The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 604 - If Life Gives You Oranges, Make Orange Juice

Chapter 604: If Life Gives You Oranges, Make Orange Juice

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When Fu Zhi returned home, it was already early the next day.

Lu Yumo had waited for Fu Zhi in the security room the entire night.

It was winter in Yu City, and the new year would come in a month. The air in the courtyard was filled with the scent of plums.

Fu Zhi, who had taken the car back to the Lu Family, pushed open the door and saw Lu Yushen, who had peeled a plate of grapes for her.

A brand-new set of clothes had been placed on the sofa. Lu Yushen met Fu Zhi’s gaze and smiled shyly. “There are too many germs in the hospital…” He did not mention anything else. His ears were getting redder and redder. When he got up to hand over the clothes, as he tugged on his shirt, a part of his fair, well-toned abdomen was revealed. “These clothes are… I found them in the closet. You can change first. Mom and Ye Jiu went to school to apply for leave on your behalf.”

Lu Yushen spoke very clearly, and the details were also very clear.

Fu Zhi saw the crystal-clear grapes on the plate.

The outer skin had been peeled clean, so she used a small spoon to dig out the seeds inside.

Fu Zhi grunted and glanced at the black circles under Lu Yushen’s eyes. Her voice was very soft as she asked him, “Didn’t you rest last night?”

“My sister didn’t come home. I wanted to wait for her.”

Lu Yushen tugged at the sleeves of his white shirt unsteadily. The pink rhinestones that were embedded on the unfinished miniature pink villa on the table were shimmering faintly. “Sister Zhang has taken her son to school. What do you want to eat? I’ll make it for you.”

“A cup of hand-ground coffee, but I want you to grind it with your own hands, not with a machine. I don’t want any sugar, and I want you to draw a rose on the coffee. Also, give me two bowls of rice, a fried egg, a plate of fried potatoes with vinegar and sugar, and a plate of Coca-Cola chicken wings. Thank you.”

Lu Yumo, who had just woken up from a deep sleep, had heard this question. Before Fu Zhi could answer, he’d blurted out his needs. He was still angry, and Fu Zhi and Lu Yushen were so close to him that he wanted to run away again.

“I don’t know how to make any of this…”

Lu Yushen ignored Lu Yumo, whose hair looked like a chicken nest, and asked Fu Zhi, “What do you want to eat, Sister?”

Fu Zhi told the truth, feeling a little embarrassed. “Cola-Cola chicken wings…”

“Okay, Sister. Wait for me to make it.”

Lu Yumo: “???”

Was this a case of those d*mned so-called Chinese double standards?

Lu Yumo stood in front of Lu Yushen. “Then what about my hand-ground coffee and fried potatoes with vinegar?”

“You’re an adult. You can make your own food and get your own clothes.”


“But I can order some for you too. Do you need me to?”Lu Yushen asked Lu Yumo. His brother looked better, and it seemed that he did not care about his double standards anymore. Then, he reminded him slowly, “Remember to transfer the money and a tip to me. I’ve been a little short of money recently.”


His brother was uneducated, but he never believed any nonsense.

Lu Yumo lay paralyzed on the sofa. He noticed that when Fu Zhi went to change, Lu Yushen held his phone with a frown.

The phone’s dialogue box was filled with blue clouds.

He only noticed a new message that said, [Your paintings were sold at the auction. The auction house received a 5% commission. I’ll transfer the rest of the money to your card. Please check it. ]

“Oh right, you’ve been drawing many paintings to sell recently. Are you short of money?”

Lu Yushen replied without thinking, “I’m looking at a few villas in the capital. They’re a little expensive.”

His brother was shocked by his honesty. “You’ve finally been kicked out of the house to start your own family? Is it because you’re a grown man and you don’t fit in?”

“No, Ye Jiu saved up money to buy a villa worth hundreds of millions to branch out.”

Another message came. [Are you jealous that Zhizhi has a villa?]

Lu Yushen: [I want to buy Zhizhi a villa. ] After pausing for a moment, he added, [ I’m blindly comparing prices.]

Actually, there was no need for that.

Xu Xiao thought of Lu Yumo, who was still a giant baby at 18 years old, and felt that Lu Yushen was not bad. [There’s no need to be overly ambitious. Even if you’re not good enough, you are better than the rest.]

Most importantly, when Xu Xiao saw that Lu Yushen was so enthusiastic, there was not much room left for him and the two elders of the Xu Family.

Lu Yushen felt that this was not how things should go. [Big Brother is a giant baby. He can definitely be handled, but I can’t do it.]

Xu Xiao: […]

The man sighed and asked Lu Yushen, [Have you seen Zhizhi since she returned from abroad? Is she physically okay?]

[Yes, she’s healthy. She killed a wolf with one punch last night. It was very cute.]

Xu Xiao: [What happened might be the exact opposite of what you think.]

Lu Yushen did not care what the wolf thing. It seemed like he did not want to continue discussing this issue. He changed the topic and said, [Can you help me reject the admission letter from abroad? Next year, I want to study at Qing University.]

The other party was silent for a moment.

After a long while, he understood the most essential reason his nephew wanted to study at a university in China. He did not persist because this was not a big deal and just sent an “OK” emoji.

Lu Yushen was relieved. As he stood by the stove, he opened the books “Post-Natal Care For Sows” and “100 Tips For Talking To Your Sister.” As he studied, he silently cooked.

A week later, Zhou Zihuai’s injuries gradually improved.

Finally, the day of the seven-school joint examination for third-year students came.

The school attached great importance to this final examination. Because it was a joint examination between the seven schools, all the third-year students in the school could feel the tense atmosphere.

On the morning of the examination, Xu Wei personally fried dough sticks and eggs. She had a very ancient ceremony that she followed. She knelt in front of the bodhisattva and said a few words. Then, she raised her hand and touched the Holy Water on the counter. She pointed it at Fu Zhi, Lu Yumo, and Ye Jiu and kept splashing the water in their direction.

The water was a little cold. Lu Yumo held the fried dough sticks in his mouth and said unhappily, “Mom, what are you doing? Why are you paying attention to these superstitions every day? If this was the Cultural Revolution, you would have been dragged out and executed.”

“Bah! Don’t be blasphemous!” Xu Wei covered Lu Yumo’s mouth. She was wholeheartedly longing for her son to graduate from high school on his own. How could she let her son jinx it?

“Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, Guanyin Bodhisattva, Buddha, Mazu, Jesus… Their mothers all begged for them. One of them will see your mother’s sincerity and let you get a good result this year so that your father won’t break your legs and you’ll have a good new year.”

Fu Zhi: “Then why didn’t you just beg our father not to hit Big Brother?”

Wouldn’t this be more convenient and concise?

Xu Wei said shyly, “Ly Yumo’s test results are so bad, that if we don’t let your daddy vent, I’m afraid he will be angry.”

Lu Yumo: “…”

He understood. His parents truly loved each other, and he was just an accident.

Lu Yumo picked up the orange juice, wanting to drink a cup. Xu Wei rushed over and snatched the orange juice away. She was so anxious that she looked like she was about to say something.

“Didn’t mommy tell you before? If you drink too much orange juice, you won’t have any oranges left! Don’t do something at a critical moment that you’ll regret for the rest of your life!”

Lu Yumo: “Oh.”

However, before Lu Yumo could utter a word of gratitude, Xu Wei handed the orange juice to Fu Zhi and said softly, “This is the last glass of orange juice. Mommy knows about your bet. Relax, Zhizhi. Drink the orange juice, and I’ll make sure that everything goes well!”

Lu Yumo: “I can’t believe you’re asking her to drink the orange juice. You just don’t love me at all!”

Look at his mother’s biased attitude!

She was like his father, who hit him and was unreasonable!

Didn’t seventh-place students have any human rights?!

Lu Yumo was very angry.

His anger lasted until he sat in the car and drove to school.

Fu Zhi took out a stack of answers out of her bag. “These are the answers that Ye Jiu dreamed of at night. I sent them to the Class 1 students. They won’t test you later this time, so it’s about time for today’s test. You should memorize them too and try not to give it away by getting really good results.”

Lu Yumo was actually unwilling to memorize them. Previously, he had wanted to get the same results as Ye Jiu. Although he was okay with this, this didn’t mean that he liked Ye Jiu very much.

When he saw that Fu Zhi had given him only multiple-choice questions, he was even unhappier. He asked Ye Jiu, “Heh, are you afraid that I’ll memorize all the big questions and prevent you from getting the first place?”

Ye Jiu said, “Use your melon-seed-sized brain. I’ll be thankful if you memorize the first three of the multiple-choice questions. Why do you have to ask for answers that don’t concern you?”

Lu Yumo: “…”

The car drove for more than ten minutes before they arrived at school.

The seventh-high-school joint examination was taking place on the weekend. The examination was conducted in the form of the college entrance examination. A computer had been used to randomly assign the examination venue and the teachers of the students.

When Fu Zhi and her brothers got out of the car, they met a group of grade-12 students on the road.

No. 1 High School had not been peaceful recently.

Not only had some students left the school and transferred elsewhere, but Qian Wenrui and a few other outstanding teachers had also been poached away.

When they saw Fu Zhi, everyone began discussing animatedly.

“Is Class 21 really going to take the examination this time? If I were them, I would pretend to be sick and not come to school for the examination. It’s really embarrassing!”

“Class 1’s students are bot arrogant. They did this because they have the capital. They are clouds in the sky. Class 21 is mud on the ground. Don’t even think about competing with them in this lifetime!”

“I heard that although Class 1’s students were poached by Hang Yuan, he still remembers the bet. Hang Yuan and Gu Yuan discussed it and decided to lend Class 1’s students to Gu Yuan to suppress No. 1 High School during the seven-school joint exam! It’s really awesome!”

“Zhou Zihuai jumped in the river, and it’s not certain if he’ll come to take the examination… Suddenly, one of the fierce generals is missing. This is going to be a slap in the face!”

“No doubt about it. Class 1 will definitely win. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Gu Yuan has been working hard all these years to beat No. 1 High School. When the results of the examination are out, the embarrassed schools will be beaten to death by the other schools!”

“This time, Class 1’s high school average score has dropped below the provincial average. I’ll definitely be ridiculed by my family for picking such a lousy school during the New Year!”

All along the way, voices were heard. Class 21 and Class 1 were both looked down on.

Lu Yumo was about to die from anger, but he couldn’t argue.

When the results were out, arguing was just impossible.

When the students of Class 1 and Class 2 had been transferred away, the drop in the school’s results had become dramatic. The other students in the school considered this something that concerned their interests.

Fu Zhi walked into the school.. When a group of students saw her, their expressions became meaningful.

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