The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap

Chapter 214

Chapter 214


What I swallowed has the sweetness of the fruit, with a spiciness of the alcohol lingered on my tongue .

I feel that my consciousness floats softly (drunk) .

As I’m enjoying this feeling, I talk to the person sitting face to face with me .

「…inviting me for a drink tasting huh, how rare of you, Aoba . 」(Felnote)

「Yes, well… I was wondering if it would be right for me to check the result of fruit wine .

Or rather, Felnote-san is the only person who can drink other than me . 」(Aoba)

「Richelle is a dark elf so I think it’s okay for her as well…

Even so, we have been staying here to the extent that you can make fruit wine . 」(Felnote)

Was it just about 30 days today?

I think it’s a long stay, but I have a lot of things to do, so I almost forget about time .

「Well, this is good . Considering it’s a preparation state」(Felnote)

「We can’t drink it on the battlefield though . 」(Aoba)

「By the way, this is easy to swallow . There is no astringency」(Felnote)

「Technically speaking it’s not wine . It’s like fruits soaked in sugar and liquor . 」(Aoba)


This is the first type of fruit wine I drink . Did she invent it?

She is the Queen of the Forest, Sherwood, and apparently intends to gain the right for territory in exchange for putting the end to this war .

I’m grateful for someone who has a clear interest .

She won’t betray us unless her interest is taken .

Above all, Aoba seems to be an acquaintance of Arge . In that case, I can trust her .

When I take another slip, I notice that even it’s easy to drink but also easy to get drunk as well .

I don’t drink a lot like a drunk but let’s keep it in moderation .

「Even so, don’t you have such luxury things here?」(Felnote)

「These things are necessary for people like humans .

There are no humans in my forest, but …

There are many things that have hearts, and they aren’t so different from people . 」(Aoba)

「…I see」(Felnote)

Aoba’s words sound dignified, or rather, they are unwavering .

There may be a reason for her to be able to assert so clearly like that .

But I didn’t think about digging it up .

I will listen if she wants to talk about it though .

「Thanks to the leader, people have a friendly atmosphere, but not everyone is like that . 」(Aoba)

「It can’t be helped …

Because some people have lost their homes and important people . 」(Felnote)

「Yes . That’s why I decided to make wine, fruits, medicine, and flowers to make even one more of them remember the feeling of having fun . 」(Aoba)

Shaking the cup, Aoba drank the liquor in one breath .

「… Yes . It tastes good」(Aoba)

「You drink it…」(Felnote)

「Or rather, my circulatory function is so strong that Alraune can’t get drunk .

That’s why I invited Felnote-san to see how strong the alcohol is . 」(Aoba)

…So that’s why .

Convinced by that reason, I look at the liquid remaining in the glass .

It has the color of the fruit, it’s a red color like a ruby .

「It’s called Bayberry, do you know?」(Aoba)

「I haven’t heard of it」(Felnote)

「Is that so . Because I improved the varieties」(Aoba)

「Aha . What’s with that, I don’t know such things」(Felnote)

「No, I was wondering if it already exists in this world」(Aoba)

I think that this kind of sensation is somewhat similar to Arge .

It’s understandable if they are relatives, but since they Alraune and Vampire, it probably won’t happen .

「…The Empire, huh」(Felnote)

I’ve been hearing a lot of nostalgic names these days .

When I was a knight, I fought with them many times .

But I think the empire now is much more troublesome than it used to be .

A hunting dog (hound) unit on an iron ship flying in the sky .

And the powerful magic tool (Artifact), Artificial Spirits .

The most surprising is all of them were brought by a single engineer .

「Do you remember something in the old days?」(Aoba)

「That’s right . Just a little .

But it seems more troublesome than when I was a knight」(Felnote)

「…Kuon’s family is dangerous」(Aoba)

「Do you know about it? I’ve never heard of it」(Felnote)

「… Well, just a little . It’s some rumors」(Aoba)

Did the name I had never heard of when I was a knight become famous while I was retired?

I thought I had read the newspaper without fail, but when I left the line, I wouldn’t be able to get the latest information .

「Hmm … well, if it’s about that airship, You can crash about five ships」(Aoba)

「Just now, I’ve heard words that I can’t ignore …」(Felnote)

「Because the movement was slow no matter how you look at it, their arms for interception are also just cannons .

It doesn’t have the magical function to hide its existence, you know?

From the bottom, if you do it with “Zudon” in materialization」(Aoba)


(T . N: Maybe Aoba means to cut it with Felnote’s sword of light like Excalibur)

Did she just say something strange?

At least I don’t think it’s as troublesome as cutting the mountain in half or fighting that black wings .

I drank the rest of the liquor, tilting my head toward Aoba .

She poured more wine right away, so I didn’t even need to talk .

「… What will Aoba do when this battle is over?」(Felnote)

「That’s the death flag」(Aoba)


「Ah no . Nothing . As the Queen of Sherwood, I wonder if I’m going to make a triumphant return with Arge-san . 」(Aoba)

「Eh, you are going to take Arge?!」(Felnote)

「Yes, well… that’s our promise in the first place」(Aoba)

I was surprised because it was my first time hearing this .

「Arge-san has already worked hard a lot .

I also want her to live a leisurely time in my forest . 」(Aoba)

「…You are really concerned about that girl」(Felnote)

「I have known her since forever」(Aoba)

The words spoken were so clear as if even before they were born .

「What is Felnote-san going to do?」(Aoba)

「I… I am… uhm…」(Felnote)

「In my opinion, I think that if we end this war successfully, you will be praised as a savior . 」(Aoba)


Certainly, Aoba and Arge are doing so for Her Majesty .

If I fight the empire and stop the war, my name will be known . Her Majesty would be happy to pull me back into the kingdom .

I don’t hate to serve the palace again, but it’s true that I don’t want to stand out too much .

For some reason, I also enjoyed my retired life .

「Your face showed that you only noticed it just now, right?」(Aoba)

「…U~u, what should I do?」(Felnote)

「Fufu . Would you like to come to my forest to hide?」(Aoba)

「I’ll think about it …」(Felnote)

Aoba smiled happily at the sight of me began to sweat .

「…Fu fu fu」(Aoba)

「What’s with that? Do you have fun?」(Felnote)

「No . I’m not thinking about anything other than winning this war」(Aoba)

「Isn’t that obvious?」(Felnote)

Thinking about when you lost is just running away .

We can think about the future because we have a strong will to win .

Because I strongly believe that we will win and survive .

「Win . Exactly, let’s finish it… we will go home, all of us, Aoba」(Felnote)

「Yes . of course . At that time, let’s drink alcohol again」(Aoba)

「Fu~u . That’s good」(Felnote)

The fun has increased more .

I don’t think I hate it and I drink more fruit wine .

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