The World Online

1355 TWO Chapter 1355-Unifying Asia

Chapter 1355 – Unifying Asia

"Even if this matter is difficult, we must make it work." Jack's grandfather was prepared to go all out.

He was not prepared to stop until he achieved results.

Jack's grandfather believed that the others would not be willing to just watch on as Great Xia dominated the world. As long as they had a common enemy, things would be a lot easier to handle.

From this day on, Silver Hand would start to swiftly act.

A conversation that involved the entire world was arranged under the lead of Jack's grandfather.


If Ouyang Shuo was there, he would reveal a bitter smile.

The predictions of Jack's grandfather were mostly his own wishes; he had viewed the matter too simply.

First, apart from Nuwa, Gaia did not provide Ouyang Shuo with any sort of secret weapon.

The appearance of Nuwa was also due to a rational evaluation of the dangers of Planet Hope. Only then did it sacrifice itself to separate out an AI.

Not to mention special treatment, but even in terms of resource exchange and instantiating, Gaia had followed the rules.

To gather up the exploration team and the required resources, Ouyang Shuo had basically used up his achievement value, consuming over a 100 million points of it.

Gaia was still the fair old Gaia.

Hence, the risks of going to Planet Hope were basically the same as Silver Hand's previous prediction.

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Ouyang Shuo's trip was one that required the creation of miracles.

There was also another point. Nuwa was not omnipotent. It was only a support-type AI and could not be like Gaia and instantiate into a true AI.

Currently, it only appeared as a hologram.

Furthermore, Nuwa's influence on the exploration team would not be all positive; there were negatives as well.

The ability to log into the game world had its pros and cons.

Without mentioning the pros, the foreseeable cons included possibly distracting the members of the team, causing them to be unable to focus on the exploration itself.

Having their families with them in the game world was a source of strength but also a burden.

Next, the officials that were already instantiated. In Great Xia, they were removed and were far away from the Imperial Court; if they were cut off from the game world, their thoughts would disappear as time passed.

Great Xia using new blood to replace the old would not leave behind any problems.

However, if they could appear in the game world at any time, who knows what would happen. For example, some might be unable to give up their power. Maybe they would try to exert dominance in the dark after leaving?


Greed for power was something to be expected.

As this continued, it would form a negative society environment.

Planet Hope and the game world originally had an impregnable wall separating them. However, this matter would blur the boundaries and make the originally simple matters into something much more complicated.

The interests of the two worlds would be connected with one another because of Nuwa.

This was something that Ouyang Shuo did not want to see.

Due to such considerations, the moment Ouyang Shuo obtained the highest permission rights to Nuwa, he ordered a restriction on the game login permission of the exploration team.

Ouyang Shuo decided that before they arrived on Planet Hope, members would only be able to log into the game for three hours a day. The time would be shortened to an hour later.

In the future, it could be shortened even more. For example, the login would be reduced to once a week.

With that, entering the game would only be like a relative visiting holiday.

Not only that, but the actions of the exploration team members would also be monitored. If they crossed the line, their rights to enter the game would be immediately removed.

It was not that Ouyang Shuo was heartless. However, he had to do this to ensure that the exploration team remained on the same page.

This exploration was in and of itself a dangerous matter, and they could not afford to make any mistakes. If Ouyang Shuo was not iron-blooded and firm, he would end up harming the entire team.

He believed that everyone would be able to understand this.

Secondly, Silver Hand could possibly gain a chance to establish a base in the future.

Based on the rules of exchange between the base and the Mother Planet set by Gaia, once the frontline base provided the Mother Planet with enough resources, Gaia would toss out new exploration spots.

After all, the more bases there were, the higher the chances of mankind's survival there.

In terms of protecting the interests of mankind, Gaia would not be biased.

In the end, destroying Silver Hand and Azure Badge was Ouyang Shuo's private affair and did not concern Gaia. The battle for power on Planet Hope was also a matter for humanity and had nothing to do with her.

Compared to that, Gaia was more concerned about how to turn the resource planet into a place suitable for AIs to live on to prepare for the splitting up of the two races in the future.

Hence, the worries of Jack's grandfather were unnecessary; it was just his own thinking.

However, as a side effect, the Arab King no longer put up any unneeded resistance and cleanly surrendered after making a similar conclusion to Jack's grandfather.

In his eyes, since the game world was destined to get unified and be placed under Great Xia rule, struggling was pointless.

The earlier he submitted, the more rewards he could get.

Anyways, after the Persian Empire was conquered by Great Xia, the Arab Empire's geography became terrible. Even if they continued to resist, it would be pointless.

In particular, in the battle for the Persian Gulf, the Arab Empire stood no chance of beating Great Xia.

Without the Persian Gulf, even if the Arab Empire did not get occupied by Great Xia, it would still be like a fish out of water. It would be difficult for them to achieve self-sufficiency, and they would be unable to cause any waves.

Why not handover their cities in exchange for a good ending instead?

One had to say that this was a really wise choice.

At this juncture, Ouyang Shuo would give the Arab King a title to buy the hearts of the people and fulfil his bigger strategic goals.

Along with the Arab King's surrender, Great Xia was only a Siberia region away from unifying Asia.


5th month, 18th day, Imperial Capital.

They were about to set off. However, making use of this last bit of time, Ouyang Shuo swiftly settled the plan for the Arab Empire.

The Arab Empire would be split into three provinces that would be listed under the West Asia Governor-General House.

The most core region was directly named the Arab Province. The original Arab King would receive the position of Provincial Governor as his reward for surrendering.

As for the remaining two Provincial Governor spots, one was given to an Arab native official, while the other position was filled by a Prefecture Governor from Great Xia.

The original Arab Empire officials were mostly given appointments.

Naturally, Ouyang Shuo did that to calm the people down in the shortest amount of time possible. He wanted to stabilize the West Asia situation.

Of course, he was not so gentle with his treatment of the Arab army.

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