The Queen of Everything

Chapter 552 - Overnight

Chapter 552: Overnight

That night, Su Cha went to the Zong family residence.

She did not expect to see her manager, Tan Jinsui.

To be honest, Tan Jinsui was very charming. Otherwise, how could he have so many fans online with his low-profile manager identity?

Almost all of Zou Manni’s fans liked this manager.

People in modern society were very honest.

But Su Cha never thought that Tan Jinsui would have anything to do with her father.

When Zong Yanxiu introduced him with a smile, Su Cha was stunned.

“Xiao Cha, this is your Uncle Tan Jinsui. I’ve heard from your Uncle Tan that he’s your manager now? What a coincidence. Your Uncle Tan has been my brother since I was young. I can rest assured with him taking care of you.”

Zong Yanxiu was overjoyed and kept talking. Su Cha sat down and looked at Tan Jinsui.

She might not have been able to tell in the past, but now, she felt that something was wrong.

Her father was too happy. Su Cha could see that Tan Jinsui was looking at him as he spoke. His expression was as serious as ever, but there seemed to be something else in his eyes.

After Zong Yanxiu finished speaking, Su Cha immediately smiled and said, “Yes, Dad, what a coincidence. I didn’t expect Mr. Tan to be your brother.”

Zong Yanxiu corrected her, “Call him Uncle Tan, don’t be so distant.”

Su Cha continued to glance at Tan Jinsui. “Why didn’t I see him when I was young?”

“You’ve seen him before.”

Zong Yanxiu reminded her gently, “But you were too young at that time. You don’t remember.”

Tan Jinsui smiled and said, “Yes, you were still insensible back then. How could you remember me?”

Su Cha’s expression darkened. “Then why didn’t Uncle Tan tell me that you know me?”

Su Cha was sharp now and immediately noticed why Tan Jinsui wanted to be her manager.

Su Cha was surprised that the network was there.

Tan Jinsui smiled seriously. “At that time, I wasn’t sure that you were Xiao Cha, and I just found out. After all, I only saw you when you were young. I don’t know what you look after you grew up.”

With this layer of relationship, the atmosphere between Su Cha and Tan Jinsui became a little strange. In the past, they were clear about public and private matters and were very polite. Now, there was a layer of ambiguity.

Su Cha felt that there was a problem, but she could not say it out loud.

She just felt that Tan Jinsui’s goal was not so simple.

They had not seen each other for more than ten years.

Zong Yanxiu probably noticed that Tan Jinsui and Su Cha did not seem to have a cold relationship. He smiled and changed the topic. “I heard from Jinsui that Xiao Cha has an advertisement contract to sign this week. Is your career on the right track?”

She would naturally answer Zong Yanxiu’s question. The three of them could still chat about Su Cha’s career.

That’s right, Old Master Zong had something to do. He went to the company to settle it and did not eat at home.

There were only the three of them in the Zong family.

After the meal, although Zong Yanxiu really wanted to keep Su Cha, the driver sent by Bo Muyi was already waiting. If she went back a little later, who knew how anxious he would be. Anyway, now that communication was convenient, Su Cha said that she would come often in the future, so Zong Yanxiu reluctantly let her go.

Tan Jinsui stayed overnight at the Zong family residence.

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