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Chapter 236 - the Mojibake army

Chapter 236: Chapter 236 the Mojibake army

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The dragon’s wing army, the strongest guardian army in Excalibur city. And the person that used to lead them was Lilith’s father. After her father was executed by the foolish king, in order to protect themselves, this army also disappeared. And when the Mojibake beast was wreaking havoc in the kingdom, the dragon’s wing army also returned to defend the kingdom. But it was said that they had already been corrupted by the mojibake beast. But no one expected that they were still alive.

Lilith recognized the Xuanyuan sword flag, she jumped out of Zhou Yu’s pocket excitedly and ran to the black-robed man of the dragon’s wing army and shouted, “I am the daughter of the dragon’s wing army’s general, who are you?”

The black-robed man seemed to be very excited when he saw Lilith, but he still did not identify himself. He went on in a hoarse voice and said, “the general is dead, and there is no dragon’s wing army here. We are only a group of dead people, guarding the past glory of this place. Adventurers, the place ahead is our forbidden land. If you insist on going, you will need to defeat us.”

He must be joking, there was no way that three people would be able to defeat several hundred soldiers. Moreover, Lilith seemed to know those people, so there was no point in fighting them. At the moment, they should retreat first and discuss solutions in the cafe.

This treasure was guarded by hundreds of soldiers, while they only had three heroes. If they charged toward them, they would definitely be defeated and sent back to where they had come from. This was like a Level 10 newbie arrived at an area that was for level 80 players. Anyone could imagine how difficult it would be. But it was not impossible. The king of thieves could sneak in and steal the code of law.

This was actually a pretty good method. After all, he, who could enter and leave the Temple Of Creativity at will, surely, a ruined city would not be a problem for him. It was just that, now that the black-robed man obviously knew Lilith, and in front of Lilith, the king of thieves was also hesitant.

So Zhou Yu did not ask the king of thieves to steal it. As much as he wanted the code of law, he did not want to create troubles for those pitiful people. Besides, if they stole the code of law, in a place that no one would come to visit, they would become the only suspect. It would be very troublesome if they marched to Luhua village.

But Zhou Yu was also not willing to give up, so he wanted to see if they could still negotiate.

After all, Lilith was still the daughter of their general. To the dragon’s wing army, she still had some deterrence. After Lilith revealed her identity, it caused a small commotion in the army, which clearly proved that. Maybe they would agree if he talked to them.

Excalibur city has been destroyed, the code of law has long lost its function and became a blank code of law. If it could be brought back to Luhua village, in a way, it could also be considered as revitalizing their kingdom. And at an appropriate time, he could ask Lilith to rebuild the dragon’s wing army. Then Luhua city would have an army.

Zhou Yu was an optimist, so he was always thinking about good things.

Therefore, Lilith became the envoy of Luhua village and was escorted to the ‘barracks’ by the king of thieves to talk about the conditions. However, it was a pity that Zhou Yu did not have a chance to go with them because his huge body would remind the dragon’s wing army of the mojibake beast. It would only cause panic if he went there with them.

As the king of thieves himself later recounted, the situation was rather interesting during the talk.

As soon as they entered the barracks, the greeting gift the king of thieves gave them was actually a dragon’s wing army’s flag. His intention was very clear. It was because of Lilith that he was willing to negotiate with them. If he wanted he could steal the code of law at any time and they would not be able to notice a thing.

This was the king of thieves’ original personality, and whenever he was around Zhou Yu, his arrogant personality would appear.

The black-robed man, however, was very calm. He just nodded his head and began to talk with Lilith.

“As I expected, you are here for the code of law. The dragon’s wing army has been guarding the fallen kingdom all these years, it has already become our undead instinct. No matter where you will take it to, we’ll get it back. Lilith, now that you have been reborn again, you should start with your new life and do not come to this land of the dead again.”

The tone of the black-robed man was very kind, but what he said was firm and decisive. Guarding this piece of land for so long, the code of law was like their last meaning of existence. So whoever wanted to take away this code of law, they would be hunted down and killed by them.

If the king of thieves was alone, he naturally would not take this warning seriously, but with all the people back in Luhua village, he didn’t want to mess with this crazy army.

At this time, Lilith said, “Mr. Zhou Yu has agreed to take the remnants of the dragon’s wing army back to Luhua village, we can use the code of law to create a new city. Isn’t that more meaningful?”

At that moment, a gust of wind came and lifted the corners of the black-robed man’s coat, revealing the man’s arm. And that arm shocked the king of thieves. That arm could no longer be described as an arm. It was just a series of strange and meaningless characters flashing from time to time.

“Mojibake! ?”

The king of thieves was taken aback. He also took part in the battle with the Mojibake beast. Anyone who was hit by it would become like this. And in just a few days, it would spread across all their bodies and turn them into zombie-like mojibake people, that didn’t have any consciousness but only knew to attack people.

Now the king of thieves really did not dare to act recklessly. If this person really chased them to Luhua village, it would not be the problem of losing the code of law that simple. If they were not careful, the entire village might be destroyed.

“Impossible, those who were injured by the Mojibake beast shouldn’t be able to survive this long. The dragon’s wing army that used to fight the Mojibake beast with us, should have all been turned into Mojibake people and cleaned by us now.”

The king of thieves was really shocked by this. To anyone in the ACG world, Mojibake was extremely dangerous. If Star Light knight’s regiment and the fallen knight’s regiment knew that there was a mojibake army here, they would immediately send a large army over to eliminate them.

The man in a black robe raised his hand and said, “Since you have already seen it, there is no point to hide anymore. This is the curse of the Mojibake beast before it died. Although we are not the ones who participated in the battle, we still couldn’t escape our fate of being cursed. And now we could only watch our bodies slowly become corrupted and kill each other before we are completely corrupted. An army like us, does your Lord still want to keep?”

Once Mojibake people were discovered, they needed to be eliminated immediately. And if Luhua village dared to recruit them, Luhua village would be attacked by both Star Light city and the fallen city.

For a code of law, this price was too high.

The king of thieves also knew that there was no longer any need for further talks. Zhou Yu was not alone, there were so many people he needed to take care of. It was impossible for him to sacrifice the whole village for the people he met for the first time.

Lilith, however, was in tears for the people in front of her.

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