The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 593 - Strong Contrast

Chapter 593: Strong Contrast

Cui Tong’s fans and haters started arguing, mostly saying that “Vision Hua” was Cui Tong’s hater.

The haters protested. Wasn’t “Vision Hua” notorious for not retouching pictures? So it’s not like they just picked on Cui Tong. It was too flattering for Cui Tong, right?

Some people dug up Xia Xibei’s and Cui Tong’s photos for comparison.

[See what a real beauty is called! Don’t close your eyes all day long and brag blindly! A real beauty is one that can stand up to the ravages of the camera!]

When they clicked on the two photos, everyone was surprised.

The first one was a photo of Cui Tong where she was wearing a short, black dress.

The short black dress, which should have made her slim and tall, looked stiff and gloomy in the photo. Plus, the sunglasses on her face made it seem like she was attending a funeral.

Moreover, because of the angle, her calf muscles were obvious, so her legs looked particularly thick in the photo.

In contrast, Xia Xibei’s clothes were youthful and lovely, and looking at her made people’s hearts flutter.

[I’m locked in by the girl! Who is this? Super good-looking!]

[Isn’t this Xia Xibei? Is she this pretty in person too? I don’t think she’s wearing makeup, right?]

[Her skin is superb! I want to ask for her lipstick shade!]

[It’s my Sister Bei! So beautiful! Is Sister Bei in Z City? What is she doing there?]

[I just checked online. The clothes on Sister Bei are all light luxury brands! Each piece is more than four figures. I can’t believe I’m so poor! I want to wear the same model!]

[The dress Cui Tong is wearing seems to be the latest model of X brand, right? This dress is priced in the six figures! How can she wear it so… Badly?]

[Hahaha… Is it because the photo isn’t edited or is it really because of the face?]

[The first beauty of China? She’s being crushed by a young girl! LOL!]

Cui Tong’s fans immediately got angry and ranted against Xia Xibei furiously below.

[Xia Xibei is just a Z-list actor, but she wants to step on our Tong Tong to get to the top! Yeah right! Be careful, you won’t go to heaven, but fall into hell halfway!]

[The ‘zero editing’ is garbage. Always using these kinds of tactics to smear stars, and only you morons follow the drama. Shake your heads, do you hear the sound of water?]

[Oh, who doesn’t know what kind of magazine is ‘zero editing.’ Do you really think they will cooperate with a Z-list artist to step on your braggart star to get to the top? Don’t you think this logic is wrong?]

Xia Xibei’s fans were also anxious.

[We’re taking Sister Bei away. Our sister Bei is only a newcomer, she’s not involved in the fight. We are not into this. Thanks!]

However, the battle had begun, and couldn’t be stopped by saying stop.

Moreover, this time the matter became pretty big and went outside the industry.

Many people who looked at the beautiful Xia Xibei, and then at the contrasting Cui Tong, were surprised.

The retweets were full of all kinds of praise for Xia Xibei.

The comments were all crazy attacks on Xia Xibei fans by Cui Tong fans.

Cui Tong had more fans, and her support groups had more members, so they made a big deal out of this matter.

Cui Tong’s fans were notoriously strong fighters and would fight over anything, whether it was justified or not. People didn’t dare to speak against this group, lest they be scolded.

Whereas for Xia Xibei, while she had fan support groups, her number of fans were simply not comparable to Cui Tong’s.

So, the two sides were not even in a fight; it was more like a bloodbath.

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