The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 605 - Fu Zhi’s Answers

Chapter 605: Fu Zhi’s Answers

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Lu Yumo frowned. His eyes were almost burning with anger.

He felt that his sister was ridiculed and looked down upon. He was furious, but when he saw Fu Zhi and Ye Jiu’s calm expressions, he weighed the consequences. He could charge over and beat up that group of people later.

However, he couldn’t beat them. Instead, he would be beaten until he was black and blue by the other party. He needed Fu Zhi’s assistance.

Forget about this.

After enduring this for a moment and remaining calm, they took a step back to have a better vantage point.

Fu Zhi put on her earphones to listen to music and had a glass of orange juice. Her eyes were bright, and she looked cold and unruly.

Casually tugging at Lu Yumo’s sleeve, she said, “Good luck with the exam. Don’t listen to other people.”

Speaking of the exam, Lu Yumo was worried. The results of Class 21 were still comparable to his. They were evenly matched and they admired each other. However, he said, “Zhizhi, I can’t even defeat Class 1 myself. Your Class…”

Ye Jiu glanced at him and smiled. “Do you know why you can’t do it?”

Lu Yumo asked humbly, “Why do you think?”

“Your brain was squished the day you were born.”

Lu Yumo: “…”

How long was a homicide sentence?

Where was his knife?

Meanwhile, in Class 21…

Before Fu Zhi came to class, Su Xing had already prepared a 2b pencil, an eraser, a black carbon pencil, a ruler, and some white paper for her.

She had even checked them a few times nervously.

Song Fang was sitting next to Su Xing, who was sharing Fu Zhi’s throne.

How should he put it? Although Ye Jiu could guess the exam questions, he could not predict all of them. Some of them came and went.

Therefore, before the exam, Fu Zhi had specifically helped him with his homework. She had given him a lot of questions and taught him a lot of basic knowledge.

Even so, Song Fang’s legs were still shaking, and he wanted to run to the bathroom.

Su Xing comforted him. “It’s fine, it’s fine! Didn’t you chant Zhizhi’s name a hundred times today? Zhizhi’s spirit in the school will bless you.

“Here’s the deal. No matter how bad the exam is, we’ve been trained by Sister Zhizhi for more than half a month. How can we not answer any questions?”

Wang Yu, who was sitting in the front row, turned around and said confidently, “We have Ye Jiu, the cheat weapon, and so many master teachers have taught us before. Many people in other classes have gotten better. If we don’t improve our grades now, we will be mocked to death by those Class 1 clowns!”

“F*ck!” Fatty held up the black carbon pen. “If you are not afraid, you will do it! I have already made an agreement with my parents. If I don’t get into the top 100 of the grade, I will personally travel back 17 years ago and ask my mother to go to a big clinic to get rid of me painlessly!

“I will only strive day and night for first place. I want to be a superior person!”

As Fatty spoke, he turned his gaze to Song Fang. The torch of confidence and beauty was handed to him. Song Fang’s entire body emitted the radiance of the goddess of wisdom, Athena. “I can do it! I can do it! I’ll definitely do it!”

However, he then said, “What time is it already? Where’s Sister Zhi? Isn’t she coming?”

Fu Zhi, who didn’t know that Song Fang was thinking about her, had just rounded the corner of Class 1 stairway when a hand grabbed her wrist and dragged her to a small office in front of Ye Jiu.

“Raise your hands! Put your hands on your head and crouch in the corner!”

As a familiar voice spoke, a 2B pencil that hadn’t been properly sharpened with a pencil sharpener moved to Fu Zhi’s kidney.

Fu Zhi: “…”

Fu Zhi turned around.

“What are you doing? ! I told you to cover your head and crouch in the corner. Don’t you understand?”

“Teacher Fan, Teacher Ma, Director Liu, what’s the matter?”

Fu Zhi did not even follow his instructions. She looked at the three men in front of her with a complicated expression. They were wearing black masks, and only their eyes were visible.

She was fearless now that she had seen through the identities of these three people with one glance!

Looking at the girl who stood lazily and casually in front of him, Director Liu sighed with emotion over her calm attitude. At the same time, he felt like a cat whose tail had been stepped on.

“Who is Director Liu?! What are you talking about?” He exploded.

“Your head is very recognizable,” Fu Zhi said sincerely. “Next time, wear a wig when you pretend to be an assassin.”

Director Liu, who was bald, was left speechless.


He was so careless that he had been exposed!

Director Liu touched his barren face and took off his mask. He was so angry that he stomped his feet.

At this point, Fan Gaoda and Ma Mingquan could only show their cards. They took the mask off their faces and stared at Fu Zhi expressionlessly.

Fu Zhi asked them, “How old are you? Can you be a little more mature and not rob people at pencil point?” If they weren’t familiar with each other, Fu Zhi would have kicked Director Liu.

Director Liu: “…”

He flung his sleeves and pressed the pencil in his hand against his carotid artery. “Don’t talk to me like this is useless! Just tell me if you can fill in the exam paper with the correct answers!”

Fu Zhi didn’t know if Director Liu was threatening her with his life or just putting on a show.

The teachers could turn a blind eye to Fu Zhi’s usual behavior, but this exam was different.

It would determine whether No. 1 High School would fall out of the spotlight.

The good students of their school had to show 100% of their ability to get full marks!

They couldn’t hold back!

Fu Zhi was expressionless, and her eyes were cold as she nodded lightly.

Then, she pointed at the pencil on Director Liu’s carotid artery and said, “Put it down. Don’t pretend to die.”

Director Liu looked at Fan Gaoda. Fan Gaoda patted Fu Zhi on the shoulder and said, “You should write an essay first. This time, you must answer my Chinese paper properly! Otherwise, he will die in front of you and make you bear a blood debt!”

Ma Mingquan took advantage of the situation and said, “There’s also physics. The last few big questions must be solved in more detail.”

They had already considered it. If No. 1 High School really wanted to be in the spotlight, then the top scorer in the joint examination between the seven schools would have to be from No. 1 High School!

This way, they could still save face!

Fu Zhi thought “Emmm…” in her mind and looked at the three drama queens. “Did you guys forget about the bet again?”

“Damn, I don’t think your class can win. I was afraid that you would break the rules.”

“Put down your pencil. I’m going to the examination room to take the exam. I’ll be the top scorer.”

“Really?” Director Liu took a deep breath to relax and put down his pencil. “Then go ahead. No. 1 High School’s hopes are resting on you.”

* * * * * *

No. 1 High School’s final exam rooms were divided according to the students’ grades. The last examination room was basically filled with people from Class 20 and Class 21. However, because the exam rooms were randomly chosen by a computer, it was not certain who would be assigned to each class.

In order to ensure the fairness of the seven-school joint exam, even the teachers of the seven schools had to switch and go to the other schools to supervise the exam.

When Gu Yuan’s teacher walked into the exam venue with Qian Wenrui and Ma Mingquan, Wang Yu lowered his head and turned around. “F*ck! I’m scared out of my wits. Wasn’t Qian Wenrui a teacher at No. 1 High School? Why did she come to invigilate the exam? The rumors are not accurate!”

Fatty rolled his eyes. He didn’t know if it was a coincidence or not, but the students of Class 1 and 21 were basically all assigned to the same exam hall by computer.

“Steady, Xiao Yu. The knowledge is in your mind. Don’t mind this old witch! Just answer the questions quietly. Don’t cheat. It’ll be fine!”

Song Fang twirled his pencil and muttered, “F*ck, the ghost won’t leave!”

Three teachers were standing in the examination hall.

Gu Yuan had always been at odds with No. 1 High School. It could be said that other than Ma Mingquan, the other two teachers were not good people!

Qian Wenrui had been hired by Hang Yuan as a teacher because the Class 1 students she had brought with her were going to that high school to take the exam. Therefore, she had taken the initiative to apply to invigilate the exam of No. 1 High School as a teacher.

Qian Wenrui looked at the students in the exam hall smugly. She felt that fate had arranged for her to be in the exam hall with the most students from Class 21.

She laughed. “Tsk, I was wondering which class I would invigilate. It turns out that it’s the Class 21 students who made a bet with the best students in our class.”

Her tone was disdainful and mocking.

No one in the exam hall said anything. They all lowered their heads to give Ma Mingquan face. They didn’t take her seriously at all.

Qian Wenrui used to be capable in the past, but she was no longer a teacher of No. 1 High School. The students of Class 21 didn’t need to argue with her about who was useless.

Qian Wenrui saw their attitude and angrily threw the test papers in her hand on the desk before she said, “I’ll repeat the rules of the joint examination of the seven schools. If I see anyone whispering and cheating, I’ll write a report and hand it in. I’ll make sure there’s a stain on their record for the rest of their life. Don’t even think about it!”

“Teacher Qian, don’t get angry.” The other school’s teacher tried to persuade her. He said, “No. 1 High School can’t beat Gu Yuan anyway. Their strongest students are right here. No matter how much they cheat or copy, they won’t be able to do anything.”

Qian Wenrui snorted. “Teacher Gao, you don’t understand. The students of No. 1 High School, especially the poor ones, are used to cheating. They are all veterans!”

Teacher Gao put on a shocked and incredulous expression with a hint of mockery.

It was as if none of Gu Yuan’s students had ever participated in an exam or cheated.

Fu Zhi held a pencil in one hand and turned it gently while her other hand rested on her chin.

Her raised eyebrows carried a hint of coldness as she looked in Qian Wenrui’s direction with a faint smile.

Ma Mingquan stood awkwardly between the two women.

Before the exam began, he listened to the two women constantly praise their schools and brag about their enrollment rates and exam results.

They went back and forth one after the other!

Then, it was announced that the papers co

uld be handed out.

Qian Wenrui got organized with the teachers in the classroom and handed out the papers.

The first round was the Chinese exam.

The papers were handed out by Wang Yu, who was in the front row.

As soon as Song Fang received the paper, his palms became so nervous that they were covered in sweat. He subconsciously skimmed through the Chinese exam paper.

When he saw the Chinese essay, the reading comprehension, and the classical Chinese part, he was completely stunned.

Then, endless joy exploded in his chest.

Fu Zhi had really guessed the questions correctly for him!

They were the exact same questions and test papers that he had completed a few days ago. They were carved from the same mold!

Only some of the small questions were in a different order.

Actually, the difference between the Chinese exam and the other subjects was in the multiple-choice questions. The essay did not deviate, and the classical Chinese part was the same.

These were the most important parts.

Ye Jiu was the kind of person who got the test papers and closed his eyes. He did not even need to look at the questions.

Song Fang had done it once. In addition, he had Ye Jiu, the little literary star, who could answer the questions first. He did not need to think too much, as he could write down the answers to these questions.

Although Wang Yu and Fatty had not undergone special copying training, they had learned from their teacher in the past few days and had also mastered a certain level of skills.

They first answered the questions, then compared them to a portion of the answers Ye Jiu had given them in advance. They scribbled and rewrote them as if they had mastered some amazing secret technique.

As for Lu Yumo, he had been accidentally assigned to this examination venue.

The moment the test paper came, he was dumbfounded.

What was the order of the multiple-choice questions he had just memorized?



What kind of order was that?!

Lu Yumo went crazy. As soon as he raised his head, he could see Fu Zhi, who was sitting quietly and answering the questions seriously.

This time, Fu Zhi’s performance was really good.

Every question was written seriously. As long as he could get these points, he would try his best to explain the answers clearly and write a few more words.

Then, he saw the Chinese language composition exam.

1. Describe how you feel about the incident of seventeen-year-old Chinese girl Fu Zhi subduing Burmese criminal Matthew and what you’ve learned from it.

2. It was confirmed on the internet that the author of “Red Sun” is a 17-year-old female high school student. The two girls are both 17 years old, but the other party already earns a million a month. What kind of impact has the other party’s outlook on life had on you?

Choose one of the above two topics and analyze it. The handwriting needs to be neat, the surface of the paper has to be clean, and the answer needs to be about 800 words.

Fu Zhi: “…”

So, was she going to write an autobiography?

Was she going to praise herself?

Or was she going to pretend that she wasn’t Fu Zhi and write this essay from the perspective of a third party?

Also, should she remind the teacher who had created the paper that she didn’t earn a million a month? This teacher had at least erased a zero from her income.

Qian Wenrui looked around the examination room. The students were not whispering to each other, as even if they so much as raised their heads, she would still go over and criticize them severely.

This time, Fu Zhi didn’t hand in her paper in advance. It was extremely difficult for her to write.

When the bell rang at the end of the exam, everyone put down their pens. Qian Wenrui was wearing a pair of shoes with high heels as she ran to collect the papers.

After Song Fang handed in his exam paper, he rushed to Fu Zhi’s side with tears in his eyes. “That answer…”

“Don’t say it here.” Fu Zhi glanced at Song Fang.

Her eyes were clear. Song Fang was stunned for a moment and looked at her in a daze.

“Write the answers to these questions on a piece of paper. When all the exams are finished, I’ll give you an assessment. Rest now and go eat something later.”

“Ah? Oh…” Song Fang obediently followed Fu Zhi, and the Class 1 students all walked out together.

The other teacher looked at this grand scene and turned around to ask Qian Wenrui, “Their leader is Fu Zhi?”


“I’ve always wanted to ask, how did she get into this class?”

“By being self-depraved,” Qian Wenrui said without feeling guilty. She casually flipped through the test paper in her hand and saw that there were many students in the examination room whose answers overlapped with Fu Zhi’s.

She heaved a sigh of relief.

After all, Fu Zhi’s Chinese exam results…. had never been normal!

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