore a small opening from the side of the lotus leaf pot. The soup inside immediately rushed out and landed in Fangzheng’s tiny bowl.

After pouring filling the bowl, Jin Jiatong only needed to tip the lotus leaf pot a little to prevent the soup from flowing out. Then, he poured a bowl for Little Sun and himself…

Fangzheng no longer had the time to pay attention to their situation. All his attention was on the lotus leaf bowl in front of him. To be precise, it was the Seven Treasures Soup!

The soup didn’t have any oil, but the mushroom fragrance from the soup was better than any oil. The fragrance whet his appetite when it reached his nose. Fangzheng couldn’t help but take a sip. He felt a lingering fragrance in his mouth. It was hard to tell which mushroom he was tasting as though it had a bit of everything. Yet, this combination was perfect. It was so fragrant that he couldn’t help but drink it. After drinking a few mouthfuls, Fangzheng realized that the soup was gone!

When Jin Jiatong saw this, he smiled and said, “Master, drink more if you like it.”

Fangzheng nodded immediately. “It’s indeed delicious. This is the best soup This Penniless Monk has ever drunk.”

After another bowl, the soup in the lotus leaf was almost finished. Fangzheng was naturally embarrassed to take the last bit from the two children.

No matter how Jin Jiatong persuaded him, he refused to drink it.

Jin Jiatong could only give it to Little Sun who was like a starving cat that was licking her lips. She held the lotus leaf bowl and enjoyed the soup. Her big eyes turned into small crescents, making her look extremely adorable.

After finishing the soup, Jin Jiatong said, “Master, we’ve finished the soup. It’s time for the main meal.”

“Main meal?” Fangzheng was taken aback. Was there anything around him that could be used as the main meal?

Jin Jiatong opened the lotus leaf pot and laid the lotus leaves flat on the ground. There was a small pile of mushrooms lying on the lotus leaves! Although the mushrooms weren’t considered beautiful, they had many colors—black, white, green, light-red! Coupled with the emerald green lotus leaves and the burst of fragrance that was released the moment the lotus leaves were opened, Fangzheng felt his stomach groan when his nose was inundated by the fragrance. His craving for the food erupted!

At this moment, a small hand reached out and grabbed wildly.

Jin Jiatong quickly hit the little hand. Little Sun stuck out her tongue and retracted the slightly red hands. She pouted and said pitifully, “Brother, I’m hungry…”

Jin Jiatong said, “We have a guest.”

Little Sun said, “But the guest is a nice person. We don’t have to be so polite to a nice person, right? The meal can be enjoyed when everyone eats without any reservation.”

Just as Jin Jiatong was about to say something, Fangzheng said with a smile, “Young Patron, you’re right. Don’t stand on ceremony. Being polite will only put a distance between us. The food wouldn’t be that enjoyable that way. Young Patron, don’t stand on ceremony. Dig in.”

With that said, Fangzheng didn’t stand on ceremony. He reached out to grab a net-like bamboo shoot and popped it into his mouth. It was smooth and tender, and the fragrance rushed straight into his organs. Fangzheng couldn’t help but praise, “It’s delicious!”

Fangzheng could no longer maintain his elegant and gentle style. Instead, he sat cross-legged and rolled up his sleeves, looking like a brother-next-door.

Jin Jiatong didn’t know why, but when he saw Fangzheng’s smile, he laughed as well. Then, he loosened his last bits of apprehension—the politeness and reservations towards strangers and benefactors.

With nothing holding him back, Jin Jiatong grabbed a mushroom and handed it to Little Sun. Seeing her eating happily, he helped wipe the soup off the corner of her mouth before he started digging in.

There were only so many mushrooms, so Fangzheng naturally didn’t eat too much. He simply ate two mouthfuls before casting A Golden Millet Dream. It made the two of them feel like he had eaten a lot. There was no need to stand on ceremony as they ate more.

Fangzheng laughed when he saw the two children burping.

The food was made by Jin Jiatong. After the meal, Fangzheng naturally helped to clean up. Yet… he realized how he made things worse again!

“Master, you should read the scriptures and take in the scenery. This… you aren’t very good at this,” Jin Jiatong said with a grin. He spoke with a tone that wasn’t filled with respect, but a joke.

Fangzheng rubbed his bald head in embarrassment as he thought to himself. He was from a poor family and had lived on the mountain before. Logically speaking, his clearing of food shouldn’t be weaker than Jin Jiatong’s!

Yet in this picnic, no matter what he did, he seemed to be inferior to Jin Jiatong. In fact, he couldn’t even compare to Little Sun…

Since he was asked not to help, Fangzheng did not stand on ceremony. He ran to the side and really enjoyed the scenery.

Not long after, the two little fellows completely extinguished the fire. Then, they buried everything, including the remaining leaves, deep underground. Everything seemed to return to the scene before they came.

Fangzheng asked in surprise, “You did it so thoroughly?”

Little Sun shook the vertical pigtail on her head and said cutely, “My dad said that those who rely on the mountain for their livelihood must love the mountain and not destroy it. If any damage is made, we have to work hard to recover it to its original state. Only then will it be everlasting.”

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